Memories of the ARK

Chapter 4

*Chapter 3: Attack!*

Inside one of the labs, there are scientists researching the Earth creatures that are in the pods for safety. And one record player is playing a song "Ain't That a Shame" by Fat Domino. Mardic is volunteering to help the scientists, and his father was working with them as well. They are by the frog that is poisonous.

"When you touch its back, you will become poisoned." Mardic's father said. "These frogs can be found in rainforests, but they are small and hard to find."

"Yeah. Very interesting, dad." Mardic said. "Hey, can I speak with you for a moment?"

"Of course, son."

"Well, Abraham was acting...weird since this morning." Mardic started. "He said he saw something in the professor's lab and...I checked to see it myself, but...I don't see anything." His father was making a look, but chuckled a little.

"He's just a kid, son. It could be the work of the professor's." He said. Mardic nodded at him. He thought the same thing. Then, the alarm goes off. Red lights are flashing. Mardic and his father are looking around as the scientist stopped what they are doing. They looked at the screen on their monitors to see creatures running down the halls of the ARK.

"Oh god." One man said.

"Could it be Veldon's doing?" The other asked. Mardic's father took his son out of the lab to get him to the different area where it's safe, but then, the creatures beat them to it. They are big hyenas, but they are nothing like the ones from Earth. They were created. They have glowing red eyes, and metal collars on. Mardic can see a symbol on the collars. A letter.

"Dad, they belong to Veldon!" He said.

"Dammit. Mardic, take this!" His father took out a gun and hand it over to him. "Go to your mother and lock the doors!" Mardic ran off as his father got the electric rod out to make the hungry hyenas back away. The other two went after Mardic. "Son, behind you!" The father yelled out. Mardic turned out and shot the hyenas' legs to slow them down.

"Lock the doors!" The man in the coat said. "Prepare for lockdown!"

"Professor Gerald is on his way with his granddaughter and Abraham now!" The nurse said. "Mardic and his father are the ones who are missing, but they could be attacked by Veldon's lapdogs!" The men got their guns out and head the doors. Passing them, Gerald, Maria, and Abraham rush in the big room. Almost everyone is here.

"Is everyone alright? No injuries?" Gerald asked.

"Where's Mardic and my husband?" A woman asked. "They're still out there!"

"Mrs. Flynn, the ARK security are looking for them now." Gerald said. "They are both tough, and they can avoid Veldon's hyenas." As everyone talked and freaked out, Maria and Abraham hear noises from outside the closed door. Scratches and bangs.

"They're here!" Maria cried out.

"They can't get in." The man said. "But, they can break down the door anytime. They can smell us." One of the hyenas broke the glass window, some people screamed. Maria and Abraham backed away from the windows. Two of the hyenas jump in the window and growl at the people.

"Who's got a gun?" A man asked. Then, the two hyenas launched at some people, making them scramble. Gerald took Maria and Abraham out the doors to tell them to run for it.

"What about you?" Maria asked.

"I'm getting help someone." Gerald said. "Now, go!" The two children ran off. Gerald picked up a pipe and hit one of the hyenas who came to him, and the other scientists help him out. Then, one of the hyenas were shot in the head by a gun. Mardic came in, aiming for the second hyena. He pulled the trigger and the hyena was shot in the head like the first one. Gerald came to Mardic.

"How many?"

"There were six of them. Now...there are four left out there. My dad must've lost them somehow." Mardic replied. "Where's Maria and Ab?"

"I told them to run away from here because of these things. Go and find them! I'm sending help on the way." Gerald said. Mardic didn't ask who will help the people of the ARK, but he had to find his friends. The four hyenas are on the loose.

"Hurry!" Maria says by dragging Abraham down the halls. "They can get to us if we don't find someplace to hide." She leads him to the door on the right and they found themselves a nursing room. Maria locked the door and Abraham hide behind one of the beds. Maria found tools on the bedside, but they aren't big enough for those creatures. She needs something bigger. There is an ax in one of the offices only for emergencies, and Maria broke the glass with a head figure from the desk and took the hatchet.

"I don't want to die yet..." Abraham said, hugging his knees. "We haven't been able to discover Earth together. I want to be down there with you."

"It's going to be okay, Abraham." Maria said, trying to remain calm to keep the boy calm. "Oh god, I hope Mardic is alright." The sounds were heard from the door, and loud growling is heard, making Abraham cry a little. Maria gripped on the axe, hiding behind the wall. "Abraham, whatever you do, don't move from your spot." She said.


"I'll get those monsters out of here. I don't want you to get hurt." Maria said. Before Abraham could speak, the door broke down by four hyenas. Maria took a deep breath and went around to charge of them with the axe. She swung it at one of them to make them cry out in agony. "Come and get me, you freaks!" She said, running down the halls. The hyenas growled and chase after her. Abraham came out of the doorway and Mardic appeared with a gun.

"Hey, you okay?" Mardic asks. "Where's Maria?"

"They're after her!" Abraham said, pointing the hallway. Mardic told the boy to stay in the room and he ran down the hallway. "Be careful!" Abraham said.

Maria ran as fast as she could, but the hyenas are not too far behind. She had to lose them somehow. There is a door that leads outside, and Maria had to lead the creatures outside. Luckily her grandfather uses protection outside the ARK from losing oxygen or get sucked into space. She jumped on the platform and activated it to move across, and one of the hyenas jump off to reach for the edge, but Maria uses the axe to knock it down. The hyena howls as it falls from the ARK. Only three remaining. Maria got away, but her luck changed when the three hyenas are on the rails to reach for her. They are smart.

"...Oh god..." Maria whispered. She pressed the button to go back where she came from before the hungry animals could get her. The platform moves backwards. Preparing to knock the hyenas down, but they jumped on the platform. But Maria acted fast when she jumped on the edge to make it to the other side and left the axe behind. She climbed up and ran off.

'Where do I go?' She thought as she ran. She enters a room filled with pods and tanks. Research about water. Maria hid behind the pod. The hyenas can still smell her. Suddenly, she was knocked over. One hyena was there, and pin her down. Maria tried to scream for help, but no sound coming out of her. The two hyenas came in the room. Maria struggled to get free from one hyena, but it is too strong for her.

"Somebody help me!" She cried out. She can see one hyena coming up to her and launch at her... Maria shuts her eyes, preparing for fate. But, a cry was heard from the creature, and she no longer felt the hyena on her back anymore. She can see one hyena was thrown to the fish tank, and it broke into pieces. Maria looked up to see who did that, and she could not believe what she is seeing now. The black hedgehog. No other than Shadow. She watches him fight off the hyenas who are attacking him, but he can take them. He backflips with a kick one of them. Maria stood up and saw one of the hyenas coming towards her with a snarl. She backed away from it slowly, and the black wind appears around her. But it was Shadow who spins around her to make a black tornado. The hyena launch towards them both, but thrown away by the wind.

"Whoa..." Maria breathed. The tornado is gone around her and Shadow. The three hyenas growls at them hungrily. Shadow gestures Maria to stay back while he is in fighting stance. Maria watches the black hedgehog standing before the animals. Then, he uses a power of bolts that appear out of his hands, and he let out a cry.

"Chaos Spear!" He throws yellow bolts at the three hyenas who are shocked, and it hurts because they are wet from those tanks. They are down, but not dead. Maria didn't move after the fight. She was saved by Shadow. The black hedgehog turned to her and stare at her with his red eyes. Maria was lost in his ruby eyes, and they look so deadly. Before she could do anything, she felt dizzy and everything went black...

Maria woke up at night, and found herself in the nursing room. She is in the bed with a cord on her arm. Her nurse came over to her with a glass of water.

"Maria, thank goodness you're awake." She said. "You were out for hours."

"Martha...what happened?" Maria asked, taking the glass of water to take a long drink. Boy she was thirsty. "Where's everyone else? And..." She began to look around. "Where is it?"

"Where's what, sweetie?"

"That...thing. It's creature." Maria said. Martha made a strange expression. "He saved me from those creatures in the tank room where the fish are and-"

"When we found you, we thought those things killed you, but thankfully they didn't." Martha said, cutting the girl off. "I'll let your grandfather know that you are awake. You don't have any scratches on you or anything like that." The nurse went the office and began to call the professor as Maria rests her head on the pillow. That black hedgehog... She couldn't get the image of him out of her head. Those red, yet beautiful eyes he has. Black fur with red stripes, and that white fur on his chest looks so soft. Where did he come from?

"I have to tell grandfather about him."

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