Future Card Buddy Fight: Shun Kyoto's Story


Following the plot of the T.V. series, but adding my characters in it. Give me any thoughts and opinions you have for me! This is my first ever fanfiction, thanks for the support!

Adventure / Other
Patrick Anello
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Chapter 1

At Gao Mikado’s house

“This is the right address, right?” A young teen known as Shun Kyoto asked. He wore a black turtle neck with a black trench coat. His hair was black and his eyes were the color of green. He looked to be 16 in age. “What do you think Zeus?”

Suddenly an old man appeared wearing a business suit appeared. He had a long shaggy white beard and sky blue eye.

“I think you are correct Shun.”

“Ah man, what happens if Gao doesn’t remember me?”

Zeus gave Shun a reassured look. “Do not worry so much. He’s bound to remember you. After all, you are childhood friends.” He replied.

“All right Zeus; let’s go see an old friend.” Shun said as he knocked the door as Zeus disappeared with a smile on his face.

As the door opened, a young mature looking woman had on an apron on which probably meant that she was cooking breakfast. She had on a yellow shirt with blue jeans and tennis shoes. Her blue hair and eyes seemed so calm and tranquil. When she took a closer look at Shun, she seemed completely shocked.

“S-Shun Kyoto, is that really you?” She asked.

“Y-yes Mrs. Mikado, it’s been years since I’ve seen you.”

She suddenly had the urge to embrace Shun which caught him off guard, but he was relieved to know that she missed him.

“Shun, why don’t you come in? I’m sure Gao would like to see you though he’s still asleep even though I’ve woke him up. He’s probably gone asleep again.” Mrs. Mikado said a bit angry with his sons’ behavior.

“Thank you for letting me in your home.” He respectfully said as he entered the residents.

The two made their way to the eating area and found a middle aged man with short black hair and eyes wearing glasses and also a small girl with pink hair and yellow eyes. Before I went to meet the two, I went up to a picture with offerings. It was a picture of a boy with black hair and green highlights who was smiling. I smiled at the sight of the boy as I did a quick prayer for him.

“Oh Takashi, it seems we have a visitor.” Mrs. Mikado informed her husband as he turned around very much surprised.

“Well I’ll be dang, it’s Shun Kyoto. When did you get back?” He asked.

“Today actually, start school today actually and going on the field trip with Gao!”

“Shun, I’m so glad you came back!” The pink haired girl replied with a huge grin on her face.

“I’m happy to see you too Hanako, how have you…….” He never got to finish as he heard a teen boy scream in panic.

They all wondered what happened.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Don’t be made pudding.” Shun heard another voice.

“You slobbered all over me.” And something that sounded like a frying pan sounded the house.

The door swung open to reveal a teen boy that had black hair with red highlights and yellow eyes. He was wearing a blue jacket with a sun t-shirt and blue pants. He was accompanied by a small dragon that was red all over wearing golden armor.

“Hey mom, why didn’t you wake me up? I overslept.” The boy complained.

Mrs. Mikado looked a little upset as she was carrying some drinks.

“I did wake you up, but you must have fallen back to sleep. You’re a big boy now, you should be more responsible and I also think you should say hello to a dear guest of ours.” She informed him.

“A guest?” He asked as he looked around the table to spot Shun.

“Shun! Is that you? I haven’t seen you since you moved 7 years ago. So what brings you back man?” Gao roared with approval as he put his arm around Shun’s shoulder.

“Well it’s a bit complicated. Maybe after the field trip, can I tell you?”

“Sure thing after the……FIELD TRIP! Ah man, I almost forgot! Wait, why do you know about the field trip Shun?” Gao asked.

“Well starting today I’m enrolled in Aoba Academy.” Shun said happily.

“Awesome, but we should hurry.” Gao tried to eat his breakfast really fast, but started to choke a bit.

“Are you ok? Here, drink this.” His mother informed him as he took the drink from her hands and drank as he sighed in relief.

“You going to blame me for that too?” The armored dragon asked him.

“So your class is going to the Photon Metal Mine in Mt. Fuji?” His father asked him.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to seeing where the Cordic cases are being made. Now we might miss it because of me.”

“Don’t worry about that, a Derek scale can fly you there with his buddy skill.” Hanako told him.

“Huh? What do you mean his “buddy skill”?”

“It’s like a special power you get from your buddy monster. It’s different for each person though.”

“Indeed it is.” Shun agreed.

“What are we waiting for? Come on Shun, Drum, let’s go! Catch you on the flip side!” Gao yelled as he dragged the dragon and Shun outside to run.

They stopped at the middle of the sidewalk as he dropped both Drum and Shun.

“Alright Drum, show me some of that buddy skill stuff and fly us over to the school.” Gao commanded.

Drum said nothing in response.

“Huh, well?”

After that, they were force to run to the school.

“What made you think I’d let you use my buddy skill, huh?” The dragon said as the three kept running.

“Uhhhhh, give me a break, we are buddies, aren’t we?” Gao asked as he stopped and tried to grab Drum but failed miserably as he jumped on his head to prevent being caught.

“Gao, you definitely need to cool down man. You always seem to get into trouble this way and it worries me.” Shun said.

“Thanks Shun, but still….” Gao said as he looked at his buddy fighter.

“Well, to be honest with you kid, I’m not sure if I want to be your buddy.” Drum honestly told Gao.

Gao looked mad now.

“Keep it up lizard brain. With or without your dumb buddy skill we’re both going to make it on time for the field trip. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Shun and I want to make the best out of it.”

“Oh yeah, I think you both have missed the bus.” Drum informed the boys as a bus was leaving from a nearby bridge.

“Gah! I blame you for this.” Gao replied the dragon.

“You’re so pathetic. You and your buddy dragon.” Someone suddenly said.

“Come here and say that!” The Sunfighter and Drum Dragon yelled at the same time. Shun was quite, smiled as he heard the familiar voice.

The three of them glared to the person that said this and found a group of people.

“Huh? What are you guys doing here? The field trip was today, right?” Gao asked a bit confused.

After that they all piled up in a van and they headed out to the mines.

“Mr. Neginoyama offered to give us a ride in the school car.” A girl with purple hair and glasses informed the three.

“It’s my pleasure, I’m just happy that everyone will be able to attend and I see you have the new student as well Gao. I heard you would attend our school Shun Kyoto and might I be the first to welcome you, I’m Hitotaba Neginoyama, I’ll be your homeroom teacher from now on.” The old man with green spiked up hair and dizzy glasses said happily.

“Thank you, Mr. Neginoyama.” Shun said and a boy with brown hair and pale green eyes held out his hand.

“Hey there, names Baku Omori and that’s Kuguru Uki. Also this is Kiri Hyoryu.” Baku introduced the kid with light blue hair and purple eyes and the girl.

“And you already know Noboru. I’m so glad you guys waited for us, you guys rock.” Gao said with a cocky smile.

“It wasn’t my idea and I see that Shun hasn’t changed one bit since we were kids, figures.” He replied as he crossed his arms.

“But we all waited for you too Noboru.” Kiri informed him which surprised him.

The other two friends agreed and Shun was smiling at Noboru’s predicament.

Noboru now tried to cover his embarrassment. “Yeah well at least I got to school before Gao and his boneheaded buddy did.” He said, but Drum suddenly appeared from a small light and he was complaining now.

“Who are you calling a bonehead? At least I don’t put jell in my…..”

Noboru quickly shut the dragons’ mouth.

“Huh sir, excuse me, but Gao has his buddy monster out again.” Noboru tattled.

“Wha….” Gao cried.

“You know the rules Mr. Mikado, no monsters allowed. Understood?” The teacher asked Gao.

“Why does that rule exist anyways? Monsters can’t use their attack powers away from the buddy stage, so why can’t they hang out with us? They’re completely and totally harmless.” Kiri asked.

“Yeah, I would like to know why as well?” Shun agreed to Kiri’s question.

“They’re cute, when they’re not annoying.” Kuguru added.

“You see, the reasoning is all monsters are, huh not limited to dragons by the ways, are beings that come here from other worlds. So they could be very dangerous or so some believe.”

Drum returned into a card as he went back in Gao’s hand.

“Drum dangerous?” Gao said as he went in deep thought as they continued their drive to the mines.

During the drive a phone was ringing.

“Sir, your phone is ringing.” Kiri tried to inform Mr. Neginoyama.

“Cell phones are not allowed while driving, besides we will be at the mine soon I could check my messages then.” He replied as he kept driving on.

Shun could sense something bad was going to happen and he needed to be ready for it.

As they arrived to their destination, it looked like they were the only ones to arrive.

“It’s unusually quite isn’t it?” Kuguru said a bit unsure.

“Yeah and where’s the bus?” Baku added.

“Photon Metal Mine, maybe I’ll be able to find something here that’ll make me stronger at buddy fighting.” Gao started off as he started to head in.

Shun was now worried for his friends safety.

“Gao wait!”

“Everyone, head right back in the bus at once! The school trip has been cancelled.” The green haired teacher suddenly announced in a panic.

“Why, did something happen?”

“They’re reporting some sort of accident; the buses are already heading back.” Mr. Neginoyama.

“Uh sir, Gao just took off with Shun trying to stop him, toward the mine.” Noboru informed the teacher.

Back with Gao and Shun, they looked at their surroundings and there were huge holes different sizes among the builds.

“What happened here?” Gao thought.

“Gao, why did you leave? You could get hurt.” Shun said as he was catching his breath.

“Shun, don’t worry, I just wanted to check……Huh?” He looked and saw a mysterious figure with silver hair and blue eyes. He was accompanied by Armorknight Cerberus.

Shun could feel the intense darkness from him and put his hand on his right eye in frustration.

“Surrender, we have you surrounded!” A robot voice commanded as multiple machines appeared in front of the two.

The mysterious figure held up a grey case and smiled.

“Mission accomplished, I have my Photon medal…..” He replied as his monster howled in approval. He dropped the case in midair as the case fell in a dark hole which vanished. “…I’m going to enjoy this power this will give me.”

His body was in cast with a dark aura.

“I cast, Thunder Devastation!” He announced as he came down with a his dark staff and made a thunder shockwave.

Shun was now very upset as the machines were immobilized where they stood from the shock. This wasn’t how you should use buddy cards, he thought to himself.

“Hey, I’m pretty sure that’s a card from the Danger World. So I’m guessing this guy might be a buddy fighter too.” Gao said a bit shocked.

“Hey what gives? Are you trying to leave me out or what?” Drum suddenly said as he appeared beside Gao.

“Stay back you shouldn’t be here.”

“Who are those two?” The mysterious person said as his Cerberus went to attack the three.

“Game on!” Drum announced as he tried to counter with his drill, but failed as he was blown backwards.

Gao and Shun went to the injured dragons side.

“Drum! You ok?”

“This isn’t….buddy fighting…..this is…..something weird…you two should….get to somewhere….safe.” Drum told the two boys as he shut his eyes in exhaustion.

“Drum, wake up!” Gao cried desperately.

“You want to play too, little humans? Come on.” The Cerberus mocked them.

“I’ll get you for what you did to Drum, you mutant furball!” Gao went to the front in a fighting stance, Shun next to him in reply.

“We’ll take him down together.” Shun stated.

The man in black smiled in amusement as he struck his staff in the ground.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” He said as he came running towards the two with quick speed. “Let me take a closer look!”

He tried to attack the two boys, but the fended off the attacks and Shun got a clear punch to his chest as he staggered away as he held his stomach.

“Not bad.”

“Don’t expect me to go easy on ya!” The three headed dog stated as he went straight at Gao and Shun.

As the monster was going to strike, a man with brown hair and green eyes interfered by blocking the attack. He was also wearing green outfit with shoulder pads.

“Criminal Buddy Fighter identified!” The man said.

“The Buddy Police?” The long haired criminal said a bit shocked.

The man flew high in the air “Buddy Police barrier. You two better get out of here now.” The cop replied as a barrier of light surrounded the mines.

“This is a Buddy Police barrier?” Gao said impressed.

Shun knew this wasn’t going to work against an opponent as strong as this.

“Shun, should I assist you?” Zeus said quietly to Shun without anyone else hearing.

“No, not yet, I want to see how this plays out first.”

“This force field cannot be penetrated or broken until the buddy fight is over until one of our card core holders are destroyed. Now, pull out your deck and prepare yourself.” The cop announced as he hovered over the criminal.

The mysterious criminal smirked. “With pleasure, Drill Bunker!” He cried as he held out a card that spewed out a blue blast headed straight for the buddy cop.

“Move out of the way!” Shun cried, but luckily the cop was able to dodge the blast, but his core case was destroyed instantly as the barrier seized to exist.

Another blast came toward the cop and imploded which injured him as he was on the ground holding his damaged card case.

“I’ve never seen an ability like that before. He destroyed my core gadget with one blow.” He said as his blue core fell out of the card case and went to pieces.

“You worked your last shift Buddy cop. Time to punch out!” The black robed figure announced as he ran up to finish the job.

Suddenly, a huge armored green dragon came flying from the skies and attacked with his claws, but the robed man blocked it with his dark staff as he was forced back. A man appeared flying in with long light blue hair and red eyes. He also wore something similar to the other buddy cop, but was in his own style and it was the same color as his hair.

“Tasuku Ryuenji, you’re just in time!” He pointed at him.

“Who are you, you outlaw and what were you about to do to Mr. Takihara?” The young teen asked a bit angry.

The criminal put his hand on his hip. “They call me, the “Wolf”.” He replied with a satisfied smirk.

Gao came up holding Drum on his back with Shun in front glaring at the masked man.

“Gao is that you and who’s that with you? You both get out of here. Let me deal with this. Go back to the van with your friends.” Tasuku said to the two boys.

“Not a chance, you can’t be alone with this guy. He’s too powerful.” Gao informed the buddy cop.

“He won’t be alone, I’ll support him. Zeus, let’s go!” Shun stated as an old man with grey hair and a shaggy beard with blue eyes appeared next to Shun.

He was wearing a white tunic and his body was full of muscles.

“I will fight by your side, my mortal friend.” The god replied as he held a bolt of lightning in his hand.

Both Gao and Tasuku were shocked to see Shun have a buddy, more less a powerful one. The masked man was intrigued as well.

“Shun, you’re a buddy fighter?” Gao said astounded.

Shun smiled at his friend’s shock face. “It’s a long story Gao, I’ll tell you after this whole mess is over.” He promised.

“I can’t let you fight. I don’t want you or Gao to get hurt.”

“The more the merrier right? Let’s see who reviews the stronger fighter, show me your events!” The masked man yelled as he used the top of his staff that look like a drill toward the ground to create a crack in the ground towards Tasuku and his dragon, but they dodged it as they retreated to Gao and Shun’s side.

“Now I get it, that isn’t a buddy skill at all.” The cop said displeased.

“Huh, then what is it?” Gao asked confused.

“Commander I, requesting the use of Future Force.” He looked up at the sky, probably a satellite.

He then flew higher to the sky.

“Time to release…..the Future Force!” Tasuku cried as his core gadget glowed and changed appearance and so did he as his hair grew longer. He emitted a golden glow from his body.

“Now, time to test it out, I equip Drago Blade!” He announced as he held out a card that shinned and he was equipped with steel boots, gauntlets, and a huge sword.

“Wow that is unbelievable. Tasuku somehow made the power of the cards real.” Gao said amazed.

“I would usually use this when it’s an emergency, but I guess it’s a better time for anything. Time to call out……..Future Eye!” Shun yelled as his right eye suddenly glowed and engulfed him until he was completely a different person.

Shun’s hair changed into a white color with black streaks coming down and his eyes was now two different colors, the right was a golden yellow that glowed while the other one was a dark crimson red. He flew next to the blue haired cop.

“I equip Divinity Staff!” The white haired man said as he did the same trick as Tasuku, but what appeared in Shun’s hand was an ancient staff with a four colorful gems circling a golden orb at the tip.

“B-but how…..” The cop said in amazement, though he looked to be familiar somehow.


The masked man was equally surprised.

“Did you just say Future Force and that eye…..” He said as he flew in the air as well as he confronted to the two boys. “….how can you two have such a thing?”

“Wolf was it? This is how we treat criminals in my jurisdiction. Shun, I’ll accept your help, thanks.” Tasuku said as he charged at the criminal with Shun close behind.

“Don’t worry, I’ll support you.”

“Drago Blade…” He cried as he jumped in the air behind the masked man. “…miss me!” He slashed his sword, but the man blocked it.

He slashed multiple times before he kicked the Wolf’s stomach and he headed toward Shun. He chanted a spell as a golden fist appeared out of thin air and made contact with Wolf as he spiraled to a different direction. Tasuku wasn’t looking as the Cerberus was coming for a clear shot at him.

“Oh no you don’t, Athena’s Shield!” Shun cast from his deck as a clear barrier surrounded the cop and the three headed beast also spiraled in mid air.

The green dragon, known as Jack, came flying in and kicked the dog out of the way. He came for another attack, but the dog made a counter attack with its drills. As they fought, Zeus casted multiple attacks of lightning that successfully hit Armorknight Cerberus as he came to attack the got as well, with no success as he shielded himself in a barrier along with Jack.

Back to the three human fighters, Wolf was forced on the ground.

“Equip Pascaric Spear….” He casted as another spear appeared from his hand, but was red in color. “….you two have some skills, but not to defeat a warrior like me!”

He flew up again and tried to spear Tasuku, but dodged and went behind him and he tried his luck against Shun as he brought his spears to strike, but he teleported from his sight next to the buddy cop. They both did a combined attack as Tasuku kicked Wolf in the back while Shun casted a wind spell and forced him back as the cop did multiple hits to the dark figure.

The two both descended back to the ground to see if the other cop was alright. The Drago Blade disappeared from the blue haired boy.

“Hey Mr. Takihara, are you alright?”

“Y-yeah…..” He had trouble saying.

Shun went next to the injured cop and held out his hand.

“Sir, if you don’t mind, I’ll heal your wounds. I cast Apollo’s Aura!” He announced as a ray of light engulfed Takihara and when the process was done, his wounds were healed.

“H-how did you do that? Was it the power of Future Force?” Takihara asked.

“No sir, but I’ll gladly explain later. Right now, we must stop this “Wolf” character.” Shun replied.

Gao came running up to the three, with drum still on his back.

“Why are the card powers real? How come you completely changed Shun? What is going on?” He had a lot of questions.

Tasuku sighed as he looked up at Gao.

“I asked you guys to get out of here. Please this is top secret buddy police business.”

“I just thought maybe you might want to use this.” Gao said as he held out the card known as “Gargantua Punisher”.

“And why’s that?” He asked confused.

“So you will be able to defeat this guy, that’s why.”

Tasuku pondered for a moment before saying, “But that card belongs to you now.”

“But I can still lend it to you. We both know the power of this card; you’ve got to stop him. He hurt Drum and he could hurt others” Gao stated.

“I don’t need it.”

Takihara smiled at this. “Take it for their sakes, after all, this young man healed up my wounds.” He said.

“If you think so, thanks Gao and I will use it if necessary.” He thanked as he accepted the card as it changed from Gao’s picture to his.

“Tasuku, if you’ll accept, please, let me help you. I want to help out in any way I can.” Shun said as he looked at the cop with determination.

He thought for a moment before he gave him a small smile. “I’ll gladly accept your offer, Shun.”

They both looked as Wolf got up to his feet with his three headed beast at his side.

“Who also knew they both would possess that kind of power, we’re backing off.” The Cerberus dog stated.

“You’re not going anywhere, Buddy Police Barrier!” Tasuku cried as the same barrier from before came down surrounding the mine.

“No barrier in the world can hold me!” Wolf said as he threw one of his spears at Tasuku’s core gadget, but was deflected off by Shun’s barrier spell.

Wolf was now frustrated.

“The only chance for you to escape is to beat us in a buddy fight. Come forth, assemble dragon army. Dragonic Force, luminesce!” He announced as he readied five floating cards appeared from Tasuku’s core gadget.

“Let the twelve Olympian gods protect us, luminesce!” Shun cried as he also summoned cards from his book core gadget.

“You both are fools, dark luminesce! Savage steel.” Wolf mocked as he held out his dark spear and five cards came flying out from the tip.

“Raise the Flag!” The three fighters yelled as their respective buddy fighters held each of their flag in ready to battle.

“I’m going to call Extreme Sword Dragon to my center position” The cop said as a huge red dragon appeared wearing silver armor and held a sword in hand.

The dragon immediately charged at Wolf and slashed at him as he guarded from the attack. The dark player was down to 7 life points.

“Equip, with Histeric Spear! Armorknight Eagle to the left, buddy call Armorknight Cerberus to the right.” He said as a huge eagle appeared with a lot of artillery on its back went to the left as the three headed dog from before went to the right. He also gained back a life point, so he was up to eight.

“Now go Cerberus, take over Eagle!” Wolf commanded as the dog attacked his own buddy and he suddenly was consumed in flames which subsided a few minutes before it took on affect.

“This is not good, Cerberus’s ability is to make another monster his own, if attacked his soul takes his place so he won’t take any damage. So in other words……” Tasuku said.

“A soul guard.” Shun finished his statement.

“Armorknight Ogre to the left, go forth and attack the foolish cop along with Cerberus!” He called as an armored ogre appeared with a huge club and both his monster went to attack Tasuku.

“Not so fast, I cast Hecate Switch, with this counter spell, instead of having Tasuku being attacked; it will go directly to me!” Shun explained as a magic circle appeared in front of the two monsters as they disappeared into it. After a few moments, the magic circles appeared in front of Shun and the monsters advanced to strike, regardless of who it was. Shun defended himself from the attack as he was up to now four life points.

Tasuku was shocked at what this teen did for him.

“Shun, are you alright?”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. It’s my turn now; I cast a special spell, Gauge Control! When this is in play, our gauge is increased by three cards since my life points are 4. Now that I have five gauges, I can now cast, Partner Switch! With this, I give up my attack phase so my partner may take my turn.”

“Wait, what? What’s with these spell cards?” Wolf said a bit pissed off.

“Shun, but……”

“Tasuku, I know we’ll win. Take the final phase.” Shun told him.

As he smiled at Shun, he went back to look serious at Wolf.

“Dagger to the left, equip with Drago Blade!” He said as he a purple dragon with armor went to the left and he summoned the same sword from earlier.

Wolf looked alarmed. “No…he can’t….”

Tasuku made his way toward the masked man along with his dragons and he and Dagger Dragon took the first hit together lowering his life points to three.

“Now Jack, attack him!”

“Jack Battle Blade!” The green dragon cried as a huge blade appeared from his head and he went right at for Wolf.

“Man, look at him go.” Gao said impressed.

“Now, I cast…Battle Aura Circle!” Wolf countered as a red aura surrounded him and which made Jack back off.

“Impressive, I’ll give him that.” Shun said.

“I survived your triple attack. I’ll always be one step ahead of you.” Wolf bragged as he looked like he was out of breath.

“Using the Battle Aura Circle was a smart choice, without a monster in your center, you can mummify my attack. Too bad for you, I expected you to use that. Time for my counter spell…I cast….Dragonic Charge….”

“You’re going to increase your gauge now?”


“Alright!” Gao yelled in approval.

“Finish the final blow, Tasuku!” The magic user said.

A huge dragon hand appeared from dark clouds as they reached down for a gigantic sword that was chained up, but was unleashed and the whole sword was on fire.

“Remember it well, this is way of justice that turns away evil. Gargantua Punisher!”

“Tasuku Ryuenji, Shun Kyoto….I’ll seek my revenge on both of you upon my last breath.” Wolf stated as he was hit with the full blow of the sword.

Suddenly, the barrier was fading away.

“Error, the barrier is now off!” An announcement from Tasuku’s deck holder replied.

Shun could suddenly feel a greater evil in the area.

“No…I don’t understand…” The buddy cop was most confused, but then he heard lighting from the skies and Shun was now in full attack mode.

Purple lightning suddenly flashed down on Wolf and his buddy and they both vanished.

“The Buddy Police Barrier, it just disappeared.”

After the ordeal, it was now the afternoon and a squad of the buddy police appeared to contain the area and make sure everything was safe. The buddy police were amazed at the recovery that Mr. Takihara had received from Shun and were curious of how he received this power so he and Tasuku took Shun to talk.

“Again, let me say, I’m grateful for what you did for me. If you hadn’t healed my wounds with that mysterious power of yours, I’d be out of work for a week, thanks.” The older police buddy cop said as he shook Shun’s hand.

“I was just doing what I thought was right.”

“Speaking of that “mysterious power”, where did you obtain such a thing? I was told that we only had this kind of power, but yours goes without a use of a core gadget?” He asked a bit intrigued.

“Well, let me just say, I received this power when my….parents died.” Shun said, choking up a bit.

Both the cops were very confused at this.

“What do you mean by this?” Mr. Takihara said.

“It happened 7 years ago after we moved away from Japan. We were getting everything ready in our new house. My…mother wanted me to go and grab some groceries for her. Of course I did what I was told, but when I returned….the house was in flames….” He started out and the cops faces were in complete shock. “…..I was so shocked to see such a sight, that I went in without thinking. I tried to find my parents, which with luck I did only to find them stuck on a huge wooden plank. I cried as I was trying to set my parents free, but it was no use. I didn’t want to leave them in such a condition, but my mother and father told me to be strong and live on. A sudden fire of wooden I didn’t notice was heading for me, but with my parents free hands, they pushed me out of the way and………” Shun couldn’t take it anymore as he cried. The buddy cops didn’t know what to say to this, even on the other line of the buddy police headquarters, the whole team was shocked.

“Shun, it’s alright if you don’t want to tell us such a painful memory.” Tatsuku informed him, but Shun nodded his head.

“N-no, you have to listen till the very end and so does your Commander. I know he’s listening. After the incident of my house turned to ashes I decided to run away, bearing the shame and guilt of my parent’s death. I wished that I could have done something to prevent such a thing from happening. I guess it worked to well as I began to feel a power grow inside me and suddenly I could feel a great power in my left eye. I never really understood why until Zeus showed up and helped me and from that moment on, he was my buddy partner. Now you know how I got Future Eye.” Shun replied a bit miserable.

“….I’m sorry for your parents Shun and thank you for explaining and by the way, do you have anywhere to live?” The blue haired teen asked concerned.

“I think I’ll be alright, I was going to ask the Mikado’s if they could let me stay with them since Gao’s parents and mine were so close when I used to live here.”

“Well, if that’s the case, than that will be all. Thank you for your help with that criminal and Shun, if you want somebody to talk to or need some help, let me know.” Tasuku told Shun as he handed a buddy card and a slip of paper with his phone number on it.

“Thanks Tasuku, I will. I’ll be seeing you later, you too Mr. Takihara.” Shun said as he raced off to join Gao and the gang.

Tasuku smiled as he walked to the entrance of the mines to meet up with the green haired professor.

“Thanks sir, you be careful on your way back, ok?”

“Indeed, you boys have it really rough, don’t ya? Give my regards to Commander I.” The professor said as he took his leave.

“Please I just have to know. What were those special powers, you, Wolf, and Shun were using?” Gao asked suddenly as he approached the cop with Drum on his back.

“It’s better you don’t know. Buddies Fights a fun game and you’re my best opponent. Don’t let what you saw today change that for us….” He replied as he took out the card he lent from Gao. “…Here.”

Gao seemed a bit disappointed. “Yeah, just….. what I mean is…” He did say much as he took the card.

“Please, it’s for the best and please tell your friend Shun we’ll be keeping close eye on him.” Tasuku insisted.

“Shun…. yeah, sure!”

After that it was pretty much a better ending to an exhausting day.

As Shun arrived back with Gao to his place, Shun explained his situation to the Mikado’s and questions quickly were answered. Surprisingly, Mrs. Mikado was willing to let Shun stay with them and Gao was thrilled to have his childhood friend stay with him.

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