Harry Potter and the Messenger eyes

Chapter 3


His misadventure in snake house earned him the longest punishment. He is confine to his room for whole month. Not even allowed to visit the Malfoys Manor for Draco’s’ birthday. Hagrid never showed up. However, He is still keeping his beard. Harry has a nagging suspicion that he likes his beard more than his life.

“Master Harry. Post.”

“Yippee, I have received the letter.”

“Mom, Mooom.” Harry hammered the door. “Look I have received Hogwarts letter.”

“Congrats.” Bella ruffled his hairs.

“Can I go to D.A, please, please?” Harry pleaded with puppy face.

“No, you can’t. But we can have a party.”


“Yes Madame.” “Let have a feast in honor of Harry’s’ selection.”
The house elf bows diligently before disappearing.

“Mom, when are we going to do Hogwart shopping?”

“Not we but I.”

“Mom, when are you going to let me out? Dam month has past.” Harry asked heatedly.

“Mind your tongue young man if you don’t want to loose it. I am going to ship you directly to Hogwarts express. If you want to get out use your head. But if I catch you.” she left the sentence open. The door closes with a bang.

All right, if she want to do it hard way, I will do it in Slytherin way. My potion is almost ready. Why use brawn when brain can work?

It is midnight time. His hand sweaty, specs sliding off the nose. He quietly crouches to the library. Mother room is adjacent to it, so she may hear if he is too noisy. He never knew when the obsession for the potion took him in. rechecking his invisibility clock as he passed his mother room. A gift from Dumbledore (prized because mother does not know about it).

He reached the library door. Pushed it lightly, locked. He removed a long pin and inserted it into the key hole.Closing his eyes, he starts to concentrate until he feel magic tingling in his arm. The pin starts to pulse with magic. With his might, he pushes the door. With an audible click the door, open. Harry walks in. Library is extensive with many books, but he wants only one. Moste Potente Potions. He quickly find book nestle between Moste Darke Curses and Moss and Sickle.

He retraced his steps back. Pull the door close, moment he pulls the pin out, door reseal itself. Once secured in his room, he opens the chapter: Poly Juice Potion.He rechecked the procedure. His potion is bubbling, as the potion must at end stage. Only last ingredient remains. ‘Bit of person you want to turn.’

This potion had just possessed him. He heard about them when Snape was talking to his mother. “Bella I have brewed you a batch. Will come handy, have this muggle hairs.”

He could not believe his eyes. His mother had polymorph into some different women in front of him. He was wearing his clock hence nobody saw him. He nicked some of the potion when no one is looking. He added some hairs and drank. The ecstasy of changing, freedom to move it gave. He decided to make the potion himself.

Slowly he rigs information. Innocently asking Draco, “do you er know of potion that can change shape?”

“Professor Snape can make it.” Afterwards the waiting until information arrives. Snape is Draco godfather. Clearly, he will answer his question.

His patient pays off when Draco bragged the name Moste Potente Potions. Entering his mothers’ library to Search for the book. Removing notes, Stealing potion ingredients from mother cupboard and making the potion in secret. He even barred Bethy to enter his room. Most difficult was to get hairs. He was able to get them when his aunt came to visit him.

He carefully pulled a small bottle, hair strand carefully corked. He pulled a pint and added the hair. The potion hissed and bubbled turning bright pink.

Harry shakes the glass. The potion should have turn khaki brown, according to the book. It mimics the colour of hair added.
He sniffed the potion, smells exactly like the hair. She must be using some type of dye.

He drinks in one gulp. Taste like over boiled pulse soup. Waiting for some change to occur, One-minute pass, 5 min passed. Let try again.

Drawing a pint, he added the hair. This time the potion turns khaki brown. Second time, works wonder.

This time the taste is gagging. The potion slowly settles into the stomach. Harry shivers uncomfortably and pain start.
As the pain keeps on rising, his body twitches uncontrobly. Horrible melting feeling, like melting of overheated wax. He falls on his hunches knowing down the cauldron. The potion slashes on the ground leaving a wet trail.

Tears start to flow free. Institutionally he knows something is wrong. Crawling on his hunches, he exits the room. He needs to call Dumbledore. He observed in morbid fascination, he is shedding skin like an ugly snake. All his hairs were already cast his muscle intoning unceremoniously. “Bethy.” The house elf appeared.

“Master Harry, what is happening to ye?”

“Madam, Master Harry is sick.”

The door bang open, Bella- her hairs disheveled- comes out.
“What have you doing?”

Seeing Harry condition, she waves her wand something silvery shoots out of her wand.

Bella hugs harry. The moment Bella cuddled him cool sweetness ran through his body. He knew no more.

His head pained, which is what, broke his oblivion, voices were echoing in his head.

“What did you get?” Frantic (his mother) voice asked.

“He seems to have broken poly-juicing rules.

“Amazing,” The Soft, sweet like bell tinkle, definitely Dumbledore's voice said.

“What rule?” Hagrid growled.

“Something an oaf can’t understand.” Snape remarked snidely.

“Severes,” Dumbledore mildly chided.

“He used a potent potion.”

“What the hell bloody potent potion means.”

“He used a hair of Metamorphmagus.” Snape supplied in his cold voice. “ and Taking the second dose before half an hour is over caused magical overload,” Snape finished.

“Is he going to be alright?” Bella asked with chocked emotion. Feeling all overwhelmed but feeling scared to show weakness.

“Merlin hat Bella! You are crying.” Snape snapped, “I hate that brat.”

“Harry is going to be alright.” Dumbledore say reassuring Bella.

“Severus, why not give Bella a calming drought and hot steaming chocolate. I find them refreshing.” Harry heard the opening and closing of the door.

“Harry dear, you can wake up now.”
Smiling mischievously Harry opens his eyes. However, seeing very intense gaze with no twinkle dampens his smile.

“I am sorry.” Harry apologized sincerely. “I shouldn’t have done some something like this.”

A thin smile breaks on his ancient face. “Curiosity is not bad, my boy. You should have turned to me or Professor Snape.”

“But Snape hate me.” Harry implored.

“He doesn’t hate you. He is just a difficult person to understand.”
Dumbledore correct him, starring hard through his half moon specks.

“Is something wrong with me?” Harry asked. The nagging doubt, which is always present, swells to salami.

“Why do you ask?”

“Because other says I am different.”

“Different!” Dumbledore asked lightly, “in what ways?”

“I can feel things other can’t, magic sometimes whispers to me.” Harry whispered fearing Dumbledore will say, ‘this is strange’ and book him a suite for him in St Mungos.

“Different doesn’t mean bad. You are special my boy.”Dumbledore kept on peering.

“Is something wrong with me?”

“We won’t know till we test.”

“Here,” thrusting a white long hair into his hands. “Try to change using this.” He wants me to change without using poly juice.

“Er okay. I will try.”

Harry closes his eyes. Suddenly, in his body melting feeling start to run. First at his hand, this spreads to whole body. When the feeling stopped, he opened his eyes. Dumbledore wide smile greeted him.

He peered into the mirror, the face did not looked familiar. His skin more bleached with more of brown hairs. Eyes not pure green but grey made most difference. If he examined closed it looked like exact copy miniature Dumbledore, Only many years younger.

“Amazing,” Dumbledore smiled.

“How - what happened.”

“What you are showing isn’t metamorphosis but shape-shifting.”

“Shape shifting.” Harry asked again.

“It is an ancient art. I will like instruct in this art when you enter Hogwarts, if you want?”

Extra lesson from Dumbledore, “yes,” Harry agreed in excitement.

“Then I will like you re-frame you from telling others about your powers.”Harry nodded.

The moment Dumbledore left the room, Harry sighed. The entire burden weighting on his shoulder lessened. His power though strange was not bad. This shape shifting is so cool. He is really going to fun at Hogwarts.

He buries his nose and start reading the book Dumbledore gifted him: ‘Goblin war, Wizards Mistake’ by Previan Horn bob.

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