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Forest of Whispers (NozoEli)

I crept along the forest floor, with the trees cowering over me, frightened to death. Whispering and mutters erupt from the muddy forest floor every step I take. What am I going to do? I am lost in a completely foreign forest with unexpected whispers and screeches. The rumour said it had been corrupted with ghosts and there is a cave which can revive the dead as the living dead. Suddenly, I saw an amazing glass figure in the corner of my. I slowly approached it, imagining what I would encounter there.

"Hello, have you lost your way? This is the garden of lilies in the Forest of whispers," a seductive voice called sweetly to me. I quickly spam round to see a beautiful, mature looking, elegant girl with luminous blonde hair in the darkness of the forest. At first, I jumped a bit as her eloquence struck me and she just appeared out of nowhere.

"Um, yeah... By the way... It's really nice here... Like you..." I replied absentmindedly as I caught her gaze, her crystal azure eyes glimmering in the dark.

"I'm Eli, you?" She whispered innocently as her blonde hair-in a high pony- was drifting in the wind. She put her hand onto her belt and rested her arm in it.

"Uhh... N-Nozomi... Hi E-Elicchi... You're really-" I stammered as she interrupted me.

"Nozomi, are you sad that you can't leave? Well let me help end your misery!"

"Um... Not really..." I muttered really quietly so she didn't hear me. She laughed sadistically as her hand unsheathed something cold and silver and stabbed it in me.

Suddenly, I sat up as fast as the wind, my eyes flew open and I stared outside my window. There was the exact same forest outside. I shivered at the thought but turned it down. It can't be real. It isn't real. To cheer myself up, I decided to pop by the shop for my favourite type of flower. Ice white lilies.

I stared at the mirror as I tied my hair in bunches messily. I didn't really care how neat it was as today wasn't like an important ceremony to attend. I charged down the stairs, grabbed my wallet and some leftovers and ran out of the room.

I skipped cheerfully on the peacefully quiet pavement as I approached the floral shop wearing s contagious smile. Checking if there were any lilies, I perched on the windowsill so I wouldn't look stupid strolling in cheerfully and in the next ten seconds, plodding out miserably. To my amazement, it was apparently lily season and all there was were different colours of lilies. Bright and bold pink petalled oriental lilies, colourless but gorgeous white lilies, yellow native lilies which smiled at you to brighten up your day. I really liked the white ones as my mini idol group was known as Lily White.

Carrying ten stalks of lilies, I jumped out without watching my step. Consequently, I stumbled and slammed to the ground, lilies sprawled everywhere. I grimaced as I saw my arm, slightly cut, until a hand appeared in front of my eyes.

"Do you need any help? I'm only helping you cause I have to... My sister made me promise to help everyone I see who needs help... It's not like I want to help you!" The girl muttered as she looked at the cirrocumulus clouds. She had silky blonde hair tied up in a high pony... The girl reminded me of someone... Just someone... I thought really hard as I stuck my hand out.

Then I really struck me.

The girl who just offered to help me up, was the attractive girl who wanted to exterminate me. She started glaring at me with a cold stare as the wind whipped up and stabbed at my shirt like needles.

"If you don't want help them I'll just leave..." She said impatiently as she was tapping a tune with her foot. I noticed that I dropped my hand as I was admiring her and thinking about my dream. Hesitantly, I raised my hand as she, with great strength, pulled me up in the speed of light.

"T-thanks... You almost pulled my arm out of its socket..." I replied as my voice shook madly. I didn't know if either I was stuck by her real life beauty or that she might kill me but I kept repeating to myself that I can't be true so I decided to attempt to make friends. We looked around the same age anyways and I like her type. It's like my kouhai, Umi. Maybe I could eventually ask her out. This time, without hesitation, I bent down to collect my lilies and gave one to her.

"Um... Thanks? Well as I have nothing else to do, see ya!" She smiled like the sun as she span round. A zephyr picked up as I grabbed her wrist and cherry blossom petals blew softly onto my face.

"Please wait! C-Can w-we... be friends? If thats not too much to ask... I mean... Your really helpful and cute..." I stammered awkwardly. The awkwardest silence began as we just stood staring at each other. Eventually, she smiled and held my hand softly and I could feel myself blush madly. But as I made contact with her hand, I felt an ominous sense of danger and shivered.

"Im Eli, you?" She questioned sweetly. Oh my god... She is the killer in my dream! I quivered but forced myself to reply. Im the one who introduced being friends after all...

"I-I-I'm N-Nozomi... Um... Do you want to meet up somewhere tomorrow? I don't mind where..." I said nervously. Eli span around and began to amble off.

"Sure! I'll meet you at the entrance of the Forest Of Whispers! I'm sure thats very close to your house, isnt it?" She cried cheerfully, leaving me to stand in the cherry blossom rain alone as the sun started descending.

"Is she a stalker or something? How does she know my house is close there?"

I walked towards the forest, extremely regretting it. The wind howled furiously as the trees and branches swayyed rapidly.

"Hey Nozomi! Wanna explore?" A voice called behind me. Oh no, stalker... I jumped and was tempted to swing my arm to smack the person for self defence but suddenly remembered that the flirty voice belonged to Eli.

"Oh... Hi Elicchi... Um... Are you sure? Aren't there like ghosts or something in there? Well... If you want to then I will..." I muttered. To tell the truth, I really didn't want to enter at all. She smiled like the stars as she dragged me in, trees hanging over us, making the forest complete darkness.

I shuffled along the floor, clinging onto Eli fearfully. Suddenly we made our way in front of a small cave face. "Um... Why are we here?" I blurted as she quickly pulled me in and suddenly, a huge rock fell in front of the hole.

"W-What? E-Elicchi? What are y-you doing?!" I screamed, frighened to death, my teeth chattering like crazy.

"Nothing..." She replied nonchalantly, like nothing happened. "I'm here... TO KILL YOU!' She laughed manically and unsheathed the silver weapon from her belt. Oh god, i never noticed it... She laughed sadistically as she lunged towards me. "Haha! I am Eli, known as Eli the sadistic killer! Sweet dreams you little idiotic bish!" She pressed it against my throat and whipped out another knife and sliced my body up. She started slowly, watching me slowly bleed to death. She got really impatient and drastically increased her speed.

"You are such a... I never should of trusted you..." I uttered -blood dripping out everywhere- with my last breath as she started to lick up my blood hungrily.

I stopped moving. I stopped breathing. Eli was licking away and bit off my finger. Eli stands for elimination (I dunno... it just came up in spellcheck)

"Sweet! Daily murder accomplished by Eli the sadistic cannibal killer! She laughed gleefully

A/N: done! I added about 2 sentences to my story cos I just wanna make it more LoveLive than a story for homework... im sorry if eli is OOC and Nozomi is like Eli. In this eli is not afraid of the dark... its cos shes the villian in this! Sorry it took so long to write... even though ive written it up for homework... well... its finally finished! Next is a HonoUmi!

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