Harry Potter and the Messenger eyes

Chapter 2


Ten years have passed since Bellatrix L. is raising Harry Potter but he did not know that he is special, worshiped as The Chosen One, the-boy-who-lived. The storybook which he read sang patriotically about James courage; Lily’s’ sacrifice and young Harry. How he fantasized about being Harry. Hero, disappeared a day after the Dark Lord’s demise, adding to his mystery. Everyone is still searching the lost hero. The hero destined to return if The Dark Lord rises again.

But, he is not as special, just a very excited wizard waiting impatiently for his letter. He will become a great someone like Dumbledore, James or his mother. But, for now he is sitting on a cushy chair reading ‘Dark Force: A guide to spell protection’. His crub is lying beside his legs chewing some old footwear.

There was a popping noise and Bethy, their house elf, appeared. “Master Harry, Hagrid comes.”

“Thanks Bethy.” She gave a Doty smile before popping.

The house elf is like a mentor, an elder sibling to him. He was ‘nanied’ by the old elf in his mother’s absence. Taught him to cook albeit the muggle way. Some time he screamed at night when he had a nightmare, a green flash of light and a cold laughter. But, his mother, being an auror, would disappear for days, weeks (no more than 2).

She explained her job when he threw a tantrum. He loved his mother very much. His mother too loved him. When she returned, they would play games, together visit muggle places, read heroic stories and his mother would sing lullaby to make him sleep.

“Hagrid,” Harry screamed, flinging to hug his friend.

“How are you, sweet tum?” Hagrid gave him a customary bone- crushing hug.

“It tickles,” Harry, laughs as he plays with the beard.

“We best go ter Diagon Alley.”

“No, I want to go to zoo.”

“No, er.” Harry stared at him with his puppy eyes. Hagrid had no defense against them...

It took Harry many minutes to woo Hagrid.

At last, “if I –er – take ye ter zoo, Er not mention yeh mum.”

“Of course not.”

Even though Harry lived in London, he never had lot of chance to explorer the muggle or wizard world. There were rule that he had to follow.

He spent most of his time cooped into his room, reading. He was strange, even for wizard standard.

When he was 2 years, he showed early signs of magic. His hairs grew 7 feet long because he did not like the new haircut. At the age of five, Draco annoyed him a lot so he plastered Draco on roof. Draco screamed for 2 hours for help. From that time, Draco never saw eye to eye. When he was 9 years playing hide and seek with Hagrid, Bella, Bethy he wanted to be unseen, touched, found. He made himself. No one can find him, drawback he could not touch anything, for 12hours he waited hungrily, as his effort to pick food failing miserably.

That time, he met for the first time, Dumbledore. In his long silver beard and half moon, specs looked more like an ancient Hero. Everything about Dumbledore from the bell like voice, twinkle in eyes to the long white Beard attracted Harry. He spots Harry right away and with wave of his hand restored him back to his original shape.

Later that night for the first time, he talked face to face with great Dumbledore, conqueror of Grindelwald.

“How are you Harry?”

“Did you really defeat Grindelwald? Is it true that Dark lord fear only you? How can you do magic without your wand? Will you teach Me.?

Dumbledore looked the star struck boy with amused expression.”I really defeated Grindelwald. As for Voldemort,” Harry gasped sharply, “he has power no decent wizard can have. Fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself.”

Harry just kept on starring. How many wizards get a chance to have a dinner with Dumbledore? He guessed that Draco is going to burn crisp red in jealousy.

“And I would teach you few trick if you accept some condition,”

“Really!” A special training season with Dumbledore and he is not even of age.

“You will write a letter to me every week telling how your week passes.”

Harry accepted without any ado.

Dumbledore taught him how to pull and push magic to break simple wards, move things without touching them. Conjure flames, enhance his senses temporarily and control the length of his hairs. Detect foreign magic. Detect good magic from bad.

As time passed, he came closer to Dumbledore. He considered Dumbledore as his role model, mentor and grandfatherly figure he wanted. Soon Dumbledore would visit every 2 or 3 weeks. Sometimes he would bring muggle sweets, books. At first, the books were innocent fairy-tales (even muggle one). Being a ferocious reader, he would read the books hungrily. Soon Dumbledore started lending him, tomes of sagas, history books, books of more Arcane theories about.

While he was reading this many books, he had a mild suspicion that is guided somewhere. Sometime, Dumbledore would present a controversial book and would ask a report over it. He is reading one such book, ‘Goblin war: Wizard Mistake?’

His mother loved him but was very strict. In addition, she had many rules like, he has never to enter Diagon alley, this rule even Harry have not broken once. Once he tried to enter D. A. that was the only time, he ever got a spanking

Never go anywhere without an escort. Then too, he would sneak off to muggle London. The cars, amusement park, and phones everything excited him.

Never visit another household except the Malfoys. There he rescued a crub name Jason form horrid Draco. (He never liked Draco).

They flooed to D.A. from there they took a bus to Reptile house. Hagrid kept on complaining about slow buses and small awkward seats.

“These ruddy Muggle, can’t they build larger doors.” Hagrid grunted as he once again stuck into doorframe. It took 5 min to unlock him: with Harry, pulling and driver pushing.

Hagrid was in foul mood, though he bought Harry a large chocolate stick. The zoo was crowded with muggle wearing strange assortment.

“Ye animals are so tame,” Hagrid comment seeing a lion parade majestically.

Harry enjoyed himself thoroughly, teasing monkey, feeding squirrels, listening to muggle rant or enjoying expression of muggle as they pointed or gasped at Hagrid.

They eat in nearby restaurant. At a corner, Harry saw largest muggle ever. He was very wide and with bushy mustache, while, a small boy (who was throwing tantrum over them) resembling a giant whale. His mother rather bony with long neck was trying to calm him.

“Popkin have another kipper.”

“Hagrid, I want to see the reptile house.”

“Hump,” Hagrid replies, as he is preoccupied to unprize the chair.

“Harry ye see the snakes. Me, not feeling well.” Hagrid moans. Really, he was turning green. The chair seems to stick to his bottom and two people were trying to pry it off.

“Excuse me, me need to go.”

The reptile house was damp and cold. Encased behind glass case reptiles and lizards slithered. Harry spots the muggle (who was throwing the tantrum) rapping the glass case of largest snake. A boa constrictor, caption reads.

Fat muggle moves away from the snake. Harry walked toward the snake. Snake open his eyes. Raise the head until it come face to face and winks. Harry winks back.

“ I get it all the time.”

“ I know. Don’t you feel coped outta here?”

“ Where do you come from, anyway?” Harry asked.

The snake jabbed its tail at a little sign next to the glass. Harry peered at it.

Boa Constrictor, Brazil.

“Was it nice there?”

The boa constrictor jabbed its tail at the sign again and Harry read on, this specimen bred in the zoo. “Oh, I see — so you’ve never been to Brazil.”

“ Out of the way, you,” muggle said, punching Harry in the ribs. Angrily harry stared at the glass. For one min, the muggle was happily staring, next he screamed in horror.

The snake slithered out, not before giving a friendly sip to the muggle.

“ Thanks brazil here I come.”

All the Muggles started to shriek and jump out of the way. This is not good. He has performed magic within so many Muggles. He turns to leave.

Blocking his exit is Hagrid (for some reason looking uncomfortable) and, His mother.

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