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Phantom police KotoEli

"Kotori! Theres a criminal in the Royal library! People hve reported that shes been hacking and we need to stop her!" My secretary shouts at me and I nod slowly, understanding. I am head police, taken the job from the retired Umi who was literally the same age as me and I really liked her. In both ways.

"Okay... Ill go to the crime scene alone... You call up some reinforcements to follow me after 5 minutes, Ill be fine..." I say as I sprint out of the office and casually walk towards the library. To be honest, im a terrible police, let alone the head of the London Police Force. I dont care about anything to do with my work as I was nominated, but i was the one who dreamed to solve mysteries... I guess I really need to start working or I'll soon be fired, so I picked up my pace slightly.

The Spring, near summer, moon was shining and the Big Ben and the London Eye was all lit up as beautiful and eye-catching as fireworks. No wonder they were famous landmarks. The river Thames was reflecting all the shining street lights which made it look like a enormous beautiful painting on the water surface. I usually don't have night duties so I don't see these things and instead, I just go home and sleep or go on Google, sometimes YouTube, and search up stuffed toy shops, or London Zoos website. I very occasionally go there with my friend, Honoka and look like idiots imitating the animals. Well, I guess I am an idiot...

Finally I've arrived at the Royal Library but it's very quiet. Well... It was 11 in the night so I guess noones here. I break in, using my free-to-go-everywhere police card, and hitch onto the elevator to floor 24 ,because thats where all the computers and files are, and I sprint in to see no one but this blonde haired figure who's sexually harassing a girl who's very familiar to me. She had long blue hair and Amber eyes which were wide open. The blonde suddenly spins her head towards me and I gasp. Even if she's sexually harassing Umi, my crush, this girl is actually really pretty...

Ah, I never knew someone could be this pretty... Ah... I wonder what's shes like... Wait... I know what she's like... She's a hacker, theif and a sexual harasser... I gotta stop her!

I quickly come back to my senses and I see that Umi actually wasn't there and it was just a computer. The girl sprang at me and pushed me down onto the floor. Her hair, which was tied up in a perfect high ponytail, was hanging over my face and I got to see her facial features properly. It was also perfect like her hair. Why is a police falling for a thief?

"Haha! Beware of Super Theif Elichika! Well, that's just my catchphrase, I could add Sexual harasser in there..." The girl laughs sadistically and starts touching me. Okay, maybe me imagining that the computer was Umi was the future for me. Actually I didnt mind her touching me. I'm really weird... "Hm? Why aren't you writhing? Hm..." She held my wrist and put it on her breast and I suddenly heard footsteps. Oh God... I think the police are coming...

"Um... I really can't be seen like this! I'm so sorry sexy thief!" I scream and try to push her off but she pinned me down firmly. It just looks like I'm touching her too. Suddenly when all the police bursts into the room, this Elichika girl kisses me to make it look like I've betrayed the police. She kept licking my teeth and I keep it shut tight. She tickled me next to my core and I gasp and accidentally open the gate and she stuck her tongue in. I was thinking maybe we should of stopped... Well I kind of have by falling for her...

"Our head police... IS A TRAITOR! ARREST BOTH OF THEM!" My secretary screams and the blonde haired girl picked me up and grabbed two stacks of 12 balloons in the corner of the room. She hooked one stack of it onto my belt and the other to hers and pushed me out of the window. And a second later she jumped too. We were floating in the starry sky and she clasped my hand. I wonder how her top hat didn't fall off.

"Why did you save me? I thought you would of left me and jumped out yourself..." I asked and she smiled.

"It's cause my co-thief Umi told me to keep you safe if your the one who was supposed to arrest me. Oh and I liked you." The second reason was obviously the real reason. I wonder what we are going to do at court.

"Well... As they think I'm a traitor ... We've gotta work together at court... Hm..." And suddenly an idea shot into my head. "I got an idea, I'll just say that you were actually my long lost wife and I saw you, but you wre actually on the Internet reading some fanfiction and you weren't actually hacking, it's just you were also helping out on the wikia and it looked like coding but people thought you were hacking..."

"Then what if they ask why I kissed you?" Elichika said as we landed and we climbed up a tree in a park.

"Uh... I'll just say that I really missed you as I really wanted to feel your lips again... Ugh, this sounds so wrong!" I threw my arms up in the air in frustration and she held my arm and inched closer to me and gave me a flirty wink.

"Well... Do you like me back? Be honest or I won't go with your plan and we will both rot in the prison to death."

"Uh... Um... Yeah... That's why I was beauty-shocked and stood there..." I admitted and she moved even closer to me. Well, want to go to court? We'll get our time later, let's just get this out of the way... By the way, what's your name?" She asked and I just remembered, we haven't given each other names yet.

"oh... Um, I'm Kotori... You?" I ask even though I know it's something like Eli, or Elichika.

"I'm super phantom thief Elichika! I thought I told you! Fine, I'm actually just Eli."

"My guess was right... Okay, wanna go now?" I ask and she unhesitantly pulls me off the tree, without the balloons. She falls on her feet but I fall on my butt and I rub it in agony. "Owwww! You could of helped me!" And Eli chuckled softly, her azure eyes glimmering in the moonlight.

"Whatever... Anyways, why did we suggest going to court ourselves? Aren't we supposed to get caught?" Eli said and I told her that if we get caught, then we will be more guilty than just going there ourselves. "Oh... Okay..."

"Eli-chan, a question. Is Umi-chan a thief? Because she used to work for the police..."

"Well, she retired from the police and joined the thieves for no reason... I don't know..." Eli replied calmly. She's got this cool feeling to her, like Umi and I quite like it.

We actually got to the court by 1 in the morning and wondered if there were any judges in there. Surprisingly, at this time, there was a full court. I knocked and walk in.

"Excuse me, I'm, I mean, we're here to claim our innocence. The police think she is a thief and I'm a traitor but we are not." I shouted in a loud voice and a familiar jury nodded. When was Honoka a jury?

"Well, what are your reasons? And we heard that she is a hacker and you started doing things with her, luckily you weren't... Nude... Or you would be guilty and no innocence. It is illegal to do things like that in the Library." Honoka said awkwardly and I looked at Eli and she nodded. I proceeded with the plan. Anyways, when did Honoka get so formal?

"I heard that there was a hacker in the Library at night so I went to investigate. It turned out that this girl, was my long lost wife and she kissed me because I hadn't seen her for ages because she had to go to study design. She also wasn't hacking and she was on the Internet reading fan fiction, while going on the Love Live Wikia to help edit things. When she was editing, it looked like hacking but she was just changing the Ayase Eri page." I explained and everyone looked down and had a thought.

"Nee, Tsubasa-chan... Do you trust her?" Honoka said who was smiling.

For some reason the court was silent while waiting for Tsubasa's response. All that could be heard was tapping away and at last, the familiar face perks up. "Oh right... Sorry... I just needed one minute to finish off my song..." Tsubasa's face turns red from embarrassment but she still smiles. "And Um... What was it Honoka?"

"Tsubasa! How many times did I tell you not to play SIF in court!" Honoka rants and I swear I will sit down and sleep. I'm really tired and I can't be bothered to do anything except claim our innocence.

"I'm sorry! It was just that I have a LP alarm which tells me when my LP is full... And I had to use it to get the Honoka card!" Tsubasa pouts as all the other judges stare at her. What kind of disorganized court is this?

"Ugh whatever Tsubasa... Well do you think these two are innocent?" Honoka repeats and Tsubasa nods intently. "Okay... What about Anju and Erena-chan?" She turns her head to where the other two where and face palms, "crap, they just had to right now..."

Honoka turned to the curtain behind her and saw orange hair and blue hair all mixed up. There were also mmph and aaahhs at the back and everyone diverted their attention back to Honoka.

"Sorry... They just had to right now... ANJU AND ERENA-CHAN! HOW MANY TIMES DID I TELL YOU TO NOT DO THAT AT COURT? Even though ya'll from the popular idol group A-RISE, doesn't mean you can break the laws at court!" Honoka screams. "Well... Let's carry on..." Even though she waits for two minutes...

"Sorry! We just had the urge to do it! We couldn't help it!" Anju and Erena runs out, fully clothed, and bows.

"Well... Well... LETS JUST START ALL THAT AGAIN! Tsubasa, do you think they're innocent?"

"Oh... What? Oh... Yeah! I really like Kotori too! I completely trust her! She's been my friend and my girlfriends friend so I'm sure she's telling the truth!" Tsubasa shouts brightly and Anju agreed.

"Well... Does everyone agree?" Erena announced and everyone in court nodded. "That means.. You are deemed innocent, you two... But I've got to see you two together or I will think you made this up."

We stared at each other, thinking that we would actually have to be a couple. And burst out laughing at the same time.

"Okay! And do we have to have a reunion wedding?" I laugh and she said yes seriously. I stop laughing and so does Eli. "Um... What do we have to do at the wedding?"

"What happens at normal weddings," She replied coldly. Sheesh... That's cold... I really have to kiss Eli again? Well... I'm fine with that...

"Um... When do we have it?" Eli asked and they said, in 3 days. "Okay, we will go to a hotel and prepare tonight."

Wow... So sincere... So proud... She is really an idol to me. More than those three... And her body could be one too...

"Kotori, let's go," she said and dragged me out of the court. "Well done for the speech. You saved us."

"Um... And well done for being so silent... And being so cool, and fierce... And so cold at the end..." I laugh sheepishly but I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad.

"Whatever... Cmon, the closest hotel here is a 4 star hotel... I'll go get a room there. It's 3 am... We can wake up for lunch." We walked past the Thames, the London eye, and the Big Ben again. I guess the road was silent because only people on night shifts were here... Or a thief and police who had just been to a court. I actually wonder how the court was open.

"Eli-chan, why are you being so nice to me? I was supposed to arrest you..." I smirk and she looked away.

"It's because your my next target!" She looks at me and gave me a flirty wink.

Oh, could she be a prostitute? I'm her next target... Hm, that could so be it.

"Say, Eli-chan, are you only a thief?"

"Yup, that's why my nickname is Phantom Thief Elichika!" She shouted and I quickly shut her up, we're on a public road and anyone could of heard that.

"Eli-chan! Don't forgot your a thief!" I scowled. I don't want both of us to be sent to prison! I made up a story for a reason.

"Huh? I didn't... Anyways here's a cheap hotel..." She said as we went in together. I don't think it was cheap! It had a huge chandelier with huge crystal balls hanging from it, the seats were all leather sofas and everything was expensive.

"ARE YOU SURE THIS IS CHEAP!" I screamed while she strolled towards an auto-room machine. Now this is first class machinery. I've never seen something which deals out rooms for guests!

"Hm? Yesh it is... Well for me at least... It also gives you 100 percent privacy!" She smiled as she got one room for both of us.

Could it be... A LOVE HOTEL? Sheesh, Eli doesn't even know! I won't tell her and hopefully she doesn't notice...

The room card popped out from the machine and we went straight up. It was a single double bed... My predictions were right... It's a love hotel.

"Eli-chan, was there only this kind of room? A single king-sized bed?" I shout as I see one huge bed. There's butter and oil on the side. This is definitely a love hotel. I keep telling myself that she's not going to do anything to me because she's too daft... I give up and ask her. "Eli-chan, do you know what kind of hotel this is?"

"Un! It's a four star hotel!" She giggles as she jumps onto the bed. "Ok let's have a bath and let's go to sleep."

Phew... She doesn't know... I'll keep asking her questions, I want to know more about her... Not in that way... "Have you ever been to these kinds of hotels before? And how do you plan... To have a bath?"

"My friend once brought me here... And it was fun, let's get in the bath together... That's how I did it before here," she replied proudly. There's nothing to be proud of coming to a love hotel... I sigh

"Did your friend do anything weird with you?" I ask as we strip.

"Nope, nothing at all..." Eli-chan murmured and splashed into the bath. It was the kinds which were dug into the ground like a mini swimming pool with... Water lilies in it? It also was shaped like a spring bath in the mountains... This is also amazing, how do they afford this much for a hotel? ... I forgot, it's a love hotel. There were also weird stuff by the side that even I didn't know what it was... But there was the oily soap again...

I got in the bath too and we just knelt on the baths floor and stared at each other. Oh... I forgot we only met today as police and thief... Now we're in a... Love hotel together in a bath... This is so wrong. We blushed when we suddenly realized that we were in a bath nude together.

"Eli... Why did you bring us here..." I ask and shiver even though the bath was boiling hot.

"I don't know, I'm tired... Let's get out in a minute..." She said and starts to wash herself properly. I decide to do the same.

"Um, what do we wear? I wasn't prepared to be in a hotel..." I ask when I was about to jump out of the bath naked.

"Just wear your undergarments, it's fine..."

I quickly get out while the thief girl looks away. I never knew a thief could be like this with police.

It was 4am when we both got into bed so we slept straight away.

"Kotori, whatcha thinking of?"

"Nothing really... What are you?" I look at her and I suddenly noticed... That her breast size was HUGE! I'm honestly jealous…

"well I'm thinking... Why are you masturbating?"Eli-chan points at me and I quickly look down to see my fingers in myself. Oh crap... I didn't even notice...

"WHAT? Um that was an accident! I didn't do that, you saw nothing!"

"Alright… Alright… Well do you want to do something?" She says seductively, giving me a suggestive look.

I felt her hands wrap round my leg… (Im not doing le lemon cause I want to keep this a rating T. If you want lemon, use your dirty imagination XD)


"Okay Okay, lets just sleep…"

"Kotori…" Eli blew softly into my ear, "Wakey wakey, rise and shine… It's 12"

Ah! I quickly jumped up to see Eli already in her beautiful costume, which really looked like a cosplay (OMG I have the cosplay XD), and I quickly look at myself. Aaaah! I need to get my clothes on!

"Hey Eli, did you remember what happened last night?"

"Hm? What happened? We had a bath together and then slept together?"

So it was a dream… Alright… So I guess I'm just the pervert of the century now… Yes yes, I imagine indecent things with the awesomest thief of the century. Okay okay my perverted mind, okay…

"So Kotori, do you want to go wedding dress shopping today?"

Ah yay! Rushing into the bathroom after giving Eli a brightly cheerful smile, I grab my messily neat uniform pulling it on, pocketing the accessories because they took too much time and effort.

"YES YES YES ELI YES! I'll be done in a second…" I fiddle with my ash brown hair and try to neaten it and burst out into the bedroom to see Eli…

With her top hanging on the coat pegs… Fixing her what?! B-bra…



M-My face is burning like I was struck by hellfire… B-but why? I s-slept with her last night and I didn't need a blood transfusion… I felt… a new desire growing in me… My heart is a drum. Beating and beating and speeding up every second. I stare at her, blushing but lusting for her. Is this… Love? Or is it just that I'm turning completely perverted? Either way, I cannot resist the temptation of…

"Kotori! Uh… I'm just- mmph!"

Yes. I kissed her. I did it. I felt a new feeling flowing through me and it felt. Amazing.

Before I knew it, the tip of her tongue began to lick at my bottom lip, asking for an entrance into the secret, private mouth of mine. Our tongues soon were battling for dominance and it… Got all the more passionate…

"There's," She gasps for air but refusing to pull away, "no way… I'll let you… Get on top!"

Haha, I'll show you the power of my new found lust to you 3 (Okay, nevermind about the T rating… Sheesh, people just want M's these days…)

I trailed my hand up and down her silky back… Then slowly and unknowingly unclipping her bra.


Pushing Eli, onto the bed, I quietly fondled with her breasts, occasionally twisting her her hard nipples. Every now and then, even the cool and strong Elichika lets out a sexy moan.

"Your nipples are so hard y'know… What have you been doing you indecent girl?" I breathed into her ear which made her stiffen up and slightly shiver. "Well I already know what you've been doing so you don't need to tell me. My cute and clever E Li Chi Ka."

"Who's more indecent… Me or you?" She moans while I slide my hand down her body and start… "Kotori, I told you… That I will not allow you to be on top! So clearly I'm more dirty than you, you innocent being."

Her lips bash into mine immediately after she finishs her sentence and the thing called 'french kissing' happens again. She starts unzipping my dress and shamefully ripped it off my body.

"Guess you don't want that getting dirty or what will your fellow police say?"

I don't have any pants, shorts or something like her so the only pieces of cloth that is covering me is obviously my undergarments. Oops, spoke too soon.

Eli roughly thrust her hand into my… (nope. Not yet... I'll write this one day XD)

"Kotori... I never imagined you would initialize it... But well done for doing so," Eli smiled at me, cuddling up to me gently.

"Ti amo Elichika... Marry me already..." I mumbled, slowly drifting off after the... special event.

"ya tozhe tyebya lyublyu Kotori. We will get married in 2 days... It's almost like an arranged marriage to be honest... We're forced into this..."

"No matter if we're forced or not, i'll always love you. Always! Zutto issho da yo!"

"Hehe... You're so cute Kotori..." She storkes my hair, quietly whispering in my ear.

Eli... So comforatable... "I love how your hand strokes my hair..." (Sorry NozoEli lovers .)

"Hm? Was that selfishness I hear? Well if you like it..."

Still half asleep, I groggily open my eyes and squint at the mini grandfather clock in the corner of the room, making out that it is 6 in the evening... We've literally done nothing today! I want to do something useful unlike... That.

"Eliiii..." I moan with a slutry, half asleep tone, "Eli..."

Then on, I decided to pull her soft pale cheeks, not holdiing back. I don't have the feeling to ^^ "Eli..."

"Mmh... Ten more minutes..."

Wow, when was she such a child? Heehee, it's super kawaii! "Eli, its already six."

"Naaanii...?" Eli rubs her eyes gently like a young fox opening her eyes for the first time and blinks, "Ehhh? ... Damn it."

"Well this was a great day."

"Useless much, Kotori. We could've at least dumped all our clothes in the washing machine if we weren't going out anywhere today."

Wash clothes... Dammit, thats a really good point! I can't wear these disgusting things everywhere... Well they're probably stinking of Eli and I after the session of... It.

"I-I'm sure the hotel will have some sort of pyjamas... We could wash it at night? I jump out of Eli's arms and frantically look around. But all the clothing I can find are spare underwear, why... "Ahah... Not really... Well why don't we go for a night shopping run? We can get clothes, food, entertainment... Anything that we need really!" I pull on my horrible, just urrgh clothes and hover by the door, waiting for Eli to read my mind.

"...? Why are you jumping around like a demented grasshopper by the door?'

Rude much... "You don't call your 'wife' a demented grasshopper..."

"Eli... Just get your dress on and lets go," I sigh and try to wait patiently. I really hope this is due to her sleepiness and not that shes actually this dense as hell.

"Nee Nee, Eli! Can we get this cheesecake?" Pulling her cape, the one I told her to not bring but she likes it so much she put it on anyways, I drag her around the bakery but it seems that her eyes are only glued on one thing.


Her eyes, are literally stars, sparkling brightly as she gazes deeply into the huge chocolate cake in the cheesecake area. "Me... Chocolate..."

"You sound like an idiot... Stop it Eli. What happened to my cold and awesome Elichika?" I pout while ordering for the cheesecake, with a ten centimeter thick coat of chocolate and more as a filling.

"She gets a little entranced when she sees chocolate, dayo ne? Eli's a regul- WOAH! Hey Kotori-chan!"

A familiar face cheerfully runs up to me and smiles gleefully, just like the old years. She had colorful hair matching her personality. Bright colors, bright personality.

"E-Eeh? Honoka-chan?!" I sloppily give her a friends reunion hug while Eli is gaping at the huge chocolate cake I bought for her and I, "So you work in a bakery now? You never told me!" Not surprising that she works in a food related place. She as a child ate break whenever she could and there was nothing you could do to stop her!

"I'll give you the cake for free! It's nice to see you and Eli being together again after so many years!"

"Many years?" Have I known her before?

A/N: OMFG. IM FINALLY DONE! I guess this one's going to have a sequel XD Ok. Sorry for not updating it . Please forgive me! I never get things done! I wrote it all out but I never actually typed it... GOMENASAI! The next fic will be KotoPana im guessing because it's what everyone is voting for on this poll of mine on Anime Amino. Look forward to a PANA Ship! ^^

Forgot to add ^^'

Ti amo= I love you (in Italian) (Sorry I dont know what language suits Kotori...)

ya tozhe tyebya lyublyu= I love you too (in Russian)

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