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Hocus Pocus 2 (second gen)


Max Dennison Married Allison and had two kids, Molly and Daniel, they lived a normal life, until they moved to a new town, but max didn't hear the towns tales of how there two wizards and one witch that use to live there a long time ago just like the Sanderson sisters, but little did they know it's the Sanderson sisters kids, Serena, Marcus, and William Sanderson, but it's a little different than how it went for max, when molly meets the charming and very handsome William she couldn't take her eyes off him, but she will also have to figure out a way to survive him, and will the other try and take away necklace that can keep the Sanderson Siblings alive forever, or will they keep them?

Romance / Fantasy
Junko kinnie
Age Rating:

A Day Before

! Warning curing and violence and sexually things like sex with be in here, you have been warned!

Hi I'm Molly Dennison, the daughter of Max Dennison and Allison Dennison, the two people who defeated the Sanderson Sisters, but the story of the Sanderson Sisters didn't tell you was they had kids, Serena, Marcus, and William Sanderson, they are called the Sanderson Siblings, but I never believed in them until now.

It was the day before Halloween, I was walking my brother to school, oh yeah my little brothers name is Daniel, we call him Dani for short like my Aunt Dani, he really like this hole Halloween stuff, witch's and wizards and vampires that stuff, I'm more like music and talking to friends and watching Netflix that's my type of thing, but as I was walking to school my news friend Mia ran over,

"Hey guys" Mia said

"Hey Mia" I said

"You taking your little brother to school" she asked

"Yes since it's our second day of being moved here I have to walk with him to school so he can at least remember which way to take to get home" I said

"Oh hush it, mom and dad just wanna make sure I'm safe since it's a new town and yes so I can remember how to get to school and get back home" Daniel said

Mia laughed and said "you guys seem to get along"

I rolled my eyes cause I knew she was being sarcastic, we got the Daniels school and lucky the high school is right near it, I waved goodbye and walked with Mia to the high school,

"So have you heard of the story of the town?" She asked

"No, no I haven't"

"Well the story goes there once was two wizards and a witch, they were all siblings, Serena, Marcus, and William Sanderson, they use to search for a young soul to complete the spell that would keep them alive, but they would put the soul in their necklace and that would keep them alive forever and ever, they ended up finding one, it was a little boy, but his older sister wouldn't have it, legend says they turned her into a cat and she guards Sanderson Siblings house, but they ended turning it to a museum and they locked the three siblings necklace in there"

"Wow that was a lot" I said shocked

"Yeah" she said

"Well that's just a bunch Hocus Pocus" I said not caring

We got to the school and I went inside and everyone was talking and walking around, normal things for a school, I walked over to class room and someone tripped me, I fell down and got my nose hard, it hurt so much and it felt like it broke, I sat up and saw it was Lily and Icy, well Icy's real name is Jenna but she thinks it's a cool name,

"You should see your face" Icy said walking off laughing,

Mia grabbed my arm and walked off and I went to the nurses office, well my nose was bleeding, she gave me something to shove up my nose to help stop the bleeding.

After awhile the bleeding stopped and I got a pass so the teacher knows why I'm late, Mia had to leave so I was walking back to class alone, I got the class room and I went inside and gave to the teacher my pass and sat down at my seat.

After awhile it was the last class of the day and the teacher told the same story Mia told me, I just rolled my eyes, and the teacher saw,

"Do you have any output Miss Dennison" the teacher said looking at me

"Well it just sounds like a bunch of Hocus Pocus, stuff like that could never happen it's just a story" I said

"Well Miss Dennison it might be true you could never know" the teacher said turning away and going to the front of the class, the bell rang,

"Class is dismissed" the teacher said

I got all my things packed up and left the classroom and went off to the elementary school, Mia caught up to me,

"Hey, did your teacher tell you the story?" Mia asked

"Yeah they did" said not looking so interested

"Let me guess you thought it was just stupid and fake" she said

"Yep I did" I said with a smirk

"Why don't you believe in it" she asked

"Well witches and wizards and magic necklaces and people turning into a cat, well it's just reality is nothing like that" I replied to her

"So your beliefs are in reality that makes much more sense now" said said

We got to the elementary school and waited for their school day to end, me and Mia were playing games together, like Minecraft on our phones.

After awhile a bunch of child walked out and Daniel and walked over to us,

"Alright lets go" he said

We walked off and headed of to the neighborhood, and while walking I saw Lily and Icy, and I grabbed Daniel and Mia's arms and quickly got ahead of them so they didn't see us,

"Sorry about that Lily and Icy were near and I didn't want them to cause troubles" I said with a sigh

"I can understand that" she said

"You mean the two girls that you always tell me that a stupid and rude bitches" he said

"Don't say that near mom or dad" I told him

"I know" he said

Mia left and went to her house and me and Daniel got to our house,

"Hey kids how was school learn anything new" Max asked

"Yes but it seems stupid" I replied

I walked off and went to my room and laid down in my bed, thinking about that story, it almost sounds familiar, like a story I have already heard of, but it doesn't matter, tomorrow is Halloween and I'm gonna have to

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