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Anemone Heart

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"Umi-chan! You're so warm!" Kotori smiled as she embraced me back. I blushed harder than ever, which made me feel even hotter than her mere body temperature alone could have.

"Hmm... Umi-chan! Where you from? I'm from Kisere and I'm the Princess! Ah, by the way, it's really boring. All I do is sit in my room talking to my maid... Though she is really fun... Hmm? Umi-chan?" She quieted as she noticed the look of dread on my face.

"K-K-Kotori-chan... I-I really like you and everything but... W-We're enemies... We're not supposed to be together..." I stammered. My blush darkened as I realized what was implied by my wording.

"Nuh-uh; my top maid—not the one whose fun but the wise one—she said that today I would meet someone... the love of my life, and that nothing can separate us! And all her fortune readings come true!" Kotori said confidently.

"Th-the l-l-love of your l-life... It can't be me... Anyways... We're b-both girls..." I said, my voice shaking.

"So? I really like you, too," I paled at that last word, "and even if the war between our countries separates us, our hearts will never be separated." She glanced down and I barely heard her whispering, "It was this anemone which brought us together." She looked back up into my eyes and stated, "Besides, can't I love you even though we're the same gender?" She lifted a hand to hold the flower I had given her between us.

"Um... Well I guess so..." I murmured, as I couldn't truly reply.

"Hehe! I love you, Umi-chan! Can we be proper lovers?" Kotori giggled as she pounced onto me, giving me a bear hug. My heart was beating rapidly as my face turned as red as a tomato. I was hesitant to reply, but I did nonetheless.

"Um... Kotori... We only just met today and—" I started but Kotori silenced me with a soft finger to my lips.

"What's wrong with being lovers on the first day? I mean, it's love at first sight for both of us," she said, as if it were the most natural conclusion one could reach. I just didn't get how she didn't feel embarrassed by what she was saying.

"O-okay... M-My new l-l-lover..." I stammered, lips moving completely independent of my thoughts. "Oh... I guess we need to find some anemone now... I need to get back soon or the Queen is going to get worried..."

"Hm... Me too... Or Honoka-chan's going to have to send Eri-chan... Oh... I'm sorry! I forgot to tell you, Honoka-chan is my personal maid whom I chat with and Eri-chan is our best knight! Even if she looks and sounds strict at first, she's really nice and puts others above herself! I think you would be good friends," she explained. In return, I started talking about my princess, Rin, who was my friend, and Maki-chan, my colleague. I was an archer who fought alongside that fast-paced assassin.

'Say...its Eri-chan's birthday today so she should be taking the day off... I wonder if she's going to hang out with

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