Cats of the past

It was a bright sunny day when Olivekit stepped outside the camp. Birds called from high above in the pines and squirrels raced to find new nests. The high tops of the forest weren't the only things scurrying with life though. Mice, shrews, and voles searched for food and nests, diving under the roots of trees once they heard the slightest sound.

A crow let out a noisy "Caw" as it flew from it's roost in the pines. It's noisy flapping wings scared the prey in the forest and caused Olivekit to loss her chance of a meal before she got to Thunderclan. "Foxdung" Olivekit cussed. At this rate she was never going to get out of Shadowclan territory and certainly not by nightfall.

The pain in her leg had only grown since she'd left the camp and she didn't know enough about herbs to find some to ease the pain. Gritting her teeth Olivekit leaped at an unsuspecting mouse. The mouse let out a terrified "Squeak." and bit her but Olivekit didn't let go. Instead she bit into it's neck and silenced it.

Even if it was an extremely messy kill at least she wouldn't go hungry. Olivekit looked over the mouse and her gut growled in hunger. I should save this for later. Olivekit decided. Even if it would mean going hungry she would need to prove herself to Thunderclan.

Olivekit slipped on the slick leaves covering the forest floor. Water had pooled up in them from the rain storms that had been hitting the clans this new-leaf.

Olivekit looked around the forest was so peaceful. Why did she have to get up? Couldn't she just stay here?

Looking up towards the sky she knew she had to get going. The sun was high up and shinning directly towards the lake. It would start heading down soon and Olivekit wanted to make it to the Shadowclan border when the Thunderclan dusk patrol did. To do that she needed to leave the clearing now.

Olivekit sighed one last time before getting up. Instantly she fell back down. Her legs were tired from walking and the only thing that had kept her going was walking. When she had slipped and rested her legs had finally given out.

Pushing herself up against the tree Olivekit panted. Her legs screamed in pain. She couldn't keep going like this. All she wanted was to become a warrior but Olivekit realized that she would give that up just for things to go back to normal. She should rest here until a patrol found her then she could go back, more importantly things could go back to normal.

No I don't want to go back. Olivekit lied to herself. They're the ones who gave up on me. Why should I go back to them? She remembered her mother who had abandoned her, her father who had betrayed her and her sister who had told her to leave camp. She was never going back to them. Never.

In that moment all her determination unraveled and fell away. It was a lie to say she wanted to be a warrior more than go back. It was a lie to say that she didn't care what they thought. It was a lie to say that she didn't want thing to go back to normal but it was also a lie that any of that was possible.

Olivekit pushed herself up and even though it stung she bent down and picked up the mouse she had caught. She would make it. She told herself as she pushed her way trough agonizing step after agonizing step.

All the way to the Thunderclan border. Olivekit thought.

The sent markings of Thunderclan grew stronger as Olivekit approached the border and the sun fell down casting a shadow on the forest and turning it all kinds of oranges, yellows and reds.

Soon she came to a place where the Shadowclan scent and the Thunderclan scent mingled. Stopping here she slumped down and rested, waiting for a Thunderclan patrol to pass.

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