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Yandere Kirishima x reader


Your home life is boring since your dad never lets you out of the house. He's way too overprotective! After a while, you're permitted to attend school at U.A high. You eventually meet a cheerful redhead who wants to be your 'friend'. Little did you know he will do ANYTHING to protect you.

Horror / Romance
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The Entrance exams

(A/n: just letting you know words like THIS are thoughts

well . . . enjoy reading my crap! bye!)

~Y/n’s POV~


TODAY IS THE FIRST DAMN DAY I CAN MAKE FRIENDS AND I’M GOING TO BE FUCKING LATE!!!!! My brother Naginata is the only one who cares about me in this hell hole of a house anyways. . .

~Time skip~

I walk through to a lecture room in U.A. to be greeted by what looked like thousands of seats and one small looking teacher with bright yellow hair in the shape of a tall spike.

“Hello, students! You may see me around the school. If you do call me President Mic! U.A. High’s Entrance Exam consists of a written test and a practical test, with the latter being the more important of the two. During the practical exam, candidates conduct mock battles in replica urban settings. Examinees are given ten minutes to use their quirks to immobilize robots to score points depending on the individual robot’s point value. The more points one examinee earns, the higher their chance is to get accepted into U.A.

Other than scoring villain points, judges monitoring the exam reward rescue points for heroic acts. This criterion is not shared with the students, so they are motivated towards genuine selflessness. Students hailing from the same middle school are placed in different testing areas to avoid potential cooperation. Each defeated Villain Bot is worth a certain amount of points, which are assigned to the Bots according to their difficulty level:

1 Point - Easy Villains 2 Points - Medium Villains 3 Points - Hard Villains 0 Points - Arena Traps

Arena Traps are massive Villain Bots scattered through the city replicas to trap and weed out people from getting high scores. They’re not meant to be fought, which is why they’re worth no points.

Candidates are not allowed to fight other candidates. Doing so results in disqualification. Students hailing from the same middle school are placed in different testing areas to avoid potential cooperation.

Other than scoring villain points, judges monitoring the exam reward rescue points for heroic acts. This criterion is not shared with the students, so they are motivated towards genuine selflessness. Now as a certain ‘hero’ by the name Napoleon Bonaparte once said; ‘a true hero never stops overcoming the misfortunes in life’! Now let’s move on to the main event the hero course entrance exam! ‘Plus Ultra’! And may you all suffer gladly for the trials to come!”

(A/n: I spaced out present mic’s speech so it would be easier to read and sorry if anything was repeated.)

Wow, how nice of you Present Mic. Wishing students to suffer. PFT. Stupid ass teacher. Walking out of the lecture room I see a short brunette girl and a green-haired plain-looking boy.

“Sorry! I shouldn’t have used my quirk on you without your consent but hey! it’s a bad omen to trip and fall! I’m Ochako Uraraka nice to meet you! Hopefully, we will meet up again soon! But I have to go. it’s almost time for my exam. do well on yours! Goodbye for now! ” The brown-haired girl says.

I was waiting for the boy with green hair to respond but he just stood there gawking at her with his hands over his eyes and mouth open like a weirdo. She eventually just abandoned him.

*Time skip*

Now walking to the exam grounds it’s unexpectedly bare of people. Maybe they do it in groups? I don’t know... it about to start! ok just like I practised with Naginata. I can do this!


The gates open and chaos happens. Everyone is using their quirks trying to get the most points possible.

Well, this is sure to shock some people but . . .

Puling up your sleeve you expose a variety of cuts. Usually, you hide them because most people who don’t know you think you have depression because of them and sometimes they may be right but it’s mostly because of your quirk. As you do this a shirtless red-haired boy stars at you with concern in his eyes as if saying ‘I feel bad for you bro’

You scratch at a few of your recent scabs knowing they will bleed more and wave your hand over your dripping blood making it hover in the air around your hand. Your fast healing abilitymakes your injury scab over in a matter of seconds (aka your second quirk healing so it’s less likely for you to die of blood loss!).Hmmm, what weapon to use to take down a robot? maybe a crowbar? let’s see if this works...

Your warm red blood floats through the air creating the shape of a long crowbar and slowly hardens starting to look like metal. Grabbing what you created in your bloody hand you run towards a level 3 robot with only brute force and a battle cry swinging your blood made bar over your shoulder like a baseball bat. Following through hitting the bot you hear a crunch as the 20ft tall robot malfunctions under your feet landing on top of it as it falls earning points for your victory. You continue to do this occasionally making new weapons out of the same crowbar you just used so you don’t pass out of blood loss from making too many weapons from fresh blood.

Before you know it you’re finishing off one of the last robots from afar with an M16 AK 47 shooting its head off in four loud shots BANG BANG BANG BANG. Breathless you leave the lump of discarded metal alone on the floor and head off to find another bot when the timer goes off. You hear president mic’s voice congratulating all of you and telling you to go home and your test results will be sent in the mail a few hours later.(A/n I don’t remember if any of this is correct so suck it up if it’s not!)

~Time skip~

I just reached my front door about to open it when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Slowly I turned and am greeted by that spiky red-headed boy that I saw during the entrance exam. HOLY SHIT he’s really cute up close . . . I think blushing. but when I started blushing he started blushing too.

“Um hey! My name is Eijirou Kirishima. You might have seen me in the entrance exam. I noticed that you had deep looking cuts all over your arms. And if you don’t mind me asking . . . how did you get them? I just wanted to make sure you were ok that’s all.”

Aw, cute. He’s muttering probably worried. Most people who ask are.

“O-oh well pleased to meet you and don’t worry about me Eijirou~kun I’m fine. It’s just my quirk. Its called blood weaponry. I can make weapons out of the blood but it has to be mine otherwise it won’t work. I can still move other peoples blood around if they get cut but I just can’t form theirs into weapons.” I say. I didn’t want him to know my weaknesses yet so I didn’t tell him.

He seems to have calmed down once told him but began blushing so much that his face almost looked the same shade as his spiky red hair.

“Oh cool! sorry to bother you I just wanted to help if something was wrong but- hey I never got your name. If you don’t mind me asking what is it?” Eijirou politely asks Blushing at the new nickname I gave him.

“Uh- its Y/n,” I respond.

“C-cute” he mutters to himself whilst scratching the back of his neck.

“W-what w-was that e-eijirou~kun?” I managed to stutter blushing an even deeper red than his bright spiky hair.

~Sharky boi’s POV~

“N-nothing!” Damn, she heard me . . . what if I ask for her number? "Hey Y/n c-can we exchange numbers? Just so- you know, we can erm... stay in contact?” I ask trying not to make it too obvious that I had a crush.

“Y-yeah sure Eijirou~kun. Here,” Y/n hands me her phone looking down to attempt to hide her blush but I still saw. Finding contacts on her phone I put in my number and pass it back trying not to seem too flustered.

“Thanks, Eijirou~chan for seeing if I was ok.”

“Its cool bro- uhh oops, heh, guess I hang around guys too much sorry Y/n . . .”

“It’s alright bro!” she giggles copying me. “I don’t mind what you call me,” she says still giggling.

“ok cool, I’ll think of a nickname for you eventually!” I say putting both my bands at the back of my neck and lifting my head smiling.


“Who’s that?” I ask my eyes wide in shock. She facepalms shaking her head.

“Sorry Eijirou~kun that’s my dad he’s um let’s say protective. I don’t usually come out of the house because he doesn’t want me getting hurt”

“That’s ok. Well hey! Guess I’ll see you at school if we both make it! Good luck!” I wave walking away down the sidewalk.

“Bye Eijirou!” she yells after me so could hear. Waving one last time I turn around and start walking home. Wow- I didn’t expect myself to make a friend on the first day! I’m even manlier than I thought! Yes!!

1593 word for my first Wattpad/Inkitt story chapter. jeez, Louise!! See ya sharks!!

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