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By deeznuts2016

Other / Scifi


There was a way to fix his…miniature…problem! Haibara had mulled over the thought for days, and finally given it an A ok.

The solution: make Kudo-kun an artificial age-booster from APTX and a lot of expanding compacted metal. (How the metal worked was that when its stored energy was released, it would gradually grow and take on the shape of its surroundings. Eventually, it would set like malleable ice, and would expand and increase for as much as the surroundings required.) It would make him become part machine, but if he was willing to risk his humanity for the sake of being the proper age permanently, then that was fine.

Time to ask him the life-changing question, then.

However, there was another downside to this option – Haibara realised that the age booster wouldn't work for too long, about 3 days maximum, due to there being no electricity. So long wires were affixed to his shoulder blades to solve this dilemma. (Haibara had assured the formerly shrunken detective that his clothes would conceal his wiring.)

Currently, the newly restored Shinichi was … how would you put this for a part machine…charging? In a coma? It was both, yet it didn't mean either thing. The simple way to put it was that he had to be put to sleep for 12 hours while his body got used to its new mechanical sections.

When he woke, Conan (or rather Shinichi) didn't feel any more different to how he usually felt. Rolling on to his front, he realised there were thin cylindrical items attached to him, and found they were wires.

Wait, wires?! What the heck? Haibara had never said this would happen…

"I didn't figure that out until part way through the operation," was what she said when she explained why the wires were there. "So you wouldn't have known about it."

Little did Shinichi know, he had already begun to mutate. He was 10 percent machine currently, but soon that number would increase…

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