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Rejected Mate

Chapter One:::Moon

Moon was a very happy 2 year old girl with 7 older siblings and very loving parents 4 older brothers and 3 older sisters her moms name was Star her mom had white hair her wolf was a solid white with a Grey star on one eye and her dads name was Jim he had jet black hair and his wolf matched his hair color their colors together made beautiful kids/pups they started at age 16 first 2 pregancies were sets of boy girl twins 3rd was triplets then Moon was born by the time they were both 25

The oldest were named Alex And Alexis Alex had jet black hair and blue eyes like his mom Alexis has brown hair with hazel eyes just like her dad

Next was Levi and Layla both had beautiful hair Levi had brown hair and honey gold eyes and Layla had blonde hair and pale blue eyes

Then came the triplets Jim Jr. Jake and Jenna Jim Jr. had jet black hair and hazel eyes Jake had brown hair and dark blue eyes and Jenna had dirty blonde hair and honey brown eyes

Moon had something special she had silver hair and moon yellow eyes but changed color as the moon did white blue red orange yellow when a ecplise came she had solid black eyes

Their ages now are 18 15 12 and 10 yes moon is now 10 and her siblings treated her bad since she was 6 she did the cooking the cleaning everything but what her siblings DONT know is her wolf came when she was 8 she is solid silver all over accept for a moon on her eye that did the same as her eyes it changed with the moon colors as well she kept it a secret she went on midnight runs but had to be careful her fur was rare other wolves and hunters will kill her one for jealousy and 2 for her fur

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