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Listen to my A-RISE (RinPana)

A/N: I really don't know what to write... It'll be really short, sorry...I can't write RinPana

"Hm... Kayochin... Wanna get some food, nya?" Rin laughed sheepishly while I could hear that her stomach was grumbling.

"But Rin-chan... All we ever do is eat..." I protest even though deep inside me, I really want to eat too.

When I was the princess, I used to always play with Rin-chan... Go out and eat food, play mini games with each other... Sometimes with Maki-chan too! But once I was crowned as queen because both my parents decided to go somewhere and never return, I found out that Rin-chan had no family left as they all died from an illness but whenever she was around me, she still always had a smiley aura, ignoring the fact that her parents were gone. She always made me smile when I was down so I felt really sad for her and took her into the castle with me, pretending that she was my long lost sister.

"Kayochin! Rin knows you really want to eat but you think you'll get fat and you're a queen so its not good. But royaltys' gotta eat too!" Rin shouted and I jumped back in surprise.

"Um... Well..." I muttered and twiddled my fingers. The sun was shining, birds were singing... The perfect day to go get some food... (That sounds like grade 1 english...)

"See, Rin was right! You always do that when you're lying... So Rin can always see through you...nya?" Rin smiled and I finally gave up.

"F-Fine... I do really want food... But its the festival soon... Its tomorrow..." I say and she gasps.

"Oh right... Well, we can always eat more..." Rin giggled and dragged me out into the shining sun like a fireball. As we walked into the castle fields, I noticed that the uncut grass is now as green as ... (can't think of anything...) a green iPhone 5c ; as tall as the empire state building.

"Kayochin... You're drooling and we're not even there yet! Are you that hungry?" Rin questioned and I returned back to the real world.

"Oh... Yeah kinda... You wanna get some takeaway ramen before we leave?" I said and she nodded eagerly. "I'll just come back and make our chef make some rice..."

"Yeah! Rin really want that! And Kayochin isn't being like Kayochin today... Rin doesn't like it..."Rin frowned and I decided to cheer up.

"Well... I'm just me and not thinking about anything! Honestly!" Even though I was being honest, Rin didn't believe me.

"Hm... Oh my gosh Nya!" Rin gets a notification on her phone and I try to look over and see but she didn't let me. " A-RISE is having a concert in the main plaza!"

I jump up and drag Rin and ran as fast as the wind. "A-RISE..." I saw Rin laugh as we were charging through the street.

"Rin was joking Kayochin..." She chuckled but to my surprise, A-RISE were having a concert. "Well... Rin wasn't... Hehe..."

"It's their new single! Shocking Party!" I exclaim and watch them in complete concentration.

Dancing Dancing, Non-stop we're dancing...

I stare in awe as the song finishs really quickly. "Now we'd like a word from our Queen or Princess over there in the audience!" Tsubasa cheered and people started pushing me and Rin-chan onto the stage. "So...did you like our new single?" She smiled like a flower (like rly beautifully) and everyone was taking photos.

"It was... Amazing! Even though i'm the Queen, Rin and I both really love you and we're your top fans!" I say, very enthusiastic and Rin is really happy now because i'm not grumpy anymore.

"Rin likes this version of Kayochin..." Rin murmured and unexpectedly, hugged me really quickly.

"Well, its nice to know that the Queen and Princess are our fans so... Lets give a big cheer for them!" Erena shouted and everyone started screaming as we walked down the stage and decided to skip getting food.

"Lets just go get some takeaway ramen and lets go back to the castle..." I giggled and Rin nodded. We got the first ramen that wasnt seafood and ran back to the castle. The chefs cooked up a whole enormous pot of rice for me and me and Rin sat in my room, watching anime and eating. Suddenly Umi comes in to deliver the anemone and gives us a minute lecture on eating manners. Then she quickly left.

"Well... Kayochin... Rin is really full! Can Rin sleep in the same room as you?" Rin burped and I laughed.

"Yeah sure Rin-chan..." I smiled and she kissed me for a splitsecond and backed away.

"Rin likes this Kayochin..." She got into her pajamas and got into my huge bed.

"Ill go to bed too..." I quickly got into my pajamas too and slithered into my bed. I stared at the ceiling, then eyed the flowers Umi put on my table, then at Rin.

I always like Rin, no matter how shes feeling... Well, I probably don't like her when she's sad... We had a really short chat and we fell asleep from all the food.

A/N: Sorry if its too OOC... I don't really focus on RinPana so im not very good at it... Please review! I really like reading comments so yeah! Thanks!

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