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Change of Pace

By deeznuts2016

Other / Humor

Did Someone Call for a Detective?

A teen detective in a periwinkle suit was just glancing at his pocket watch on the sidewalk when a young policeman he'd never seen before came running up to him. "Hakuba Saguru, I presume?" the man asked.

The detective nodded uncertainly, wondering what it was that a policeman would want with him.

After taking a deep breath, Hakuba dared to take in the dark hair and serious face, along with the police ID the policeman had produced close to his side so that only Hakuba could see it. 'Hidenori Goto,' the ID read. "I'm here on behalf of Samurai Flamenco, and I need your help," the cop whispered.

After suddenly registering what Goto-san had said, Hakuba could only try to protest. How could he, a detective, be dragged into that sentai video series everyone – including Kuroba-kun, oddly enough – was talking about? Maybe they needed a detective for 'Samumenco' to work alongside? Unfortunately, he couldn't recall what anyone had said about the hero…and Goto-san had started walking away.

As Hakuba followed in Goto-san's footsteps, he had a sinking feeling Goto-san and Samurai Flamenco weren't looking for a detective.


One walk to an apartment complex later, a brunette with purple eyes greeted them at the door. Something was familiar about those mauve eyes, Hakuba realised, becoming more wary of Goto-san, and to a bigger extent, the brunette. Speaking of the brunette, he'd gone to the back room then retrieved a red suit, helmet and handkerchief.


"Are you sure I am the one for the job, Goto-san?" Hakuba asked after he was zipped into the suit. Goto didn't respond, he just gestured at Hakuba to turn around.

"Looks like a good enough decoy," the policeman finished, ignoring him. The other person put in the rest of the outfit while at the brink of tears, almost as if he were giving away his livelihood.

did Goto-san say 'decoy'? Hakuba wondered.

The brunette did a pleading gesture to Hakuba while trying to ignore his own tears, "Sorry, but please don't ruin the suit or mention to anyone what the real Samurai Flamenco looks like. The public might recognise me," and then his voice dropped to an even quieter whisper than Goto-san's, "as Masayoshi Hazama."

His name sounded somewhat familiar, but Hakuba couldn't place where he'd heard it.


"So what am I in this suit for?" Hakuba asked when the three of them walked out on to the street, the detective being more intrigued than wary now that he knew these two weren't attempting to kidnap him. Kid wasn't part of this either as there weren't any gems or potential Kid targets about.

"I need to deceive my manager," Hazama-san told him with a sigh; imagining Ishihara-san mauling him to death for not knowing that he was the ever-so-popular video star.

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