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Garasu no Hanazono (NozoEri)

(If u don't like lemons DO NOT READ) I will rewrite this soon. I'm better at writing these if im honest

(Nozomi POV)

"Knock knock, Ericchi, you awake yet?" I call cutely, carrying a simple but stunning strapless dress for Ericchi's birthday. Hearing no response, I walk in quietly, hoping not to disturb her, and gazed painfully at her. She was so beautiful, arms sprawled across her bed, leaving her exposed. I decided to perch on the side of king-sized bed, as she is a knight of the highest rank, and smiled. Her facial features were perfect and the sleeping version was even cuter.

" Ericchi, I love you..." I mutter as I silently yawn. Maybe I should go back to my own bed and cone back later or perhaps... Slowly and carefully, I climb into Ericchi's bed and faced her so I could look at her in detail. I was still in my maids uniform- Ericchi thinks I'm cute in it- but I ignore the scratchiness and uncomfort. Suddenly, Eri's hands stretches out towards me, landing on my breasts.

"My, my Ericchi... Do you like the feel of them? Or would you rather be naked?" I teased the sleeping girl.

"Mhm... Nozomi..." Eri muttered in her sleep, so cute! ~! And she just called my name in her dream.

"Mou Nozomi... Nozomi? NOZOMI!? What are you doing here? And more importantly, what am I doing?" She exclaimed as she woke up, finding where she placed her hands in her sleep and apologised repeatedly.

"I'm really sorry Nozomi! I can't control my hands when Im asleep and-" she apologised until I cut her off with my finger.

"Ericchi, Ericchi, you don't need to be sorry, after all it's just me! Well... You could make up for it..." I smiled as my eyes turned lustful.

" I'll do anything to repay! Just one thing! She shouted as I secretly smiled with lust and desire.

"Show me your naked body, and maybe I'll do what you did to me by accident, but your nude."

"W-what? B-but-..." She started until I silenced her with a kiss.

"Ericchi, you said you would do anything..." I said cutely so that she couldn't resist. "And maybe I'll show parts of myself..."

"F-fine... Don't overdo it... By the way, do I strip myself or do you?" Ericchi stammered as she blushed madly.

"Well, you suggested it... So I'll do it for you!" I laughed gleefully and sadistically as I approached her slowly.

"Well, you suggested it... So I'll do it for you!" I laughed gleefully and sadistically as I approached her slowly and placed my hand on her strap of her night gown and pulled it down. Her body temperature was exceeding the normal amount but I'm guessing it's because I'm stripping her. Once I completely stripped her, I stepped back slowly to admire her beautiful body.

"N-Nozomi... Hurry up if you're going to do something..." Eri complained as I kept scanning her from her curves to her...(God... I've never written this word before in any fanfics! It's just too indecent and I'm not even the age yet! Just guess what it is(even though it's pretty obvious!) I'll use that word next time...)

"Hm...I can't really choose... I've always wanted to feel these..." I whispered as I trailed my hands down her body. "But this part looks good too..." I smirked as my hand reached another part of her body. Somewhere which is wrong. "Or both?

"N-Nozomi! Only one thing! I really don't really want you to make me feel weird..." Eri protested as I thought of a different idea.

"Then... What about... Sex? (OMG I HATE MYSELF FOR WRITING THIS INDECENT WORD! I USED A LINE IN MY FANFIC BOOK BUT I ACTUALLY WROTE THIS WORD NOW!) That counts as one thing, right? But you get to see me too!" I smiled as I saw her shocked expression.

"Ah... It's tempting but-" she started until I cut her off again, with a kiss on her lips.

"So that's a yes from Ericchi! And by the way, what I said were rhetorical questions..." I said seductively as I made my way towards her, stripping myself and without watching, I slipped on a piece of clothing I stripped off Ericchi, fell on top of Eri onto the bed.

"Ah... Gomenasai... It was an accident..." I whispered, scratching my head. We just laid there, me on top of Eri, bodies sticking together. I felt my hand was on something soft and squidgy...

"Well... There's one part fulfilled!" I laughed as I noticed my hand was on her soft, pale breast (hate writing this word too). I softly squeezed it until Eri yelped.

"N-Nozomi! This was on purpose wasn't it?!" She screamed as I just laughed.

Suddenly, the door burst open to our horror.

"Eri-chan! Happy bir... WHAT? What are you doing Eri-chan with Nozomi-chan?! Well... I always knew that you two were secretly dating and hiding it from everyone but I never knew you did this! I'm going to tell everyone!" Honoka shouted,very surprised, when she saw me on top of Ericchi, nude.

"H-Honoka-chan... I-It's not what you think it is!" Eri called after her but Honoka just ran away. "NOZOMI!"

"Hehe... My bad... Forgot to lock the door..." I laughed sheepishly and walked towards the door and firmly locked it. "Wanna carry on now that I've actually locked the door?" I questioned and Eri rolled her eyes.

"Nah...!" She moaned sarcastically. "I'm still really pissed about Honoka though... And you forgetting to lock the door!

(By the way, we were on top of each other the whole time, even when Honoka came in because I didn't have the strength to move) I moved my head slightly down towards her (Um... i'll just write it... God forgive me) breasts and nibbled on her (god forgive me again) nipple. I simulate the other with my hand as she moans and groans.

"Ngh... Nozomi... It feels so..."

"Good? Too good? I finish her sentence and she nods. She strokes my hair with one hand and suddenly, snaked one hand towards my legs and moved her hand up my thigh. She kept flicking her finger around my... area... "E-Ericchi... Stop it... If you're going to do it, hurry up... Ngh..." I moaned lustfully and she giggled.

"You want me that much Nozomi? Hehe..." Eri kept teasing at my ... opening until I grabbed her wrist and thrust her finger into me. "Non-chans getting inpatient..."

"Its cause Ericchi's being to slow..." I mutter as she wiggles her finger in me. I gasp when I felt another slender thing joining it. "Ngh... Ericchi is adding another..." I groan and she pumps her fingers in and out of me. I feel like she likes the sound of me moaning and the sounds inside me too.

"Anything wrong with that?" She laughs and I think 'thats it'. I can't let her win and anyways, im supposed to be the one doing this to her. It was for me anyways... "Ericchi... I need to do things to you."

"Oh... Nozomi wants to try out doing this... Well... Okay..." She says and flips me to the bottom and she quickly sucks her fingers, tasting my juices. I swiftly trace my hands down her body and decided to immediately use two fingers in her. I started slow and sped up my pace as fast as I could. She was swirming like a fox which has just been shot. I pushed her off me so she sat up and she stared at me. But I lied down on her bed and stuck my tongue around her.

"Nozomi... Why are you doing this?" Eri questioned and I smirked.

"Its called revenge Ericchi... Revenge..." She pushes my head forwards so I actually lick the place.

"Ngh... I'm (I really don't want to write this word... so im writing come... for now) coming!" Eri screams as a wave of juices squirt onto my face. I just decided to lick it all off though. "Nozomi!"

"Hmm? What did I do?" I reply, licking her (Ok... ill write it this time...) vagina clean hungrily.

"You're licking my..." Eri had a pained look on her face.

"Okay... I'll stop..." I start to lift up my head but she kept it down.

"No... don't stop... Thats not what I meant..." Suddenly, there were loud bangs on the door. We looked at each other and our faces turned pale.

"Eri-chan! You've got paparazzi here!" A familiar voice shouts. A voice we heard a few minutes ago.

"The fuck..." (Sorry... Really OOC) Eri mutters as I just laugh manically.

"Guess you're popular Ericchi!" I exclaim.

"They aren't here for me! They're here because Honoka told them we're having sex (god forgive me again)!" Eri shouts as I just laugh harder.

"Should I open the door?" I tease as she blush madly.

"NO! Whatever you do, DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!" She screams as I toss her undergarments and dress at her.

"Just kidding... I'd be exposing myself too! Anyways, its a party for you today so wear that!" I winked while I pulled on my back long and also strapless violet dress.

"O-Okay... By the way, you look really nice..." She murmured as I started braiding my hair into what I usually use for important and formal ceromonies.

"Ah... Thanks, you too!" I giggled cutely at her which caused her to blush. Eventually, we finally finished and opened the door.

"Ooh! Lovers!" A man exclaimed as he saw our fingers, entwined. We lt go immediately.

"Guess none of them can be my wife now..." Another man sulks

"I wouldnt have married you anyways!" We scream at him, sychronised. The whole time, there were clicks and blinding light surounding uslike a 'light'prison.

"Um... We really need to go... We have to go somewhere important...: Eri shouts, trying to get us out of the scene.

"Hm... To do it again? If you are, please invite me!" A pervert smiles and stares at our curves.

"NO! Anyways, its because its Ericchi's birhthday." I add on. She smiles as she puts her hand over her mouth.

"Garasu no Hanazono?" She whispers under her breath so only I could hear. Our glass garden was our only private place which noone knew of/ It was fulled with lushious trees but the main feature was the lilies. White lilies growing everywhere. Its like our personal heaven. Even though there was a sign which said someones been there with her friend and they came out lovers. Just like me and Nozomi.

"Okay Eri and Nozomi-sama," The paparazzi said in unision as they moved apart, letting us to walk through.

"Wow... So obedient..." I thought.

"Eri-chan! Nozomi-chan! I'll arrange your wedding today! That's my birthday present to you Eri-chan!" Honoka calls as we run off.

"Honoka..." We moan as we enter the autumn wind.

"Well... Thats very like a gift from Honoka... Isn't it" I giggle and she sighs.

"I guess so..." We stand there, staring at each other and eventually burst out laughing.

A/N: I've written all of it out and there's about 3 times of what there is now! So if ur actually reading this, pls wait! Also, don't judge me and dislike me just cos this chapter! I just wanted to test my writing out this way! I also have exams on but I'm not revising and writing this instead so I'm devoting all my precious revision time to fan fiction writing time. And you can probably tell... I don't like writing lemons cos they include some words I don't really want to write...

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