Memories of the ARK

Chapter 25

*Epilogue: 50 Years Later...*

Prison Island was heavily guarded one night until alarms go off. The doors started to lock down. The robots that GUN created are roaming around inside and outside the buildings. Blasting through the door was a man in a walking machine with laughter.

"This is all too easy!" He says. "Nobody can stop me, the greatest genius of all, Dr. Eggman!" He rushes down the corridors to get to the room where the project is sleeping. "Now, I will find the military's top secret weapon, and it was a creation of my grandfather from 50 years ago." He looks down at the monitor to see the map of the prison where the project was held. "Hmm, this Project: Shadow is down at Level 7. So, I must be getting closer." He shoots the robots out of the way who are blocking him from going any further.

Inside the mind of the black hedgehog, it felt like he will be asleep for a long time. He is in the world of the realm with nothing but darkness. He hears Gerald's voice around him. Revenge. Destroy. That's all Shadow is thinking right now. Shadow remembers Maria's death...

"Maria...I promise you... I will avenge you." He says. Suddenly, everything turns white...

The capsule opens for a hedgehog who awakens by somebody. Smoke comes out of the capsule, and Shadow got up and opened his eyes. He's free at last. He looks down at the confused man who looks a lot like Gerald. Shadow can figure that he could be related to him.

"What's that?" Eggman asks in shock. "Is that you, Sonic?! Were you trying to spoil my plans again?!" He yelled as he looks at the black hedgehog who crosses his arms with a evil smirk. "Wait a're not Sonic. This is impossible!"

"My name is Shadow." The black hedgehog spoke. "Since you were so kind to release me, my master." He made a bow. "I will grant you one wish..." Then, the alarms go off. Eggman looks around and there is a robot guard coming in the room. Shadow uses his hover shoes to get out of the capsule and ready to attack the robot. "Behold, the true power I possess!" He charges at the robot uses his Chaos Spear on it. Eggman watches in awe. Shadow avoids the bullets in speed and charge at the window where the man is who is controlling the robot. The guard robot start to fall in defeat and Shadow stood in front of it with a smirk. "Such a weak human..."

"Shadow, you're the military's top secret weapon?" Eggman asks. "But, what do you mean when you said you will grant me a wish?" Shadow turned to him.

"Find the Chaos Emeralds. I will be waiting for you in the central control room up in the Space Colony ARK." He says and started to walk away. Eggman watches him leave.

"ARK? In space?" He wondered. Shadow didn't turn to him. He formed a smirk once more. He's free from his long slumber.

"I'm Shadow the Hedgehog. The one and only Ultimate Life Form." He says. "My purpose is to bring humans wrath for killing those up in the ARK, especially Maria. I will have my revenge. Nobody will stop me."


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