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Oh No, Not Again! - Drabble

By Tristan McLucas

Drama / Fantasy

Oh no, not again!

During the times of yore, back to the era of an early Japan, the palace was endlessly hectic, never a moment of rest. Princess Mari screamed through the narrow hallway, footsteps almost deafening the nearby guards, although the several gentlemen merely rolled their eyes at the scene, having the usual thought in mind 'not this again'. A chuckle slipped from ones lips, the guard slanted towards the other beside him, only to let out a whisper, clearly aiming the words towards the young screaming princess.

"Ah, this show, I wonder what's happened this time." The guard cackled faintly, attracting the princess's attention within seconds.

"Go to hell." Mari snapped, a spiteful expression painted upon her features, a look of pure thunder even. "Try living with an idiot brother and you'll see how it is."

Ah, this episode once again, it was on repeat it seemed. The episode in where her brother, Prince Masayoshi, tempted the guard that shielded the chamber doors, the guard in which Mari took an interest in. The prince and his beloved guardian were currently outdoors in the courtyard having a meal together, and as cheerful as he was he ended up letting out a cackle of amusement the moment Mari stepped out of her bedroom door, especially since the window beside her room had the courtyard on show. Mari merely watched with a look of disgust, before beginning to cuss under her breath at the scenery. It was true, Princess Mari was indeed envious of her brother, Prince Masayoshi, she felt he had every wondrous piece of luck thrown at him, and she truly felt he was the lucky one.

"Sir Goto-san, this is absolutely delicious." Prince Masayoshi commented, tasting yet another spoonful of this dish of mild curry, a new flavour, a nice spice was added to it. "Did you cook this yourself, Goto-san?" He asked politely, casting a mere gaze up towards the stern guard, a genuine beam along his lips.

"It was requested from the chef that I'd bring this plate of curry to you." Gotou stated dryly in response to the other, smiling bitterly.

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