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Netherworldly Attraction: xXThe Beginning of a NightmareXx

By FluffyPotatoManatee

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1: The Very Beginning

Chapter One: The Very Beginning

"You know, imoto….You really should take the Hunter Exam…" I heard my brother, Zanork mused.

I ignored him and continued shuffling the tarot cards. I was sitting cross-legged in front of a short table and I was making a small future for a random person.

Right now, to others, it's all plain white cards with a beautiful design as a back cover. But to me, they have beautiful designs and images imprinted on them. (Most of them were moving like those pictures in Hogwarts in Harry Potter.)

I grinned at one particular card that had a writhing dragon and it was breathing fire at an intruder, or me for that matter. Placing the card on the table in front of me, I continued shuffling the cards.

"Are you listening to me?" Zanork said in a very annoyed tone.

"Nope." I answered back cheerfully and flick my wrist. The cards flew from my hand and began to float around me.

I tapped a finger to my lips, watching the cards float in a spiral around me. I pondered for awhile and pick out a card with maidens picking flowers from a garden into a various bouquets and placed it on the table.

"Seriously, Mikoto. Can you listen to me for like five minutes? Your dear brother is dying from boredom here…." He whined dramatically and I sighed wearily.

Another flick and the tarot cards stacked themselves into a neat pile beside the few cards i had picked out from the stack.

I look up from the table and glared at Zanork, who had draped himself elegantly onto the sofa across me. "Ahh~ Finally, some attention." I rolled my eyes at his statement and groaned. He chuckled and repeated, "Now since you are paying some attention, I want to ask you something. Do you want to take the Hunter Exam?"

My ears perk up and my eyes flicked to him curiously. I cocked my head questioningly and waited for him to continue.

His mesmerizing sea-green eyes twinkled when he saw my immediate interest. My brother had beautiful jet black hair that is naturally messy yet it makes him look all the more charming, and he have looks that are the kind which makes any girl blush the moment he smiles, another reason why he is such a player.

He leaned forward and gestured towards me. His green earring on his left ear sparkled in the light as he moved. "Mikoto, take the Hunter Exam as I have and you can kill and not be blamed…" He paused for a dramatic effect and continued, "Perhaps, you can have some entertainment than creating some boring cliché future….How about it?"

I grinned at him, "Need you go on? Of course I'm gonna go, Aniki~" I closed my eyes and smiled childishly at him.

A great voiced echoed into Zanork's room. "The great Master and Madame of Daimon have returned!"

And then it was quiet.

I walked down the corridors of the Fortuna's estate castle with Zanork to look for our father. The reason why we stay in a large territory is because of our great income from the family business.

What type of business, you ask? Well, we kill for a living. But it's all I can say about it right now.

Suddenly, both me and Zanork felt a wave of bloodlust nearby. We react in instinct and in sync, Zanork had three blue fire balls in his outstretched hand, while mine was filled with crackling fireworks that shot out at the intruder.

Just as the attacking globes swirled at the intruder, they were quickly snapped out by a powerful dark magenta aura.

From the shadows, we heard clapping and out came our mother, "My dears."

Maganta(pronounced at Mah-garn-tuh) Daimon Fortuna had jet black hair that curls down in waves like dark water at night. Our mother, though we were rich beyond compare, wears only a simple white dress and she doesn't like wearing shoes so she walks around barefooted.

Our guard lowers as the magic we summoned disappears. I grinned at my mother and gave her a hug, "Mom!"

I looked up into her dreamy purple eyes, "When did you came back? Weren't you on a mission? How was it?"

She laughed, her voice like soft bells, "Oh my, Mikoto. I just left for a week. I just came home a few hours ago." She looked up at Zanork, "Now, where are the two of you off to?"

I looked back at Zanork, my arms still around my mother. He grinned at her, "Mikoto here wants to take the Hunter Exam." I looked back at my mom as the news sunk in.

Finally, she smiled, "Well, that's great. Besides," She looked down at me and smiled, "If I remembered correctly, Ging-san did say you can go this year, yes?"

I nodded and let go of her, "We're gonna tell Dad!"

She cocked her head, "Well, go on then. None of us are getting any younger here. I'll go look for your sister." We nodded and waited for her to leave before going on to the throne room.

We reached the familiar silver doors of the throne room and Zanork touched the knob lightly.

The doors groaned and a great voice boomed, "Prince, your children have come to visit you."

I rolled my eyes, "No need for that, Selvron, he knows."

The voice boomed back, "Well now, Young Mistress, we are supposed to announce your arrival at all times..."

Selvron was a spirit that our father had taken in after a mission. The spirit was wandering around wreaking havoc but only because he lost his direction and had no one to keep him busy. So my father had made an offer with Selvron, which only needs him to stay at the Daimon's castle and be one of the servants here. He accepted for nothing but the job so it's kind of a win-win situation with them.

We heard a laugh from inside the room, "Oh, Selvron, you know how Mikoto is. No need to mind." A hypnotic voice said casually.

Inside, a great dragon with blue scales and a long white beard lay curling around a wooden platform where soft blue cushions with exotic decorations lay around casually. A few dogs were barking and playing with each other around the person sitting in the middle of the platform. A handsome man with snow white hair and fiery green eyes sat watching us lovingly. Both of us smiled and walked quickly over.

"Daddy!" I said and sat at his feet, before rubbing a greeting at one of the dogs. Dad bent over at rubbed my cheek with his thumb, "Hello, dear. Have you been well?"

Prince Daimon Fortuna, our father, is the head of our family, although my grandfather and grandmother remains alive and are staying with us, and my uncles are also alive but in other parts of the world. My father is the second eldest in the three brothers. Sire Daimon Fortuna, my eldest uncle and Baron Daimon Fortuna, my youngest uncle are more than happy to give my father the head, although none of them wanted to be the leader of the family. But everyone of us can agree that Prince, my father, is the most neutral and responsible, inheriting the traits from my grandfather. So that happened.

Zanork sat down beside me and as a dog clambered over to him for attention, he started, "Father, Mikoto, she-"

My father raised his hands, "I know. Your mother sent the message to me already."

Zanork groaned, "Ugh, fine."

I grinned, "So I can take the exam." I said it like a statement and Dad looks at me gently, "Yes, I suppose."

I cocked my head, "Suppose?"

He nodded before scratching behind his ear, "Well, your sister...she.."

A crash sounded and I winced. I almost forgot.

A girl with ash grey hair and dark purple eyes came into the throne room, dark magic swirling around her, silver chains curled around her hands. A fat black spider was helplessly clinging on her shoulder as she barged in.

Alcia 'Arachne' Daimon Fortuna. She got the extra name due to her obsession with spiders and she is my sister. My obsessive sister. To say she hates me is a bit too much, but she tries her best to selfishly keeps me and Zanork at home with her. The last time I remember she was this mad is when Zanork had wanted to take the Exam. And now it's my turn. I sighed and looked at my brother. He shrugged and mouthed to me, Here we go.

"Dad!" She stated coldly then glared daggers at me. I stood up and stared her down, which wasn't hard since I was on the platform.

"You're not going, Mikoto." She said and I shot back, "Says who? You're not the boss of me."

She growled and looked back at our father who was trying his best not to get involved.

My dad is a carefree person and really hates it when the family gets into issues like these. Alcia is usually the person who starts it, so we barely have much of it, only when me and Zanork wants to go out and have fun. Alcia wouldn't go because she's afraid of the world but that's my problem. I'm not staying around here just because she wants me to accompany her everyday for the rest of my life.

My dad sighed, "You girls settle it on your own. I'm tired from my mission already, Alcia. And Zanork," He glared at the retreating back of my brother, who stiffened at the mention of his name. Dad wasn't going to let Zanork run from this. "You're in charge of them."

Zanork sighed and turned to the both of us, still in a death glare match.

"Come on, two of you."

I was the first to break away and grinned at my brother, "No."

He looked surprised for a moment before smiling gently at me and shrugged, "I won't stop you, lil' sis." He looked over to Alcia, his gaze hardening slightly, "Al, you sure you want to do this?"

Without looking at him, she smirked at me, "Hell yeah. She's not going anywhere."

He sighed and nodded. "Go on then."

I heard my father groaned, "Just don't break anything. The last time you kids fought, the entire Great Hall was in ruins."

I jumped over and landed a few feet away from Alcia.

"Listen to me, Alcia." I mouthed each word slowly, "I. Am. Taking. The. Hunter. Exam."

She growled and the fat spider of hers crawled down and sat at her feet.

"Andrew, get off." She snarled at the spider and it whined as it looked up at her. "I don't care. She's staying here." It shivered and looked back at me, it's eyes pleading.

I shrugged, "Sorry, Andrew. She started it. You tried, I tried. So let's just do this." The spider huffed and crawled between the both of us and sat there. It raised one of it's legs then smack downwards.

I lashed out and threw three fortune cards at Alcia who snapped them away with her chain. A blade appeared from under her long sleeve as she whipped the chain, the blade follows after it. The blade was attached to the chain and she can manipulate them in the most deadly way. I growled and I pulled out my twin daggers from the air, summoning them.

I blocked her first lash from the chain and rolled out of her range. A firework blasted from her chain as it flew away.

I sprinted towards her, lashing. Close combat was never her forte. She only barely managed to block my attacks as I swung death blows at her. Immediately, her eyes turned red from bloodlust and mine turns gold.

The eyes of Daimon are well known to mirror our emotions and souls. Everyone of us have the gift and each of us have individual colour changes.

Soon, the fight turns bloody.

I grinned maniacally as I bit her arm. She broke my fingers as I gripped her neck. She scratched my face as I tear at her shoulder. There was a lot of bloodshed as the both of us abandoned our weapons which resorted for a more cannibal sort of fight. She kicked my stomach in an attempt to throw me over her head but I swerved to the side at the last moment and punched downwards into her gut. She coughed blood and she pulled my hair downwards and kicks me away. I rolled once, got back my balance by landing on all fours and I snarled at her. She mirrored me and showed her teeth.

Finally, it comes to this.

I felt my body changed as I watch her change as well. Our eyes turned as our irises turns gold and the whites of our eyes turns black. We were taking on our Daimon forms.

"ENOUGH!" An old voice commanded and we froze. The demon blood subsided and we stayed there, panting. I heard sighs of relief from both my father and brother.

"Both of you, that will be enough." My grandfather and grandmother stood a few ways away from us.

I sighed and sat up, assessing my wounds. "She started it." I said softly.

My grandfather walked over to me and lifted my face to look at him and clicked his tongue, "Just look at the both of you. All battered up. How are you going to take the Hunter Exam now?"

I heard Alcia snapped, "But, Grandfather-"

He looked at her sharply and she stopped, "Enough with this nonsense, Alcia. You're not young anymore, and neither is Mikoto. You can't control her future. None of us can. Her future is in her own hands. And you have to stop being so selfish, Zanork and Mikoto have their own lives to lead and you as well, if you ever gave it a chance." She looked away in slight guilt and shame as my grandmother, Serea(Seh-ree-ah) Daimon Fortuna, sat next to her and started to heal her wounds. I can't hear it but I know Granny is talking to her about her attitude just now.

Grandpa Magi(Mah-ji) started to heal mine as I looked at him.

"Go for it, kiddo. After this, you can go." I smiled gratefully at him. "Thanks, Grandpa." He kissed the top of my head gently.

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