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Indestructible heart

A Knight's Wish

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"Wuah!" I yawned as I slid out of bed.

Quickly and mechanically, I grabbed my bow and arrows and prepared to go to 5 a.m. morning shooting practice. When I left the room, I noticed a note written on silk fabric:

Umi, please go to the Forest Anemone to collect some anemone cathayensis for the King at 6 a.m.! :3 from Princess Rin xox

"At 6am?! Okay... I'll get ready instead of archery practice..." I muttered as I took the piece of fabric with me, which had a golden arrow attached to it. I quickly dressed myself in a white linen under-shirt and black linen under-pants, a shirt of mail, an ultramarine blue surcoat, a black leather belt and hooded cloak of the same color as my surcoat. I combed my long blue hair and packed some water, snacks and money to bring with me. Thankfully, though not surprisingly, I was perfectly on time.

I decided to walk there even though it was quite a distance because I wanted to admire the view, craving inspiration for a new song I was writing.

"Hmm... If I'm going to write a new song for today... I'm going to call it... Anemone Heart! But I need someone to sing with..." I murmured as I tried to think of the first line.

"Lonely my love, Lonely my heart... I'm not a flower bud. Lonely my love, lonely my heart... I want to be picked," I quietly sang to myself as I strolled across the meadow.

When I finally reached the forest, I stopped and gazed at the anemone.

"Longing for kindness… being hurt by kindness… I'd never wanted to experience these feelings. I can't handle them," I sang as I prepared to pick the perfect anemone cathayensis.

"Your heart is so distant, I want to cry. But even so, I've decided I will wait."

"For you, my first love," a sweet voice added onto my lyrics as a silky hand gripped the same flower as me. She had ashbrown hair, styled in a way where part of her hair was in a small chignon bun, and amber eyes as bright as her smile. She was dressed in a massive silk gray dress—the raiment of a wealthy young lady, most likely a princess, though what one would be doing in the forest alone eluded me.

"Ah... You take the flower... I'll find another! This forest is the anemone forest anyways..." I blushed and let go as I hurriedly looked around for another flower. The hand grabbed my hand.

"Wait... It's fine! You can have it! I'm just here for a stroll... You seem like you're performing a task for someone important, so you have it!" the girl insisted. My hands were trembling, and I bet she could feel it.

"I-I can find another! Really! And besides... you yourself look important..." I stammered as I took the flower and put it in her hands.

"You important, too, like a knight!" She smiled as if coming to a positive conclusion. "Let's just help each other find some more..." she said as she finally accepted them.

"You can go... I can find my own..." I told her, but she insisted on helping me. We picked in silence for a time until she spoke. She startled me, but I fought from reacting physically.

"Hey... What's your name?" she asked curiously. I could feel myself blushing; well she was really pretty...

"Um... I'm Umi... You look like a princess, so I'm not worthy of knowing you," I said, hoping that would be the end of it, but she persisted.

"Well, I want to know you! I'm Kotori! Nice to meet you, Umi-chan!" she smiled cheerfully. Just seeing her smile made my lips curve into a smile in return.

"Umi-chan! You look so pretty when you smile!" Kotori said as she hugged As if we knew each other really well, and consequently, I was blushing hotly.

"K-Kotori-san... We only just met..." I stammered over the sound of the leaves on the ground, which were crunching beneath our feet. A gust of wind whipped at our sides.

"Wahh! It's cold!" Kotori wailed, and I quickly wrapped her in my cloak and hugged her tightly. It wasn't that weird; it was just some warming up... right? The code of chivalry demanded it!

As Kotori snuggled into my chest, a certain train of thought slipped past my mental defenses: 'If I could have one wish... It would be... I want to know Kotori more and stay by her side... Forever...'

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