Memories of the ARK

By C.M. Hernandez

Fantasy / Scifi

Chapter 21

*Chapter 20: Becoming Super...*

The next day, Shadow was skating through the corridors to get to the lab to see Gerald since Maria was in class. Before he could skate any further ahead, he feels energy. He stops and looks around. It's the energy from the Chaos Emerald. But, it's in Maria's room, isn't it? Unless it's been stolen again or maybe there's another one somewhere. Shadow looks around every corner of the corridor and found something glowing at the right side of the hall. He walk towards it and picked up a green Chaos Emerald. A second emerald found.

"Where does this come from?" Shadow asked himself. "Did the professor drop it? Maybe there are more emeralds around here." As he walked, the Chaos Emerald glows brightly than before. "Another emerald was around here. I can feel it." Shadow says as he looks around every corner and there is a bag on the floor. And there is a note. Shadow took the note off the bag and read it. "'Make sure the emeralds are hidden away!'"

"Oh thank god!" Gerald's voice said. Shadow looked up at him to see that Gerald was out of breath. "You found the Chaos Emeralds! Thank you, Shadow!" Shadow gives the bag and the emerald to Gerald who took them from him. "I only want them to be safe from anyone, but I do need one more from Maria. I know it's a gift for her, but...these emeralds are very important when they are all together as one. And I need to test them on you." Gerald said.

"Why me? What happens when they are all together?" Shadow asked. Gerald only made a smile.

"Come with me to the lab, and we will both find out for ourselves." He said. Shadow only stares at him in silent. Sounds like experimenting, but Shadow wanted to find out himself as well. He follows his creator down to the corridors. "But, just wait for me there, Shadow. I will have to get one emerald from Maria's room. I'm sure she won't mind me using it for a little while." Gerald said. Shadow nodded and walked away from him.

Maria walked out of her classroom for the day and about to return to her room to relax until Abraham caught up to her with a tape.

"Hey, you need to see this." He told her, handing her over the tape. "It has you in it when you were little." Maria took the tape and saw the name that says "Untitled".

"Abraham, what's in it?"

"Something about the creature that looks like Shadow,'s nothing like him." Abraham said with a uncomfortable look on his face. "He's really scary. Just watch it when you can. You were in it,'s something important. Look, I gotta go. Just watch the tape." He rush pass her. Maria looks at the tape in silent. She's in this, but...what creature did she see back then?

"Looks like I have to find out." She said, walking down the hall to get to her room, but she has to get the camera to play the tape. After she is gone, she noticed a twinkle in space far away. She looks out the window in wonder seeing one of the stars shining and disappeared. "It's gone..." She said. "How did that happen? But, I can't wonder about that now. I have things to uncover right now. Later, I will ask grandfather about the tape." She runs off to the hall, ignoring the disappearing star in space. Little did she know, it was no star... It was the Black Comet that was disappearing by using Chaos Control. Doom's Eye was outside the colony watching Maria from the window, he made a sneer.

"She will not be around for long." He said. "This time, she will be down... And the Chaos Emeralds will be mine."

Maria sets up the camera in front of her bed and set the tape on and press the button to play the tape. The screen appears on the wall and Maria sits on her bed to watch the video that is in black and white. It shows the room of Gerald. Seems like he was the one using the camera work. The video shows that he walks out the door with the camera facing down the floor, but up to see young Mardic coming up with little Maria with him. Maria watched with a sad smile to see her childhood friend there alive that day.

"We were so happy." She said. "Now he's gone forever."

"Professor Gerald! There's something in your lab with the scientists!" Mardic said in the video.

"What is it, boy?" Gerald asked.

"We don't know." Maria replied. Then the video cuts to the lab to show the scientists studying a creature that is in the capsule, with wires on his head. Maria looks carefully at the video. It's a hedgehog like Shadow, but...there's something different about him. It looks more dangerous looking.

"This is the creature born from one of the Chaos Emeralds!" A man in the video said. "He calls himself Nazo. He has the power of chaos, and possibly have the power of darkness when he transforms. According to the status of his, he is an ancient hedgehog. But nothing we have ever seen." The video focuses on the mysterious hedgehog who began to glow with his eyes and the glass breaks. Screaming was heard around the room, and the hedgehog jumps out to attack the scientists. Gerald's voice was heard behind the camera, and the it fell on the floor, focusing on the upside down view to see people running away in fear, yelling in alarm. The camera was picked up and there is the eyes of the hedgehog, glaring. Maria can feel her heart beating. Who is that hedgehog?

"Maria, stay back! Get behind me!" Gerald's voice cried out in the back ground before the hedgehog placed his hand over the camera, and the video ends. But it cuts to the video when Maria was 7 years old, playing with her teddy bear in her room. Maria watches in silent when she watches her younger self in the video.

"This is my friend, Maria Robotnik. We've been together up in the Space Colony ARK for a very long time since she was born." Mardic's voice said behind the camera. Little Maria turned and smiled a little. But, they hear a thud on the window, making the kids gasp and the camera turns to the widow to see a hedgehog facing the camera and disappeared. "It's the hedgehog again! It's the third time it's come here!" Mardic's voice said. Little Maria looked out the window, and the video ends. Maria turns the camera off and start to think.

'I barely remembered this. I was...around 4 or 5 at the time when that hedgehog, Nazo, was found that day. But, he escaped and...he was roaming around space.' She thought. 'I forgot about him. I thought he was gone forever since he last visited. Just...who is he?' She stood up and went out of her room until she saw a light behind her. She turned around to see the window. Appearing in front of her is a gold hedgehog with red stripes, red eyes... Maria blocked the light to get close to the mysterious hedgehog and gasped at the sight.

"Shadow?!" She asked in shock. She opened the window and Shadow sticks out his hand with a smile. "How...what..."

"It's the Chaos Emeralds." Shadow replied. "Let me show." Maria looks at his hand, and took it. Shadow helps her out and held her in bridal style. Maria looks down to see that he isn't using his hover shoes to fly. He's flying on his own with his new power. "Professor Gerald said that once all of the Chaos Emeralds are collected, I can transform into Super Shadow. I can become stronger than ever before. I only have a short time to use this form, but I wanted to show you."

"This is amazing, Shadow!" Maria exclaimed as they fly over the colony and see the view of Earth above. "I had no idea you can could that!"

"Hang on!" Shadow told her and he grips her. Maria kept her arms around his neck and see they are flying around the colony very fast. Like a sonic speed. They can't be away from the Space Colony ARK because of the oxygen field. Maria can see the moon behind the Earth.

"Wow. I can't believe that we're flying around! This is great!" Maria says with a laugh. "I wish I can fly!"

"You can." Shadow said to her. He had her back placing on his front to hold her sides. "I got you. I won't drop you." He assured her. Maria trusted him. She slowly spreads out her arms and legs up, like she was flying on her own as Shadow was above her holding her. Maria faces front to see objects passing her.

"Shadow, thank you for showing me this! This is great! We can do this again sometime! When we get to Earth, we can go anywhere!" Maria told him. Shadow smiled at her and guides her over to the platform on the colony. Maria got her feet and Shadow lands behind her and returns back to his normal self. The Chaos Emerald where nowhere to be seen after he returns back. He looks around in wonder. Maria turned to him. "That was a greatest experience, Shadow. Thank you." She said. "I gotta tell grandfather about this!" Before she could rush inside, she remembers the video. "Oh..."

"We must return to the lab. The professor may want to see you as well." Shadow says walk pass her, but saw that she isn't follow him. "Maria? What's the matter?"

"Shadow, I...I have to...tell you something." She said.

"What is it?" Before she could speak, there is a space shuttle coming up. From Earth. Shadow looks down in wonder.

"Who is coming up?" Maria asked looking down.

"Let's get to the professor. He must've called someone." Shadow says by taking Maria's hand and rush inside the colony. Maria wanted to tell Shadow about Nazo, but that will have to wait for now. Who is coming up to the Space Colony ARK? Only the professor knows. But, it is not good news...

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