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What Happens?

By nalunatic

Romance / Humor

Chapter 1


"You okay there, sleepy head?" Lucy felt a light touch to her shoulder as Mira approached her. Lucy had been daydreaming, something she found herself constantly doing lately. She lifted her head off of her crossed arms to look at the lavender haired woman standing next to her.

"Oh, hey, Mira. I'm fine thanks." Lucy answered her with a weak smile. Lucy felt tired and she wasn't sure why. Maybe it was all the jobs that she, Natsu, and Happy had taken on recently- she needed to pay her rent of course. Or perhaps it was her ever-wandering mind as of lately. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but she felt physically and mentally drained. She sighed, looking around Fairy Tail's guildhall. Juvia, as usual, was slowly creeping up on Gray who sat unnoticing at the bar. Lucy smiled to herself, Juvia didn't think anyone noticed how hard she's fallen for the ice mage but everyone did. Except for Gray, of course. Lucy felt bad for the elemental wizard; she thought they would make a nice couple but she couldn't see it happening; Gray didn't seem to be the type of person to want to have a girlfriend or anything right now, not that he'd notice Juvia, even if she stripped down to her underwear as he did. Mira was serving a goblet of beer to Cana who happily gulped it down, Erza was talking to Makarov about some sort of business, and Alzack and Bisca were sharing a meal at a nearby table. The guild looked like its happy self, buzzing with people coming in and out, taking jobs, or coming in for a drink. All that was missing was her salmon haired, dragon slayer companion. Speaking of which, Lucy was actually rather happy that Natsu wasn't here yet, she had been feeling strange every time he was around. It all started a couple weeks ago, he had come up to her and said he had, "Something important to ask you." After much freaking out that Natsu was going to confess feelings to her, and multiple crazy thoughts about 33 babies with Natsu; Lucy found out all he wanted was to use Virgo to dig a hole to find treasure. Lucy was in such disbelief (and there was definitely disappointment) that she slapped Natsu and stormed off. She had thought he was really going to confess his "true feelings" for her; she even dressed up! She had, had an inner debate about whether she could turn him down or not fearing that it would make it awkward for their team. However, if they were together then they'd be able to see each other all the time… Just thinking about the past even was making Lucy blush; she could feel the hotness creeping up her face. Or so she thought she could feel her blush (because she definitely was), but it was not the heat of the blush she could feel… She slowly turned her head and was face to face with Natsu who was sporting his huge, goofy grin.

"Hey, Lucy!" He greeted her cheerfully; Lucy realized he was so close to her that she could feel his abnormal warmth on her face. She screamed in fear or embarrassment, she wasn't sure, and clutched at her chest.

"Whoa, calm down, Luce! It's just me, Natsu!" He smiled at her again with that boyish charm that made her squirm inside.

"N-Natsu…" She began, "DON'T YOU EVER SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!" Lucy shouted and Happy floated over to her side as Natsu fell over.

"Hey, Lucy, are you blushing?" Happy pried, a smirk on his little blue face.

"Wha-, no!" Lucy shouted at the flying cat and Happy giggled. Lucy watched Natsu get up, dazed.

"You like him, don't you?" Happy whispered in her ear.

"You better shut up you stupid cat! You don't know anything!" Lucy's anger was boiling and Happy was stifling loud laughs. Natsu was rubbing the back of his neck, his face tinged with a slight red.

"Uhh, sorry Luce, I didn't mean to scare ya." He apologized, plopping down in a chair next to her. "I was wondering if you wanted to take a job or something today, I know rents coming up soon and I thought you might want to go on an adventure with me and Happy." Lucy smiled at him now that she'd calmed down.

"I'd love to Natsu, it's just, I'm so beat today. We've been going on so many requests lately. Don't get me wrong, I love going and I certainly love being able to pay my rent but maybe we could take a day off?" Natsu stuck out his lower lip in a slight pout but then brightened back up again.

"Hey, want to go fishing?" He asked her excitedly.

"Sure." Lucy answered, laughing.

"You comin', Happy?" Natsu called to the blue cat who had once more sprouted wings.

"Aye, sir!" Natsu hopped up and headed for the doorway with Lucy in tow, and Happy floating eagerly along.

Lucy watched as Happy and Natsu cast lines out to catch unsuspecting fish. Happy cheered as he finally reeled in a sizable mackerel and started to chow down on the poor fish. Natsu nabbed a trout, roasting it, and then eating it whole. Lucy wrinkled her nose, she wasn't a huge fan of fish but the way these two ate them made her want to throw up.

"Hey, you want any of this?" Natsu asked, as he shot flames out to grill another fish.

"Uh, no thanks, I'm good!" She called back; she was perfectly happy lying out in the sun by the water. It felt good to finally relax after a week of hard work; Lucy sighed and lay down with her arms behind her head, closing her eyes. She could hear Happy and Natsu fighting over who would get the last fish until Happy snatched it and flew up into a tree with Natsu at it's trunk blowing fire from his mouth in anger. It got quiet once again, which was a little strange because usually if Natsu's around, it's not quiet. She peeked open one eye over to where Natsu had been sitting to fish and saw him still there. Only she almost immediately blushed because she made direct eye contact with the dragon slayer who had seemingly been watching her doze.

"What are you looking at?" Lucy murmured, a slight frown creased her forehead. Natsu seemed confused and what looked like a blush crept across his face though Lucy couldn't be sure.

"Oh, uh- what? Nothing." Natsu quickly looked away and all at once the daydreams of her and Natsu flooded Lucy's mind as they did before. She was almost horrified, wow, how pathetic am I? He gives me one look and I'm already imagining getting married and having 33 babies?! Lucy quickly turned her head and sat back up.

"Why don't we head back to the guild, I'm pretty hungry." Lucy suggested and Natsu seemed to have forgotten that he had just eaten an ungodly amount of fish because he responded with, "Yeah, I'm starving!" which resulted in Lucy rolling her eyes. Though, she couldn't help but blushing about the way he had looked at her, even though he seemed to shrug it off now. What am I going to do?

The trio made it back to the guild just as the sun was starting to go down; Lucy made her way over to the bar where Mira was happily drying cups from throughout the day. Mira smiled as Lucy approached the counter and turned to talk to her.

"How was your day today, Lucy?" Mira asked in her ever-kind voice. Lucy groaned in response and Mira giggled.

"That bad, huh?" She questioned Lucy.

"No, I guess not. It's just, weird things have been happening to me…." She confessed in a whisper to Mira who looked quizzically back at her.

"Like what?" Mira asked and Lucy felt her face get hot, this time she made sure it wasn't Natsu. Her gaze quickly flicked around the room, making sure that no one but Mira could hear the conversation.

"Well, things with Natsu." Lucy whispered and Mira's face lit up.

"As I suspected. You guys are so good together." Lucy flushed fully this time and almost shrieked.

"No, no it's not like that! I mean I guess not…"

"Then what else could it possibly be about?" Lucy struggled with her thoughts. The only other person she ever talked to about this was Levy and she hadn't even talked to her about today and Natsu staring. Levy had said,

"You know, Mira's right, you guys do make a cute couple. I don't see why you're freaking, Luce, it's not that bad."

"But, I'm daydreaming about him now! What if I ruin our relationship, what if he thinks I'm totally crazy? IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO LIKE A GIRL?!" Lucy had practically shouted at Levy and she sighed.

"Lucy, you need to calm down, it's not like he's walked up to you and started making out with you, though, I'm sure you'd enjoy that." Levy smirked and Lucy felt embarrassment rain down on her.

"Maybe you should just talk to hi-" Levy broke off as Natsu approached them and Lucy almost fell over.

End Flashback.

"Okay, I don't know what's wrong with me, I feel so weird around him. I really hope my mind doesn't think it's going to start crushing on him, because I'm totally not ready for that!" Lucy was above a whisper now and panicked at the thought of someone hearing her. More quietly she added, "I kept having visions of us together, we were going to have 33 babies!" Lucy could not get that part out of her mind…

"And worse yet, today at the lake, I caught him staring at me. What does this mean, Mira?" She sounded almost hysterical and Mira smiled gleefully at her.

"Well, maybe you do have a crush on him; certainly sounds that way!" Mira was always so cheerful about things.

"This is bad."

"Why, Natsu's not completely oblivious you know. He probably likes you. Besides he's totally cute and you guys would be great together." She ended with a wink and Lucy stared at her as if she had two heads.

"Yeah, right, like he'd like me…" Lucy felt disappointment now, she felt like it was going to be like any other crush she had- she liked them, they didn't like her.

"I wouldn't doubt that he does, Lucy. I've seen the way you guys are together." Mira said more sternly and Lucy groaned inwardly.

"This is terrible, how am I supposed to figure it out, it's not like I can go up and ask him abou-"

"Ask who about what?" Natsu had bounded over, draping his arm around her shoulders making Lucy scream.

"WHY DO YOU KEEP SCARING ME?!" Lucy cried and eyed Mira angrily because she probably saw him coming. Though, Mira had gone back to innocently wiping the cups dry.

"Sorry, I thought you saw me comin'." Natsu said apologetically, "So, what are you talking about?" Lucy thought he sounded kind of eager, or was it hopeful? Her stupid mind was playing tricks on her again.

"Oh, nothing. Mira and I were just talking." Lucy said flatly, trying not to sound hysterical, and Natsu's eyes dulled a bit.

"Oh, okay. Well, Happy and I are going to get something to eat, I'll see ya around." Natsu walked away with his hands shoved in his pockets, leaving Lucy confused.

"Oh, he so likes you." Mira giggled, facing Lucy once again making her blush.

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