Indestructible heart


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(Kotori POV)

"Wah..." I yawned as I stared out of my window, gazing at the shining sun which was sparkling like the star I saw last night, the one I wished upon. "I kind of want to go find Umi... What about... An adventure to Calestelle?

I forced myself out of my bed, grabbed a cloak and charged to the town exit.

"Would you like to leave the town, miss?" The guard asked as I stared at the ground, resisting to look up to my downfall. So I nodded, my hood covering my distinctive hair, as he prepared on opening the gate.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew my hood off, revealing my hair and features, I gasped immediately as the guard recognised me in a second.

"Kotori-sama, we have been ordered to keep a close eye on you, as you escaped out of the country yesterday," The guard shouted as he shut the gate.

"S-shit..." I muttered as I shuffled back towards my room.

"That's so unfair! And they took all my objects possible for escaping!" Then I came up with an idea.

"I'm going to throw myself out of the window and hopefully fall into a tree... It's very risky though... Just for Umi-chan...❤" I thought as I scanned my room for something I can write on. My eyes were wobbling side to side quickly until I spotted a large piece of silk and a pot of ink and scribbled on it furiously:

Whoever reads this (hopefully my trustful maid and not Nozomi-chan...) Please note that I have disobeyed orders and have jumped out of the window to escape from this misery, don't worry, I hopefully haven't died. I have gone to find my love of my life, Umi-Chan as the palace is so boring. I Promise I Will Return



I placed it neatly on my duvet and prepared to jump.

'Okay... I have to do this..." I used my cloak as a paraglider and parachute as I softly glided onto a tree.

"Yay... I didn't die! That's good news isn't it? But there's no turning back now..." I frowned as I looked back up at my window. "If I go back without achieving anything then I'll be lectured for nothing... I should look for a clothes and map shop... Maybe a convenience store might be good..."

I climbed out of the tree, unscathed, and walked into the forbidden woods.

Eri-chan always told me not to go in there, especially with her because I think she's scared of the dark, so I never went... Until now.

"Sheeeeesh! It's reaaaaalllly dark in here! No wonder Eri-chan never comes here. She doesn't even like being in the palace in the same room as Nozomi-San in the dark!" I laughed as I started thinking about NozoEri. "You know, I should totally write a fanfic on them... Like maybe something weird cause they are weird..." (Next chapter will be a NozoEri fanfiction in a KotoUmi fanfiction!)

As I finally saw the bright light at the end, I ran towards it and tripped over something long, like a rope. I realised that there were also snakes... SNAKES in this forest!

"Oh my god! I just really hope they aren't poisonous!" My eyes widened as I quickly ran out of the forest.

I squinted to see a sign, even though it was massive, which read:

North: Calestelle Castle

North West: Calisere Store

I head towards the store first, hoping to find what I needed.

Then suddenly, this enormous supermarket appeared in front of my very own eyes.

"Wow... I never even knew about this... And it's half Calestation and half Kiserian!" I gasped as I stepped in. I let my ash-brown hair loose so I wouldn't be recognised for my unique hairstyle at all.

Once I reached the clothing departure, I stood there gaping at all the different types, cultures and colours of clothing. In the Calestelle types, there were Yukatas, kimonos, trad Calestelle... In the Kisere types, there were what I usually wore, dresses, t-shirts, skirts, occasionally others like hoodies and gangster things which looked cool. I only really suited princessy clothes like really long dresses, green and silver or white really.

There was one Yukata, pale yellow silk with flowers and maple leaves on it which really caught my eye. The one next to it was also really nice, pale blue with darker blue flowers. I picked up the one that I saw first but my arm accidentally brushed against another clothes shopper.

"Ah! I'm really sorry!" We apologised to each other, synchronised again.

"K-Kotori-Chan? What are you doing here?" A familiar voice queried me. My most memorable voice.

"A-Ah! U-Umi-Chan? I didn't know that you come here..." I uttered, shocked. She gave me a friendly embrace, unlike our last one.

"Of course I come here! Everyone in Calestelles been here! I'm either here, the Castle, on a quest from Hanayo-Sama or in the other shopping centre. By the way, I never knew you came here! Let alone Calestelle! You don't want to get caught by our guards or you might, scratch that, you will be killed! You're a Royal Kisere." Umi said sternly. "Just... Don't wear what you're wearing now..."

"Hai hai! Oh by the way, I only came here to see you!" I said as I wandered into a dressing room, carrying my Yukata.

"Are you going to stay for tonight then? It's a Calestelle festival and everyone's wearing Yukatas," Umi explained as she took her one and stepped into a different room.

"Ah really? I'll walk around with you!" I giggled and jumped out, in my yukata. A second later, Umi came out, looking like a perfect Calestation woman.

"Umi-chan... You look beautiful! It really suits you!" I exclaimed as her expression softened into a smile.

"Thanks... You too! And by the way, at the festival, it's really only couple who walk toge-" She started until I grabbed her hand and jumped up and down.

"That's even better! Remember, we agreed to be lovers yesterday!" I laughed as I dragged her along to the cashier.

I think she's thinking that I'm not being serious but we really did promise...

"Uh... Oh right... Um, do you want me to pay? If you don't have any money on you..." She asked sweetly as I shook my head.

"Wait... What currency do you use?" I questioned. Or I would have to go to a cash machine and exchange my money into the money they use here.

"Um, we just use the original Kiselles..." She replied as I guessed that the countries used the same even though we're at war. We used to be friendly neighbouring countries, Kisere working at growing and making things which you call European in your world as Calestelle made things you call Asian.

"Okay... I can use my own money... How much do they cost? Do you want me to pay for yours? I've got this much..." I stated as I tipped approximately 100000 on the table, mainly notes but some coins (in the word some, I mean LOADS).

"Whoa... I only get 10000 a year... And you bring 10 times of what I get! Why did you bring this much! I'm well known but I still don't have that sort of money... But I can pay for mine... It's cheap..." Umi exclaimed as whispers were heard around us.

"Oh... But this was only 5 months' worth of saving for me... And anyways! Umi! You've done so much for me, you made my day and everything! So seriously, I can pay for everything..." I insisted as the woman at the cashier asked if we would like to wear it out.

"Um yes please... And this one too!" I said quickly, tugging on Umi's yukata.

"Kotori! I ca-" she started and suddenly, I slapped my hand over her mouth. The rest came out muffled.

"Is there something wrong miss?" The cashier woman asked as I answered for Umi.

"What she was going to say was that I look so beautiful in this so she can't make me pay for everything even though she's really broke," I finished as she pouted and folded her arms. I decided to get rid of my coins first, because they're really heavy and weighing me down, and just gave all of it to the cashier. A bit too much...

"Oh my... That's too much... It only costs 400 Kiselles altogether... 1000 is way too much..." The cashier gasps but I just wave my hand, gesturing to her that she should just keep the change.

"Just keep it... I've got millions more..." I muttered as I dragged Umi out of the shop with me.

"So Umi-chan... If you want to repay me... Show me around and let's go and grab some food! But I'm paying everything we get, of course... Eat as much as you like!" I giggled as she started dragging me North, towards the castle.

"Ah Umi... Where are we going?" I ask as we approached the castle.

"To the plaza... We can go shopping for a bit... And at night, they're going to change it completely into a food market! Like, little stalls of fried, popcorn chicken (KFC!), this stall of Ramen... I'm sure Rin-hime would love that... Stalls of rice and things like that... I think Hanayo would love that... And yeah... Loads of food... I swear there's going to be dessert stalls with manjuu... And cheesecake... If you like that..." Umi explained as her eyes sparkled.

"CHEESECAKE? I LOVE THAT! IT'S MY FAVOURITE FOOD! Anyways... Are you glad that I'm coming?" I asked and she nodded furiously. "Or is it because you can eat all you want?"

"K-Kotori... I'm not that greedy!" Umi protested and I laughed manically as we passed through the castle.

The castle was the most magnificent castle I had ever seen. There were 24 turrets and the walls were 3 meters thick of solid stone. There were flags and banners hanging everywhere and from above, I looked like a shocked ant, standing in the middle of the castle, awed.

"T-This castle is... The most spectacular castle I've ever seen!" I exclaimed as Umi started giggling. The sky was turning orange even though it was four o'clock, Maybe four forty five, I guess that's because it was close winter and the sun sets really early. Umi continued dragging me north, through the back gates.

"Hehe... Why don't you show me your castle? Or is it a palace?" Umi laughed for no reason while I suddenly remembered that some people didn't like Calestians. And that someone is someone who I know really well, there are a lot of other people too, and she's a mean maid called Nozomi.

"Not a good idea, don't sneak over there like I did today. My friend really hates you and she thinks that you will one day betray me and kill me. You can see it in the war," I shuddered as I imagined Nozomi forcing Eri to stab Umi...

"Ericchi! Go kill that girl," Nozomi shout cheerfully and Eri reluctantly draws her sword. "Because if you do, I'll give you a session... And if you don't, Kotori will die so I'll have to slowly burn that girl," And that fires Eri up.

"No! Eri-chan! Please! This girl is innocent! Umi is innocent!" I scream at the top of my lungs. "What did she ever do to you?"

"Kotori... Move or they'll harpoon both of us..." Umi gulps but I didn't budge. "Kotori! I'm a knight! I'm used to kill and die!"

"No... If you're going to die... Then my life's useless... If you die, I'll die with you," I announce which made Umi release a tear. "I promise."

"KOTORI! WE HAVE TO ELIMINATE THIS GIRL! SHE'S SEDUCTING YOU SO YOU ARE ON HER SIDE!" Nozomi bellows but I cling onto Umi and embrace her tightly.

"I'm not letting you go... And anyways... Nozomi's seducing Eri to kill you..." I whispered and suddenly, Nozomi rips me off Umi and Eri stabs her and I sit there crying.

"Ah... I forgot we are enemies... Okay... Well, let's just go get some food or shall we not? The festival starts in two hours so we could wait so we could eat more... "Umi asked cutely as she kept going on about food.

"Um, okay..." I murmured as my stomach growled like a lion, digesting nothing because I skipped breakfast and lunch, but I tried to ignore it.

(Half an hour later)

"Hehe... It's almost the festival!" Umi laughed, checking her watch, as she jumped up and down gleefully. I never could imagine this shy, workaholic, strong girl to be this cheerful because of food.

"I guess there's an hour and 15 minutes left… So… Whaddya want to do?" I asked her as she dragged me into this huge shopping centre.

"Wow… Everything here is amazing!" I gaped as the smell of food wafted through the air

"To be honest, in my opinion, it isn't that amazing… I guess it's because I've lived here for 17 years…" Umi said as I notice that we are the same age… Unless she used to live somewhere else…

"Hey Umi-chan, when's your birthday?" I quickly questioned.

"March 15 2712… Which makes me sevent-"She murmured nonchalantly until I interrupted her.

"Oh my days! I was born on 12th of September 2712! You're only 6 months older than me! I guess that's why we are so… Likeable to each other!" I exclaimed and she smiled and wandered around the centre, chatting.

The third floor was completely food stores and restaurants, which are basically the same thing, as the fifth floor was an ice rink. The fourth was clothing shops and the second was a disco floor. Don't forget the supermarket on floor No.1!

"So… We can go anywhere except for the third… We're saving space for later… Hm, what about the ice rink? I've been millions of times with Maki… I wonder if she's here…" She muttered and my face lit up and I nodded optimistically. I had never been on ice before and I really want Umi or someone to teach me! Preferably not Nozomi haha...

"Yesh Yesh Yesh Please Umi! I've always wanted to ice skate before!" I giggled as we shoved into the elevator. Sheesh, there's a lot of people in Calestelle…

"Maki is really amazing… She's a real princess on ice..." She complimented her friend when we suddenly reached this huge ice rink. To my surprise, not Umi's, there was an enormous amount of people but no one was actually on ice (just on the stage seats). Except for this one red-haired girl. She danced around swiftly and beautifully, twirling like an ice queen. That's probably Maki. The most memorable description from Umi was red hair… And ice princess. And that is what I'm seeing right now… Maki really is a princess on ice…

"Wow… Maki-chan really is amazing…" I murmured while roses were flying around the rink. In about twenty seconds the rink was a red rose bath. How does Maki walk out of that…?

"Maki-chan! You're amazing!" A man in the crowd shouted.

"Maki-chan! Marry me! My mother would be so happy!" Another um… weird man shouted as Umi and I face palmed.

Maki stepped out of the rink carrying lots of stalks of roses, as the other skaters ran as fast as they could onto the rink, trying to copy the princess. I watched her as her eyes turned to Umi and she jumped slightly, then ran towards us.

"Hey Umi! Whatcha doing here? And who's this?" She requested. I put on my best smile and introduced myself as well as complimenting the princess on ice who's right in front of me.

"I'm Kotori and um Maki-chan! Umi-chan talks about you a lot… By the way, you're amazing! Even after a million years I couldn't do that…" She looked down, trying to be tsundere but she was still smiling.

"I-I'm not that good… Anyways… K-Kotori-s-senpai? If you practice you would be amazing too! I come here when I'm free and not battling… Or when Umi's not teaching me… But whenever I'm here to practice, all those pervs and everyone else thinks it's a show…" Maki said modestly as I carried on complimenting her till… "Oh, another thing… Kotori-senpai… I've never seen you around in Calestelle before,"

Crap, how do I answer? I can't tell her I'm from Kisere! Can I…?

"Maki, Kotori is a long lost girl who I knew in high school. I went to the anemone forest and I found her," Umi blurted out for me. Oh thank god Umi... "Aaaanyways Maki, We wanted to go ice skating but she's never been before… So I'm going to te-"

"No, I'm going to teach her! How nice Kotori-senpai! You get an ice skating profesh to teach you, for free, of course. You're Umi's friend so why not…" She laughed as she changed our shoes in the speed of light and dragged us into the rink. Everyone prepared to leave the rink again as the princess on ice arrived but Maki stopped them. Wow shes popular…

"Minna! Its alright… Im not doing a show! Just giving her a private session," Maki shouted as everyone stopped moving. PEOPLE HERE ARE SO LOYAL AND OBEDIENT! WOW!

"M-Maki-chan… I can pay you as im probably as rich as your queen…" I pleaded but Maki insisted its for free.

Umi quietly shifted towards me and whispered: "Shes richer than our queen .-." Oh…

"I've never taught anyone before properly… so im still a beginner at teaching… W-What you do is you push off with one foot and don't be scared or you'll wobble and collapse…" She said even though I shook vigorously. She took my hands as she pulled me along with her; I started gaining confidence until...

My foot caught some ice at the front while we were going pretty fast… And I toppled onto Maki. Oh god…

"Oh Im so sorry Maki-chan!" She must be so cold… Even though I can feel her heat and I stared at her face which was bright pink. How did I even slip up?

"Uh… Kotori-senpai… please don't apologise… It was bound to happen… It's your first time anyways. But um could you first uh move your hand and get up p-please?" Maki murmured and I looked where my hand was. Oh shit. I wondered what the soft landing for my hand was. Oh shit shit shit!

A/N: not finished... I've got like thousands more words to write... Btw soz for swearing... I just felt like it should be there... Even though its OOC... I've got a mill fanfics to write so I might not update... Even though this is my fave... Bear with me plz! Ok pls follow comment and u know what... ───O(≧∇≦)O────

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