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TetsuSawa Oneshots~


Eijun has been improving his pitches over a great length of time. It was honestly amazing to watch him. This was how Miyuki came to really look at the younger pitcher, and not in a total platonic way either. He would always find ways to tease him, finding his loud reactions hilarious and endearing.

He also found Eijun's insistent pleadings to be quite convincing once he looked at the boy in the new light. He would, now, more often than not agree to catch his pitches, earning weird looks from his friends.

"Miyuki Kazuya! Catch my pitches!" Eijun shouted one evening. Miyuki looked at him with a blank expression before nodding with a fake sigh of annoyance. He heard his kouhai's familiar shout of "Osh!" and anticipated what was in store.

As usual, they were pitches that excited him, reminded him of why he loved playing baseball. He grinned from behind the catcher's mask. Walking up to him and pulling the mask up, he wrapped an arm around his shoulder. He pulled him close and grinned.

"Doing good, Bakamura. Your control is getting better." he complimented. This made Eijun's eyes sparkle.

"Really! You really mean that?" he asked, his sunshine grin lighting up his face. It was so bright that Miyuki had to pause for a bit. He smirked sneakily at the younger.

"Nope~" he sang.

"Don't you lie, Miyuki Kazuya!" Eijun shouted, going on to say why lying is bad and shouldn't be tolerated. The catcher just shook his head and walked like that toward the showers, with his arm still on the younger's shoulders.

On thier way there, they caught up with Yuuki Tetsuya and Ishashiki Jun.

"Oi, brat! Stop making so much noise!" Jun shouted, interrupting the young pitcher's ramblings. Tetsuya just stared at the pair in silence, not having a comment he felt the need to voice.

"Please forgive me, Spitz-Senpai!" he shouted back.

"Who're calling Spitz?!" the elder shouted and Eijun cowered in fear, leaning toward Miyuki. Miyuki grinned a little, feeling the pitcher more against his side was nice.

"Sorry! Please forgive me!" he shouted. correcting himself, and with that, they went to the baths.

Later that night, while everyone was in Miyuki's room, Tetsuya and Eijun were in the elder's room, watching some baseball movie that was playing. Eijun had his head on the other's shoulder. Tetsuya's arm was loosely wrapped around the other's waist.

"Miyuki's been acting weird lately. He used to never want to catch my pitches," the younger said, the movie reminding him of today. Tetsuya just nodded, watching the movie.

"I think he likes you," he commented. Eijun turned toward his captain, eyes buldging.

"That's can't be true, Tetsu-Senpai! He's always teasing me! And insulting me! How is that liking someone?!" Eijun said loudly.

"He probably doesn't know how to express his feelings right." he said, thinking of his sneaky, manipulative nature.

"He doesn't have feelings!" the pitcher shouted, going on to mumble about Miyuki's blackened heart. The elder just shrugged, watching the movie.

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