Indestructible heart


(Kotori POV)

It was daybreak when we finally finished collecting our shared anemone with lots of awkward scenes...


This flower looks nice!" I giggled as I ran up to it, with Umi close on my tail. As I stretched my fingers towards it, Umi gripped my wrist firmly, very firmly.

"Kotori, it's poisonous..." She said, her expression turning stern and serious.

"Wah! But it looks so pretty!" I protested as I continued reaching towards it. Suddenly, she pulled me back, hard but I toppled on top of her.

"Ah! I'm sorry! I was just being dumb and it was all my fault! You were doing it for my safety... You really do care about me..." I apologised as I saw her blush.

"I-it's okay... I don't mind... Just don't run off again without prior notice and we should hurry up. The sun's setting and we need to get back before nightfall..." Umi said quickly as I hastily stood up from her and dusted my dress.

(End of flashback)

"-ri-chan! Kotori-chan!" Umi shouts in my ear and shakes me very fiercely.

"Waah? Whaaaaat?" I laugh awkwardly as she facepalms.

"You walked into a tree! What are you dreaming about? And your skill is pretty weird! Eyes opened sleep walking!" Umi exclaims sarcastically as I finally regain my senses.

" Sorry... I'm a bit crazy..." I laugh sheepishly." So this is where we part wa-" Surprisingly, the shy, timid but strong Umi pounced onto me in a massive bed hug.

"Just in case I never see you again..." She mutters quietly, her voice cracking.

"I promise I will see you again! I promise I'll come back just for you!" I shout cheerfully, in my heart, wishing that I could meet my 'love of my life' again... Someday in our future...

On the journey back, all I could think about was Umi-chan. She will remain in my heart forever...

As I walked casually into the palace, I remembered that I snook out. Fortunately, the gods were in my favour and everyone was in the ballroom celebrating with a party for Eri-chan's birthday. A very familiar face came running up to me.

"Kotori-chan! Everyone's waiting for you! I stood up for you saying that you were sleeping in! Eri-chan said she wanted you to say a speech with her and apparently you've already know what your doing!" Honoka said very quickly.

"Oh my god! I totally forgot! Wah!" I gasped as I ran in- luckily, my dress wasn't filthy from my trip but some specks of dirt and leaves were visible to me- Towards Eri-chan.

"I-I'm really sorry Eri-chan!" I apologised, gasping for air, and bowed repeatedly. Whispers and murmurs went around the party room.

"Hm? Is there something on my face? Or my hair?" I asked as I ruffled my hair. To my horror, an anemone slowly floated down.

"K-Kotori-chan... Where did you get that...? Nozomi questioned slowly, making sure I hear all her words, " did you happen to sneak out to... The anemone forest?"

"Uh... Um..." I couldn't think of an idea, or an excuse." W-well I..."

"Kotori! It's very dangerous! That's in the Calestelle territory! Did you bump into any Calestelle troops and did they harm you?" Nozomi shouted as she was about to begin a lecture.

"I-I did bump into this archer girl named Umi but I think she is the love of my life... IM just Doki Doki around her and there's this loveydovey aura around her and I actually feel that I can be myse-" I whispered to Nozomi so nobody could think that the princess of the country has fallen for a girl...

"Kotori-chan! Can't you be yourself here? Besides, she could be pretending to love you and betray you and your heart! We are sworn enemies from two years ago. And maybe she was ord-"

"No! Just because she's from Calestelle doesn't mean that she puts country before love! It's doesn't mean that we can't be friends... It doesn't mean we can't be lovers... And it certainly doesn't mean she is evil and she's going to kill me!" I screamed at Nozomi, tears brimming out of my eyes, holding my last and most precious anemone; Umi insisted it for me and stormed out of the ballroom.

"Kotori-chan..." Eri sighed deeply as she carried on her speech alone.

I was back in the cold, windy courtyard as I stared up at the stars. One really stood out to me as it was bigger, brighter and shinier than the others. I decided to wish upon it.

"I really wish... That I could... Meet Umi-chan again..." I prayed and plodded into my room and fell asleep, the anemone which Umi insisted that I should have, still in my grasp.

(Umi POV: starting from when she arrived at her castle)

I walked quickly through the castle as a chilly, evening zephyr was picking up.

"Brr... It's cold today..." I muttered as I entered Queen Hanayo's chamber. Hanayo, wasn't surprisingly, eating a huge bowl of rice and Rin-chan, not surprisingly as well, eating a massive bowl of ramen. The two foodaholics sat there, watching anime and eating away.

"Your anemone Hanayo-chan..." I muttered as I laid the anemone on her golden table, secretly keeping the one Kotori told me to keep as she worked hard finding it.

"Mhm... Awigawo Uwi-chwan..." Hanayo replied while stuffing her face with 'golden' rice.

"Hwai Hwai Uwi-chwan!" Rin smiled stuffing her ramen too as I face palmed.

" Where are your manners?!" I shouted at my kouhai, and was about to leave the room when Rin perked up.

"Mot awailable..." She laughed as she carried on. I quickly left the room from my food addicts and ran into my Japanese style garden.

I saw a familiar girl gazing up at the starry sky who had red hair and wasn't a food addicted kouhai, her eyes filled with awe.

"Maki-chan... You really enjoy stargazing don't you? I see you every starry night here..." I whispered and she jumped back and yelped.

"Wah! Don't walk up on me like that! And by the way, where were you the whole day? You weren't around here so I didn't have a friend or practice partner! I had to play with Nico cause Rin and Hanayo were playing and they said I wouldn't like it!" Maki exclaims as she threw her arm over my shoulder.

"To be honest, I just went there and they were eating like savages... I understand why they didn't want you to come along, so you wouldn't tell them off... For being royally shameful. By the way, Rin-chan asked me to get Hanayo-chan some anemone from the forest for her..." I explained but Maki stopped me.

" It doesn't take a whole day to get that! It could take me an hour! Two hours at most! And you left at 6am!" Maki shouted me for being slow, annoyed just because she was bored.

"Well... I took my time and you chose to play with Nico? Just because you like her and you want to be girlfriends?" I teased as her cheeks rivalled with her hair.

"Umi-senp- I mean chan! I-I don't like her... She's really annoying and who told you I liked her?" She muttered, blushing madly.

"Well, your tsunderation, I'm just going to join you stargazing..." I spotted a star, a unique star, which was sparklier, brighter than any other.

"I wish... I could see Kotori-chan again..." I muttered quietly so Maki-chan couldn't hear me. I quickly said my goodbye, ran up the castle into my room and threw myself onto the bed falling asleep, still clutching the anemone that I snook out of the pile that I handed in, the one that Kotori found for me

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