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Septic Eyes


If you look into his eyes, you're in his control.

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

"High-fives all around, and I'll see all you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!!"


"Did everything record properly?"

Sean had just finished recording for the day, and he was just about to finish up for the day. He decided to go down to the kitchen afterwards because of how hungry he was. He decided he would make a small meal, and then sit on the couch and watch TV.

He walked into the kitchen, grabbed some stuff out of his fridge, and started preparing a few sandwiches. While Sean was preparing his snack, he thought he could hear something bumping around in his recording room. He decided it was just nothing and began to eat and watch TV.

Sean decided to watch the news.

"Today on the news, we have seen reports of another long lasting rainstorm coming your way," the news reporter stated.

"Ugh. Not again," Sean groaned.

"We have also had reports about various locations teens going missing."

"Wait, what?" Sean wanted to know more about this.

"These teenagers were all seemingly kidnapped overnight, having disappeared the next morning. Strangely, they all disappeared the same night."

Sean was a bit concerned. He hoped the kids would be alright. He hoped that the kids were just fine and that they would turn up during the next day. He couldn't help but be nervous, though.

While Sean was thinking about the well-being of the missing teens, he heard another thump in the recording room.

"I swear, I am hearing something," Sean remarked before heading into his recording room.

He went in and immediately noticed the lights were out. "That's weird. I don't remember turning the lights off."

Sean was about to head out when suddenly, out of nowhere, a cold hand touched his shoulder. Sean couldn't move his body for some reason. It was like he was paralyzed.

"Don't try and run, Jack," a familiar voice sneered.


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