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The Missing Teacher


Lucy, Violet, Cookie and I were at school. Our math teacher Ms Daisy was not in her room but first we thought she was absent. Two weeks she was not in class at all. Read this book to find out who took her or she ran away.

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Chapter 1

I wake up and texted my best friend Violet and Lucy in the group call Purple that Lucy names.


I : Good morning Violet and Lucy

Violet: Good morning

I: Lucy !

Violet: probably she is not up yet

I: Yes. Violet will come in 20 minutes

Violet: Sure

I was walking to get my dress from the closets and my mom comes in helps me to the bathroom. I handed my clothes to her. Trina walks in and put my crutches near my bedroom. Probably she feels bad for push me but it was so wired that my sister will packed my backpack for me. I put on my dress, grab my crutches and my mom told me to go downstairs slowly. Trina is waiting for me and let me touch her. I heard the door rang and Trina runs to the door and open it. Violet was come in and help me put my crutches near the door. Trina and Violet let me use them to walk to the dinning table and I eat a lovely meal of pancakes. After I finished setting my breakfast Trina goes and grab my crutches and give it to me. Violet goes and get my shoes. Trina and Violet helps me put on my shoes.

We arrived at school and we saw Cookie. Why is Lucy? I heard the bell rangs for the home room. We are walking to class. Monday we don’t have math class.

After school ended

Violet and I was walking to see what is wrong. We knocks at her doors and her mother Jennifer comes and open the door.

“Hi! Jennifer How is Lucy?”I ask.

“She vomited at midnight and she have a little bit of a fever,”Jennifer answer. We knows that can’t be nears her or else we will catch the cold. Me and Violet went to each of our house.

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