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Sheeps, Dancing and Fizzy Tea?(2nd y)

"Umi-chan! Can I go to archery club with you today! I hear that Kotori needs to go home and study because apparently her grades for English wasn't good enough!" I shouted cheerfully and chased after Umi who was on her way to the archery club. I know it was almost the archery competition so Umi had to practice extra hard. I've never seen Umi fire an arrow before and Kotori says she's really good. A small zephyr picked up and blew cherry blossoms everywhere, surrounding us in a Sakura rain.

"Um... If you want... Just don't distract me... And if you do, I'll make you do extra english there. Even if Kotoris grades aren't good enough for her, they will always be so much better than you. You should study too, because if you don't, you won't graduate and grow up," Umi lectured and I sighed but grabbed her arm. The sun was shining and there were a few visible grey clouds. The weather forecast said there was 60% chance of rain for the week and its Friday today. It's 60% so it probably won't rain. ^•^ my Hono predictions!

"Awwwww... Umi's such a spoilsport... Anyways... We've still got a year and a bit till we graduate so... I can study when I'm in my third year!" I giggled but Umi stayed cool and focused on her route to the archery club.

"No Honoka, you are going to start studying in this year. I will go to your house tomorrow to watch you study." Umi said sternly and I sulked. I don't want to study on the weekends... I guess that can't be helped...

"Awwww... But Umi, if I study tonight, can we call Kotori and go shopping or something? It's the weekends after all..." I shouted brightly and Umi nodded and I smiled.

"But I'm checking your work tomorrow when I see you." We finally got to the archery club and I ran inside to see what it's like in there. There were 10 targets and a lot of people practicing. There wasn't a ceiling, like a Japanese style garden and there was a shade in front of the shooting area.

"Wow... Now can I see you shoot?" I exclaim and she shakes her head. I tilt y head in confusion.

"You can later, but I need to get changed 's the rules and Japanese archery law." Umi explained as she started stripping in front of me. Um... I think it was quite weird but I couldn't help but stare at her. Wow... No wonder she said she didn't have to run up and down the stairs... Her body shape is already perfect...

"-Noka! Honoka! Can you please! Stop staring!" The bluenette shouted at me and I quickly regain my senses. "I-it's embarrassing!"

"Oh... Right... Sorry..." I quickly mutter and turn around. I still decided to steal a peek at her though.

She eventually finished and we walked over to the shooting area. She picked up her bow, placed an arrow and pulled it back. She let go gracefully like a swan and it hit the centre circle. I clapped furiously and she prepared another arrow.

"Wow... Umi-chan! You're so good!" I screamed but she waved it off. I'm slightly disappointed so I decided to stay quiet for a bit. Even after she shot 10 arrows in the same area, she still thought that she wasn't good compared to everyone else. "Umi! Don't compare yourself to other people! It's not good for you! Compare yourself to yourself!"

"Honoka... I've never heard such wise words from you..." She murmured, the corners of her lips curling into a smile. "Well... I have now... I'll listen to them, thanks... You just built up my confidence!"

After that, she shot every shot on Bulls eye, even an arrow splitting another in half because she got it on the exact same spot. People started walking towards Umi and congratulating her.

"Wow... You're doing better than usual! What got you all fired up?" One of her archery friends asked curiously.

"This girl back there gave me wise words of advice," Umi replied calmly, pointed at me and shot another in the same spot. "All thanks to the girl who started idols in this school. She's also upping the archery."

"Aw... It's nothing..." I giggled and Umi backed away from them target. She said that she's leaving now and I gotta go.

We walked back through the spring blossoms and to our classroom to collect our bags. Umi took literally every book she had for school while I just took what we need to take, like homework...

"Um... Umi-chan... Why do you always take that much books with you? Isn't it heavy!" I exclaimed as she kept pushing the books in her bag, "Do you want any help?"

"Nope... A soldier has gotta be strong you know... And not rely on others!" She said proudly and I nodded slowly, while gaping at her. She wants to be a soldier?! I'd of thought she wanted to be a writer or something!

"Umi-chan... Do you want to be a soldier?" She shook her head and I sighed in relief.

"...What? I want to become a writer or something... You know..." I knew she wanted to write! She always does the lyrics too! I'm sure she'll be amazing! "So what are you thinking about?"

"Nothing... Well... Let's go!" We walked in silence because no one could start up a conversation. She kept her eyes pinned to the starry sky. There wasn't a moon today so the only lights were house, street lights and the stars.

"Um... Umi-chan... I don't know what we can talk about..." I laughed sheepishly and she nodded. We both stared at the sky until we arrived at my house. "Thanks for accompanying me here... I hope I haven't been a bother in archery..."

"No, its fine... And you helped me gain confidence too, I owe you Honoka..." She said as I waved her off.

"Then... Can you do my homework?" I screamed after her and she replied with a firm 'No!' I walked into my house and slipped off my shoes. "Mom, Yukiho! im home!"

We ate dinner quietly and soon after, I walked into my room. I think I was silent the whole time. This isn't like me... What am I thinking about? I decided to get on with my homework quickly.

Man... I gotta do this so I can be with Umi and Kotori tomorrow! But even if I don't and have Umi shouting behind my back is fine too... Umi... Will be really close to me... Wait... WHAT AM I THINKING?

I quickly break out of my stance and return my eyes to the paper. I really wonder how I thought of I spent hours doing my homework, I slump onto my bed, my head aching from all the maths questions I just did and fell asleep like a baby...

"HONOKA! Your friends are here! Kotori-chan, Umi-chan, would you like something to eat while Honoka gets ready?" I heard my mom ask. I bet she's going to get Umi some manjuu. I quickly get dressed into my School Idol Festival jumper and some shorts and get outta my room.

"Onee-chan, man, you even sleep in when your friends come to take you out... Sheesh..." Yukiho complained and I slapped her.

"It's not like that you've never slept in when Eli-chan brought Arisa-chan over!" I shouted and I walked downstairs. "Sorry guys... I stayed up all night doing my homework..." I yawned and Umi sighed.

"Honoka, get some sleep. Did you finish all of your maths?" She questioned and I nodded eagerly. "Okay... I won't have to check... Lets go!" Those two jumped out of their seat and I grabbed a few mochi cakes for breakfast and stuffed it into my gob. We went outside and discussed where to go.

"I wanna go to the zoo! Or an Alpaca-san farm!" Kotori giggled.

"Well, I kind of... Want to go to a lake..." Umi sighed.

"And I want to get lunch and go to an arcade! Or shopping with you guys!" I jumped up and down and they quickly pulled me down and kept me down.

"Okay, lets go to all of them!" Kotori shouted and we all nodded. The zoo had loads of exotic animals, arctic too. Kotori and I tried imitatting the penguins and dragged Umi in too. We saw some alpacas and Kotori started her alpaca love. "Aw... Alpaca-san! You're so furry and cute! Umi-chan, Honoka-chan! Do you think its cute?"

"Um... Sure..." Umi replied nonchalantly and the alpaca growled at her. She freaked out for a second while Kotori calmed it down. "O-Okay... It is cute..."

"I like it! Because Kotori-chan likes it!" I shouted and we moved on, till the end of the zoo. "Lets go to a lake not far from here..."

We got to the clear blue lake. It wasn't polluted at all and you could see the bottom even though it was five meters deep! Thats how clear it was! The lake was reflecting the suns brightness so it really hurt my eyes staring at it.

"Wow... So clear! Lets get a boat guys!" Kotori pointed at the boat renting place and we all ran towards there.

"Hm... These look really good for river, lake boats..." Umi murmured, looking at how they were made. I never knew Umi was interested in this kind of stuff. "I really like that sea colored blue one..."

"Well, Lets get it then! You suggested coming here and we're glad!" I giggled and rented the one Umi liked.

"Um... Thanks Honoka..." We got in the boat and pushed off into the water. We decided to take turns pedalling. Umi starts, then I have a bit, then Kotori. While Umi pedalled really quickly, I gazed at the beautiful, elegant swans swimming in the water, along with the messy ducks, along with some pigeons which decided to have a dip. I looked down and saw masses and masses of rock and I stretched my hand into the lake and flicked water at Umi. "W-What was that for!"

"Nothing... I was bored!" I smirked and Kotori cupped a handful of water and chucked it at me.

"Well, i'm bored too! Umi-chan! Join in!" She laughed and threw the clear liquid at Umi. "C'mon, its fun!"

"I gotta drive guys! I can't play!" Umi shouted and continued driving. Kotori and I nodded and both grabbed some water and synchronised, poured it onto Umi. "You guys... Im soaking wet now..."

Umi suddenly stood up, filled the bucket on the side for emergencies, and splashed us with water and she kept doing it until we were saturated. "Sorry Umi-chan! It was my idea!" Kotori screamed and Umi started only targetting Kotori.

"Umi-chan! I agreed do do it!" I shouted in defence for my friend and I got some more water and threw it at Umi. As another boat passed by, I quickly snatched the bucket, filled it up and splashed Umi back.

We were making so much noise that the people passing by, stopped to stare at us, the lifeguards came towards us and took the buckets away and hauled our boat back on land.

"Now, now... You children... You dont have water fights on boats, what happens if you flood the boat and you all drown? I know you're probably children of fourteen or fifteen so I understand. But safety is important too! I'll let you go now... Go play somewhere else..." The lifeguard lectured and we ran away, out of the park

"Oh god... He thinks we're fourteen or fifteen... Do we look that young?" I complained. I didn't like it when people thought I was the same age as my sister.

"Well, you do... I don't think Kotori and I look fourteen," Umi muttered like she didn't care at all. " I think you look like a little girl when you're with us.

"Hehe... I'm sorry Honoka-chan... But that's the truth... Come on guys! Lets get some lunch now!" Kotori smiled cheerfully and we all agreed. I was as hungry as a pig from all that water splashing. I really needed something to replenish my hunger.

We decided to go to some kind of bakery type place to get some bread and cheesecake. That was literally our lunch. Umi was complaining the whole time we were there saying that we need some protein, vitamins, and others so she refused to eat. We had to take her to a cheap restaurant for her to be satisfied.

"C'mon Umi... Theres nothing wrong with having a jam sandwich..." I pouted and Umi continued to eat politely.

"Yeah... And cheesecakes really filling too!" Kotori sided with me but Umi completely ignored us. Wow... I never knew that she had such a balanced diet...

"Hey, Kotori-chan, would you like some manjuu that I brought with me today? I'm sure Umi wouldn't want any because she'll say its unhealthy!" I giggled and took out some manjuu from my bag and Umi's eyes widened at the sight of them.

"Ooh! I love manjuu! And I know Umi doesn't want any. She's too keen on eating her food!" Kotori laughed and I gave her one and stuffed one in my mouth. I think Umi was about to go on rage. And my Hono predictions were right...

"You... You know I love Honoka's manjuu... Yet you offer me any..." Umi murmured darkly and I quickly gave her the whole bag after taking out two more. I was frightened that she was going to kill us.

"H-Honoka-chan... Umi-chan... You're our friend and we were just joking... P-Please don't kill us..." Kotori shivered, clinging onto me as Umi took out a manjuu. Oh no... I just gave her eight manjuus... Whats she going to do!

"Kotori-chan! Its safe! Shes not going to kill us! Shes go- EEK!" I screamed as Umi threw a supersonic manjuu at my face. "N-No its n-not!"

Then, still soaking wet, we played a game of dodge the supersonic manjuu which lasted for five seconds. She kept four for herself and almost killed us with another four. I swear if we do this everywhere, we will be kicked out everywhere.

"Umi-chan! I think you should stop going mental everywhere and kill us... We'll be known as the fourteen year old troublemaker trio!" Kotori screamed and we all decided to leave the restaurant as fast as we could. "Honker-chan, lets go to the arcade! Its yours now!"

"I-I'm not Honkeeeeeer! I'm Honokaaaaaaaaa! Sheesh... I thought you knew me for years Tori-chan..." I shouted at the top of my lungs and everyone stopped to look at me. Well thats a way for accidentally getting attention...

"Mii-chan, your fine with that right?" Kotori smiled and Umi looked down, blushed and nodded. "Good! Lets go to that arcade, Honker and Mii-chan!"

"Toriiiiii-chaaan! I'm not Honker! And second... You're stealing Mii-chan from meeeeee!" I suddenly realised I spoke my mind and it sounded like I really like Umi. "Uh... Not in that way... Hehe"

"Honocar-chan? Y-You like Mii-chan?" Kotori whispered and I my face turned really red. "Well... Um... I do too..." (UMI HAREMMMMM!)

"Um... Guys, are you talking about me?" Umi questioned and we both shook our heads furiously and she looked at us with a questioning look. We quickly started to walk away, dragging Umi behind.

We were trying so hard to hide it that we accidentally walked in the opposite direction to the arcade and Umi tried pulling us back but two is always stronger than one. Or is it? If two were against Umi, I think Umi would win... Just watching her carry a whole school bag which probably weighed two kilograms... I always shudder at the thought of me carrying that much.

"Guys, your going in the wrong direction! Sheesh... I thought you knew the way to the arcade Honoka!" Umi shouted and we quickly span around, synchronised and walked back towards the arcade. "You two are crazy..."

"It's not like that your not crazy! You're the one thats making us crazy!" Kotori and I exclaimed and Umi was shocked on the road. She suddenly burst out laughing and stared at us. "Huh?"

"Hehe... Us... In a relationship, that's just kids talk... Haha... Wait... In a RELATIONSHIP?" Umi screamed and we slowly nodded. I thought Umi would of thought that her, chucking supersonic manjuus made us crazy.

"It's not like that your not crazy! You're the one thats making us crazy!" Kotori and I exclaimed and Umi was shocked on the road. She suddenly burst out laughing and stared at us. "Huh?

"Um... Mii-chan, did you say all of us three?" Kotori whispered meanwhile I looked around to see everyone on the street staring at us. We probably looked like idiot troublesome girls who were confessing to each other.

"Does that mean... We can be a threesome? Is that possible? Well, if Tori-chan is fine with it, I am!" I giggled while we finally arrived at the arcade. "Think about it guys! I'm going to go play a dance game! Ill catch up with you later! You could probably come find me,"

I went off to the dance board game where we have to jump on the arrows on the right timing. I came here a lot after Nico took us here for a competition to see who should be the leader. We decided to not have one therefore It turned out useless... But it was still fun! I can get into the top rankings in these dance games so i always get a massive crowd. I am an idol too.

(Kotori POV for a bit while Honoka plays on the dance games)

"Nee... Umi-chan, what do you want to play? I'm going to play these crane games and get some fluffy toys!" I stretched my arms and yawned cutely before running up to a crane machine, stuffed some money in it and started playing.

I quickly stole a look a Umi to see her walking towards the love compatibility tester. I just hooked onto the Neck of the alpaca. As it came through, I really wanted to tease Umi about it so grabbed it and ran towards Umi.

"Umi-chan! Are you going to do the love compatibility tester thing? Hehe... I never knew Umi-chan did these kind of things..."

"Wha- N-No! I j-just want to see how I get along w-with... Um... Alpacas!" Umi blushed madly and quickly walked into the mini room type cubicle thing.

"Awwww does Umi-chan like alpaca-San too! Hehe, I'll get three of these alpaca toys! We can all have matching ones!" I giggled and sprinted back to the crane game. After I got two more, I went back to the spot where we separated from Honoka and Umi was standing there too.

"Here! I got a brown one for you! I remember that you get along well with the brown at school!" I grinned and Umi didn't look very happy but she attempted to.

"Um... Uh... Thanks Kotori-chan... Well... Should we check out what Honoka's doing?" Umi knew my answer and started dragging me towards the dance mat game area.

There on one of the machines, there's a ginger haired girl who just got a perfect score on a song and she's got a million fans crowding around her.

"Sheesh... She's famous..." Umi muttered and I agreed.

"Yeah, I guess so..." The girl started bounding towards us eagerly like a dog who had just found her owner.

"Tori-chan! Mii-chan! I just got perfect score on Senkou resolution! I've finally done ALL the songs in the machine!" Honoka grinned widely and we both smiled. A mob of people were behind her, holding a piece of paper and a pen, wanting an autograph.

"Hehe.. Congrats Honker-chan! Here! A toy alpaca!" I passed her one of my alpacas and she accepted it grinning like a smiling monster.

"Yes... I'm not as good as dancing as you Honoka..." Umi said but Honoka pouted and told her she was amazing.

"Mii-chan! All of us are really good! No one's worse than anyone! Everyone's the same!"

We decided to quickly leave the arcade before we got crowded and talked once we were outside.

"Well... Eli-senpai's really good... Nevermind..." Umi murmured and I smiled her. I don't know why I fell in love with her. Maybe because she's so elegant? Her archery? Her singing and dancing? It could well be all of them... Umi-chan...

"Kotori! You almost walked into a lamp post! Dreaming is for night, walking is what your supposed to do right now!" Umi shouted at me and I look in front of me to see a huge street light. Or maybe her trying to be caring but it sounds scary made me love her?

"Ah... Oh, sorry, I didn't notice I started to day dream..." I laughed sheepishly and we arrived at Honoka's.

"Hey guys... Why don't we have a sleepover! Oh and Mii-chan, Tori-chan, what do you think about all of us dating?" Honoka spread her arms out and hugged her house -which was a Japanese sweets shop- for no reason.

"I'm perfectly fine with the dating... We are all best friends anyways... It's alright to have a sleepover once in a while too," I winked at Honoka and she averted her gaze to Umi, giving her the gesture of 'what about you?'.

"Uh... Well, if both of you want to... Ill do it!" Umi said proudly and we all embraced each other tightly. "Aah... Your going to crush me! Aaaah... I-I c-can't b-breathe..."

We all immediately let go and told Honoka that Umi and I were going to get our clothes and be right back. Honoka decided to sleep and eat for a bit while we get stuff.

Huehuehue... Sleepover with Honker-chan and Mii-chan, I've missed their warmth for ages... I wonder what we are going to do tonight... Oh god, I think my moms going to make me bring some english work if we're having a sleepover...

(Le magical teleportation to Kotori's house)

"Okaasan! I'm going to have a sleepover with Honoka-chan today! Do you approve? Do you? And I can bring some work too if I have to! Umi-chan will be there too!"

"Sure Kotori, have fun!" I heard the voice call back. By the time she finished her sentence, I was already out of the house and sprinting back to Honoka-chan's house.

(Magical teleportation again)

"Kotori. You're here!" Umi waved at me and I felt my jaw drop. I swear I spent 5 minutes coming from Honoka's house to my house and back… And Umi-chan's already here! Her house is further away from mine too!

"So Umi-chan knows teleportation now huehue! Well I hope Honoka-chan hasn't forgotten about us!" I smiled while banging loudly on the door excitedly. Umi obviously scolded me from that.

"Kotori-chan! Fumi-chwaaan!" Honoka answered the door and gave us a huge bear hug. "I missed you two y'know…"

"Eheh… We were away for 5 minutes Honk Honk-chan…"

"Ehh? It felt like hours to me!"

"That's because you fell asleep you moron," Umi muttered while hitting Honoka's head with a roll of newspaper. "Pardon the intrusion"

I quickly and cheerfully say that too while Honoka charges into the kitchen and grabs a tray of Manjuu.

"Fuuuumi-chwaaan! Would you like some?" Honoka giggled and handed me the tray then turned back towards the kitchen. " I'll get the tea right now! You two just get into my room and relax!"

It seemed that Umi knew the place extremely well. Well I knew it very well too but Umi was… Reading the newspaper while walking to Honoka's room. They must go to each others house a lot…

"Uhm… Umi-chan… Whats the news today?"

"Nico died."


"Yes I know, her family got caught in the collapsed building. Everyone knew her house was unstable but she wouldn't move house…"

"B-But how do you know she was in her flat at the time?"

"It was at 1am in the morning Kotori…"

I leaned over amd rested my head on Umi's shoulders trying to see if it actually happened and it did but suddenly.

Text Message from No.1 Aidoru of the universe Nico-Nii: Hey guys! Whatcha doing?

"Umi-chan… Nico's alive…"

"Oh right I forgot to tell you this is a Mirai Newspaper. It automatically updates everyday and it shows me what will happen the next day."

When was there ever something like this…? I was lost in thought while Honoka barges into the room.

"Hey, have you checked the news? Well Umi-chan's newspaper."

Honoka quickly scanned her eyes over the picture of the collapsed building and the title and gasps. "That's Nico's home!"

I decided to quickly text her and tell her to move house RIGHT NOW or go to a hotel for the night.

Kotori: Nico-chan! This is very serious

Take your family to a hotel tonight. Anywhere away from your home right now. Or move house… But whatever happens, don't sleep in your apartment tonight!

"Well… Let's cheer up the mood right now! Umi-chan… Heres your tea!" Honoka winked as she poured a cup of tea and handed it to Umi.

"Thanks Hono- PPFFT WHAAAAT!?" Umi took a sip and spat it all out -back into her cup luckily-. "HONOKA. WHAT IS THIS."

"Honoka-chan! Congratulations on experiencing the wrath of Umi-chan again!" I bursted out laughing while I sipped Umi's tea. Yup. It's sparkling tea. Also known as carbonated tea.

Umi started picking up the manjuu and chucking it at Honoka again, just like what we were like at the restaurant. Hehe… I'm not in this…

(Le magical time skip, I'm too lazy)

"Well honestly guys, today was fun wasn't it!"

"Yeah, especially because I got to throw manjuu at you two. That was the best"

"Well I think watching Honoka experiencing the wrath of Umi-chan was funnier than… Both of us?" I giggled awkwardly and slid into Honoka-chan's bed. Yes, the three of us were going to sleep together.

"Well… I guess the entire day was fun!" Honoka jumped into her bed while I quickly checked my phone. There was an old text message from Nico.

No.1 Aidoru of the universe Nico-Nii: Well I'm guessing something will happen… Ok I'll trust you.

I'm out of my house getting a room at a hotel!

Maki: Y'know you could just come to my house ._.

No.1 Aidoru of the universe Nico-Nii: It's fine Maki-chan!

Maki: Ok then fine. Reject my offer

No.1 Aidoru of the universe Nico-Nii: I've already bought it, anyways. I don't wanna trouble your family

Maki: Ok whatever. Bye

"Haha… So I guess she won't die?" I murmured while closing my eyes and drifting off, Umi-chan just climbing into the bed.

A/N: Finally donee! Next up (i've already started it) Is KotoEli! I'll be accepting requests now. No repeats of previous pairings i've already done right now

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