Harry Potter and the Messenger eyes

Chapter 4


Harry closes his book. He had the urge to loo. Snape is staying today. Whenever Snape would stay, harry would try his best to remain out of Snape's range. Snape hates him and the feeling is mutual.

As he walk passed his mother’s room, high voices assailed him. His mother voice is higher than usual. Curiosity piqued, he moved closer to the door. He should not spy. He was going to get a winger. But, he cannot resist. He Walk stealthily towards the door and place his hand over it and closed his eyes. Dumbledore taught a trick him two month back. By using the innate flow of his magic, he can enhance any of his one senses; sight, smell, touch or hearing. Placing his hand over the door, he strains his hearing. It first guttered like an unturned radio. He almost jumped when he heard voices speaking next to him.

“Bella how is the project going on?” a strange voice asks.

“Badly” his mother answered.

“Bella you have to work harder to unravel his plans. He was planning something big.”

“How can you be so sure? Albus.” A fourth voice speaks, which Harry could not recognize. The voice was somewhat guttural, raspy.

“My sources tell me about a meeting that occurred between Voldemort, Uglug the Red, Count Salvia, Grimshaw, Doland Abbot and Murlo Pulaski.”

“This is disturbing."

“Yes very disturbing.” Harry thought. Uglug the Red is a renegade goblin who tried to take over Gringott by force. (He just read it in from the book, ‘Goblin war, Wizards Mistake’). Count Salvia is a leader vampire coven. Grimshaw, Doland Abbot did not ring any bell.

“Murlo!” Snape intoned softly.

“You know him.” Bella asked.

“A very vicious person, Was my potion master.” Snape replied remembering something unpleasant.

“Tomino I want you to keep a close eye on Count Salvia and Grimshaw."

“Okay.” Harry hears a small pop.

“Now, let turn toward more pressing works.” There is a silence.

“Bella, when are you going to inform him of his heritage?” Dumbledore gently asked.

“What heritage.”

“The potter brat is coming to power, far more quickly than anticipated. The Dark Lord is getting stronger.”

“Snape, mind your slug slinger.” Bella lashed.

“Bella, Voldemort have 13 years to place his plan in motion. Think of the danger he is going to face."

“But… he is just a ten year old kid.” Bella protested.

“Merlin socks Bella! You are softening. Your Love for that brat is clouding .”

What happened next, harry is not sure, Snape suddenly stops like a busted radio.

“Bella think rationally.” Dumbledore speaks with his pleasant voice. “You can’t thrust him blindly to face trails. He should choose his own path.”

“And believe me he is just like his father, attention seeking, arro .” again Snape voice stops.

“Even Lily couldn’t have raised him any better.”

“He will hate me by what he may hear.” Bella speaks in fear. , hating to show weakness.

“Harry is intelligent with quick mind. He has started to see strangeness of his powers. Soon he will deduct his relation between his scar and Voldemort.”

Harry could not hear anymore. His head pounding with anger or overuse of magic, he didn’t care. They are hiding something important from him. What is the reference of Lily being his mother? In his anger, he entered his room. He started to roam angrily trying to think. He needed to storm on anyone or thing. He couldn’t understand why he is feeling angry. Was it because he felt somewhat betrayed or was it because he is bereft for his due fame? The more he though only one solution seemed palpable. The strange powers, Dumbledore personal interest in him, tight vigilance around him, his seclusion from magical world and reference of Lily being his mother all pieces fall perfectly fit together.

He is not Harry Bellatrix Black but Harry James Potter. Only thing that did not fit is his mother Bellatrix Lenstrange. According to the book, ‘Rise and Fall of Dark Arts’ Bellatrix acted as second in command. Why then the supporter of The Dark Lord is helping the Light Champion. He often ruminated about this before, but now the reason must become clear. Was all his life he is living up to now is an illusion? For rest of the day he kept on pacing in his room, cursing in muggle way. Even house elf gave him a wide berth. The night sets in.

There is a knock.“Who is it?” Harry barked.

“Master Harry, Madame wants to see you.” Bethy answered.

“Is Snape still here?”

“No! But Professor Dumbledore is staying.”

“Huh! What I need, more lectures. I will be there in a minute.”

Harry took a deep breath, shuffled his anger down.

His mom was waiting for him in the hall. She is alone. ‘Good, no Dumbledore’. She looks flustered.

“Sit down Harry.” She is speaking more stiffly than normally.
Harry obeys.

“I want to tell you something.” Bella started to speak without ceremony.

“I know.”

“Know what?”

“I am Harry James Potter.”

There is a silence.

“Since when?”

“Since morning.” Harry replied.

Bella closes her eyes. The whole room starts to vibrate responding to her emotional turmoil. “Do you know the whole story?”

“No!” Harry spoke sincerely, he want to know the truth.

Bella sit down and keep intently staring into fire, which is burning merrily. Her face is taut as if remembering something unpleasant. “It was Halloween night some 10 years ago when it all started. I joined the Death eaters. I joined because I loved my husband Rod. The great fool I was.” Bella spat viciously.

“I was wrong. He didn’t love me. He used me to rise higher in the circle. And to please him I did many horrible things.” His mother stopped. She starts to issue a strange black aura.“I would have left him, worse maimed him if it were not for my son. I thought my husband too loved him. Some day he may return to us and whisper sweet words in my ear. We may run away somewhere Dark Lord couldn’t reach. But, at Halloween day, he did something that I can never forget.”

The fire suddenly shoots up, shading her impassive face red.
“He killed my son. My Ten-month-old son, for some ritual, Dark Lord wanted child, a live one. I didn’t know then. Why The Dark Lord is happy? My husband so happy that it can’t be compare with time when I married him or our son was born. I asked him about our child. He just laughed, happy because he could be any use to Dark Lord and his action has lifted his position. I am his most trusted was all he talked. From that time onwards, I lost the faith in my Husband and in one who called himself Dark Lord who just care for more power.” Bella’s voice cracked a little.

“On the Halloween day, I was feeling reckless. I was planning to betray The Dark Lord. I glimpsed you just once, but...” Bella left the sentence incomplete.

“I saw her, Lilly’s' ghost, which swirled around you. Like a strange cadence urging me to protect you. You were so tiny, cute just like my Crapinus. I could not harm you, I could not harm The Dark Lord, but I will defy The Dark Lord by raising you. I changed my name Bellatrix Lenstrange (who is The Dark Lord’s puppet, cruel vicious fighter) to Bellatrix Black (who is warrior of light) to protect my son.”

“This Scar,” Harry, asked which showed only when he was agitated or used his magic.

“The curse touched you.”

There is an uncomfortable silence.

“You hate me now, don’t you?” Bella asked.

Tears sprung in his eyes. Harry shook his head. She tentatively took a step forward and hugged harry. Harry could feel warmth flowing back into his body. After some time Bella straightened and walked away. Harry made a motion to stop her. But, a hand prevented her from moving.

Harry turns his head to see Dumbledore standing behind him.
“Sherbet lemon,” Dumbledore offered. Harry shook his head.
“That was very noble of you.”

Harry did not say anything. He never knew the risk he was putting his mother when he roamed on unsupervised.

“I never knew.” Harry says as he stared at the gloomy fireplace.

“Love sometimes makes strangest choices.” Dumbledore speaks wisely.

Tears trickle on his face. His both mothers have suffered so much for his sake.

“Do you want to meet Lily? Dumbledore asked suddenly.

Harry turned, staring widely in to the eyes of his mentor.
“You are kidding! Right.”

Dumbledore just smiled. “Harry, what do you know about the different realms?”

He had heard that word somewhere, but do not know where.
Seeing the confused face, Dumbledore answered, “realms are planes that coexist, Alternate dimension that bind the mortal plane.” Seeing more confused face he smiles.

“Please sit down.” Dumbledore spread his hand. Suddenly, a fireball appears on his palms. Harry gasp in surprise. “The core is mortal realm. The halos surrounding are realm moving fluidly always inconstant, always in conflict.” The ball disappears. “Many creatures has the power to easily transverse this realms“Up till now we know about 4 realms that exit.”

“Four.” Harry repeated.

“The realm of shadow: used by house elves. The realm of beast: used by phoenix. The realm of dead: used by ghost. The realm of darkness: used by dementors.”

There is silence. “A shadowy realm not many Know exit. Spirits, violent, helpful or possessive, reside there. Some worship them as god. When a powerful witch or wizard dies, he/she can become a spirit.” There is pause.Dumbledore ask again, “Do you want meet your mother? But mind you she will be very possessive spirit.”

Harry just kept gazing into the blue eyes as answer formed into his mind.

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