Memories of the ARK

Chapter 2

*Chapter 1: Dreams*

Gerald was sitting by his desk, hearing fuzzy noises from the speaker as he holds the mic. He is talking to someone who will help him with the project. Then, the screen appeared on the computer, and there is a strange figure with three eyes. Gerald held his breath from gasping when he watches the screen.

"You summon my aid, human?" The creature asked in a deep voice.

"Are you the leader of the Black Arms?" Gerald asked. The creature made a nod. "I'm making a project.'s not complete without DNA. I don't need just some DNA, I need some DNA that is...immortal."

"Immortal?" The creature wondered. "Hmmm. What project would need a DNA like that, human?"

"I'm...creating a cure for my granddaughter." Gerald replied. The creature grew silent after the professor explains the disease that has no cure and needs to help Maria get cured. The alien told Gerald that he will help him create the project, but there is one condition.

"I will tell you the deal when I arrive the ARK, Professor Gerald. Help you, help me..." He spoke.

"Of course, Black Doom." Gerald said. Then, the screen goes off. Gerald sighed a little and turned to the empty pod where the project will be made. "Black Doom and his army are dangerous, but...I need his blood to complete the project. The Biolizard was flawed, and it's...far more dangerous...Maria would be too terrified to be near it." Gerald got up from his seat and started to think of what this project would look like for Maria, for everyone. It had to be a creature. While thinking, he hears a young boy's voice.

"Hey, professor!" A boy with light brown hair came in with a smile. One eye is blue, the other is brown. He is wearing a red shirt with a white stripe, brown shorts and red shoes.

"Abraham, what're you doing in here? You know you aren't allowed to be in here." Gerald said. "And you must be in bed by now. It's a school night for you." The boy frowned a little. "Are those kids with you? Mardic and Maria?"

"No." Abraham said. "I come here to tell you that they went to bed and Maria wanted me to tell you that she said goodnight since she's tired."

"Ah. Well, is she alright? Did she pass out again?" Gerald asked. Abraham shook his head. Gerald patted his head with a warm smile. "Good, good. Now, thank you for telling me, and you be off to bed, young man."

"Yeah." Abraham said. "Goodnight, professor." The boy left the lab. Gerald locks the door behind him and turn back around. He got the papers out to sketch.

"This project will be perfect and pure." Gerald said. "I will call it...Project: Shadow."

One early morning, Maria got dressed in her blue dress and brush her hair and put her blue headband on. She looked out the window to see the view of Earth, and the sun was raising on the left side. She then turned to the clock that was on her wall and see it was only seven. She had a an hour to get to class with her friends. She got into her closet to get her bag to place her work in. But she realized that her room is a bit of a mess. Last night she was painting Earth.

"I wish I could go down there someday. When I get better, me, Mardic, and Abraham will go together." Maria said to herself. She touched the painting to make sure it's dry. She moved her artwork to the corner of her room and begin to pick up her paint brushes and sketches. She started to sing to herself.

"7 AM, the usual morning lineup: Start on the chores and sweep 'til the floor's all clean, Polish and wax, do laundry, and mop and shine up. Sweep again, And by then, It's like 7:15."

She then picked out a book of Fairy Tales and head out of her room after she cleaned her room. She walked down the hallway with her bag to get to her class. She looks out the window to see the space stars.

"And so I'll read a book or maybe two or three. I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery, I'll play guitar and knit, and cook and basically, Just wonder when will my life begin?"

She passed by the labs where she waves at the scientists, and found one of her nurses inside. She waved and the nurse smiled at her and waved at her while talking to a man with a beard. Maria smiled and continue walking.

"Then after lunch it's puzzles and darts, and baking. Paper mache, a bit of ballet and chess, Pottery and ventriloquy, candle making. Then I'll stretch, Maybe sketch, Take a climb, sew a dress!"

She took out the book from her bag and flipped through the pages to stop where she sees the title, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves". She smiled at the picture to see Snow White being kissed by the prince by waking her up from the sleeping spell. Maria sighed a little and look out the window again to see the Earth. She places her hand on the glass.

"And I'll reread the books if I have time to spare, I'll paint the walls some more, I'm sure there's room somewhere. And then I'll brush and brush, and brush and brush my hair. Stuck in the same place I've always been.And I'll keep wonderin' and wonderin', and wonderin', and wonderin'. When will my life begin?"

"Maria!" A male voice called from her right. Maria turned to see Mardic there with a book in his hand. He has dark blue hair, brown eyes, and wearing a light blue top and gray jeans. "C'mon, you're gonna be late for class! Ab's waiting for us."

"Right." Maria sighed and walk up to her close friend. Mardic and Maria are close friends, like brother and sister. Mardic looks at her in concern.

"You okay, Maria?"

"I'm fine. Just...thinking." Maria replied. "I was painting the Earth last night, and...I always have dreams of going there someday with you and Abraham." Mardic nodded, listening to her. "I wanted to talk to grandfather about my dreams I keep having about me in Earth, but...he was too busy with the cure. He never lets me see it just yet. He said he will show me once it's complete."

"Hey, we're all going like we promised years ago when we were small." Mardic said. "I never break a promise. And you're important to me, kiddo."

"Don't call me that!" Maria laughed. Mardic laughed along with her. "Just because you're only 17, doesn't mean I'm a kid to you."

"You are. You're only 12. Soon to be 13. A preteen." Mardic said. "C'mon, let's just go to school." Maria rolled her eyes at him and went off after him to get to class.

In a small classroom, Mardic and Abraham are working on their history work while the teacher is looking through Maria's work since she finished first. Maria was in her desk, drawing a picture of an angel in the heavens. She is drawing the wings. Mardic looked over and smiled.

"Wow. That's pretty good." He whispered.

"Thanks." Maria replied, never taking her eyes off her work.

"All right you three." The teacher spoke. "It's break time for 10 minutes. Mardic and Abraham, relax your fingers." So they walked out of the room and stretched. Abraham cracked his knuckles a little.

"I was about to finish, but I'll be done for the next one." He said.

"Yeah. And Maria, how do you finish before we do?" Mardic asked. Maria stretches her arms out.

"Well, I've been studying." She said. "I have books and everything."

"Such a bookworm." Abraham muttered. Maria narrowed her eyes at him playfully. The three children talked while their teacher is heading out for his own break. They are unaware that the certain comet was coming...

Gerald looks out the window to see the Black Comet passing by, and appearing behind him is an alien creature he talked to last night. The professor turned around to face Black Doom.

"Before we begin, there is one thing you shall promise me." The alien spoke. "In 50 years, your project will have to give me the seven Chaos Emeralds."

"What? What for?" Gerald asked.

"Since you are above the planet Earth, my comet will be surfaced..." Black Doom said. "After 50 years, your project will serve me the emeralds for the Ritual of Prosperity." Gerald made a shocked look. Why is this alien telling him this?

"What...? You...and your kind will destroy Earth in 50 years?!" Gerald asked. " granddaughter...she..."

"Do we have a deal, professor?" Black Doom asked. "If you accept, I will give the project my DNA to save the child. If not, the child will die..." Gerald was in deep thought. He wanted to do this, but the offer was unbelievable. If he promised Black Doom, that means he will betray his people and research. What will Maria think of this? Gerald sighed and look up at Black Doom.

"I'll do it."

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