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Photographs and Their Defiance

By inkyreads

Romance / Humor


31/3/00, he doesn’t mind photographs

Harry Potter was running late to the photo shoot he promised he would do for his best friend. He blamed it on the cute Starbucks barista who was definitely chatting him up. He could only hope that he wouldn’t trip and spill coffee all over himself as he jogged to the studio.

“Fuck me. This is why I shouldn’t go to Starbucks before a session,” muttered Harry. “I’m always late to these things. Why the hell do people keep hiring me?” He sipped his coffee calmly before checking the time.


“Oh shit.”

Harry was wheezing by the time he made it to the studio, “Damn stairs.” He didn’t bother with making himself look presentable (or at least what he thought was presentable. Harry’s standards were different from normal people’s) before stumbling into the room.

Click. Flash.

“What the-” Harry rubbed his eyes with a hand. As the spots slowly cleared up, he was able to see the man who would be the photographer. The blond man smirked at him before turning his attention to the camera display.

“My name’s Draco Malfoy,” said the man. He continued with a confident tone and a wicked smirk, “No wonder Ms. Abbott hasn’t fired you yet. You look good even when you’re gasping for breath.”

Harry tried to hide the blush he was sporting.

20/4/01, he sure does make an easy target

The second time they met was at a party.

Harry was spread across a royal blue sofa hugging a pillow to his chest with one hand, and the other in a bowl of Chex mix. His attention was focused on the giant T.V. screen playing a children’s animated movie.

Click. Flash.

His emerald green eyes widened in shock. There was a moment of silence before he heard a low chuckle from across the room. His eyes met with amused grey.

“Hi,” said Harry softly. “Do you want to watch Big Hero 6 with me?”

Harry sat up and made room for Draco on the small sofa. They shuffled around for a few seconds more before getting comfortable. Harry ignored the pleasant tingle going through his body at being so close to the other man.

As the night dragged on, they found themselves inching closer and closer towards each other.

The morning found them wrapped up together on the royal blue sofa.

31/7/01 intermission 1

Harry blinked wildly when a paper brown wrapped package suddenly appeared on his lap as if it was magic-ed there. His attention turned to the blond man standing before him.

“Your...friend, Hermione Granger, told me that your birthday is today and insisted that I buy you a present.”

The model found it odd that the photographer was blushing, but dispelled the thought.

“You didn’t have to do that, Draco,” said Harry with a grin. “But thank you! I’m sure you got me something lovely.”

Draco fiddled awkwardly with his camera, cleared his throat and said, “Right then. I best be off.” He turned on his heel and was about to make a speedy getaway but Harry interrupted his disappearing act.

“Don’t you want to watch me open it? I mean, don't you want to see my reaction? Or at least let me thank you properly once I open it up."

“I-” Harry shot him a pleading look. “Okay.” Draco was defeated by Harry Potter’s emerald green eyes yet again.

The birthday boy made quick work of the wrapping paper to reveal a hardback book. Could it be? Harry had rambled about it once to Draco, but he hadn’t thought that he had actually been listening to Harry’s inane chatter. He carefully touched the blue cover of the book with trembling hands. No one had ever given Harry anything like this before - something that he truly wanted, that he had coveted for ages.

“Where did you find this?”

“I have connections.”

The curt reply made Harry giggle, “Of course you do, Malfoy heir.” Harry’s eyes met Draco’s grey ones. His green eyes sparkled prettily like the jewels that they were. “Thank you for listening."

17/5/02, he’s not afraid to laugh

Harry was back at the Starbucks that had caused him to be late two years ago. Except this time he was on time, and he was waiting for Draco, who so happened to be late. His lips twitched upwards.

Knowing Draco Malfoy was an adventure. They were constantly visiting obscure places - cityscapes and landscapes alike - trying to capture the perfect photograph.

Being in a relationship with Draco was even better. Just last month Draco had surprised the model at the airport with a suitcase in hand and a soft smile (“Malfoys don’t smile, Harry.”). Harry was glad he didn’t have to sleep alone in an opulently decorated hotel room.

He smiled to himself as he remembered the trip.

Click. Flash.

Harry rolled his eyes in pretend exasperation.

2/7/03, he asked

The jet-black haired man was slumped on the floor with a plate of cake at his side. He lazily ate the chocolaty goodness while he watched his boyfriend work a last minute shoot for some company trying to advertise crap for the Fourth of July.

He didn’t understand the point of even trying to advertise at this point, but he kept his opinion to himself and sent sympathetic eyes to the models.

Overall, Harry was just glad he had cake. He was fucking starving. He shoved a large piece into his mouth.

Click. Flash.

Harry scowled.

16/8/03 intermission 2

“Potter, what are you doing?” asked Draco. He couldn’t believe his boyfriend was a model. All the ones he had met were usually full of themselves and cold yet here was the antithesis of that. Draco was broken out of his thoughts when Harry replied.

“Having a staring contest with your cat, of course.”

“Yes, of course.”

“I’m allergic to cats.”


Harry waved his hand as if he were dismissing a secretary from his office. “Don’t worry, Dray. Phai is a British Shorthair so he doesn’t make my allergies act up too much. I’m not going to die.” Harry rolled his eyes playfully.

“You lost.”

“Phai wins again. Round 14.”

24/9/04, in defiance

Green eyes swept over the image.

His boyfriend was sprawled out on the bed, his breathing calm and consistent, his eyes hidden from the world. Harry softly played with Draco’s hair before picking up the camera on the bedside table and setting it on a pillow for later. He smirked deviously.

A single finger trailed around Draco’s naked chest before gently flicking a nipple. The finger circled around, and slowly made it’s way down to Draco’s pants.

Harry leisurely pumped Draco’s cock, occasionally glancing up to look at his partner’s face for signs of waking. He took his time prepping himself; his partner would certainly love this wake up call.

A moan escaped Harry’s lips as he lowered himself onto Draco. His eyes slipped closed once he had taken all of his boyfriend’s cock.

Click. Flash.


28/8/05, because I don’t ask for his autograph in defiance

Draco pushed Harry roughly, making his back hit the wall with a thump. There was no pause to check whether he was okay but rather a Draco aggressively sucking and kissing at his neck.

“Oh god.”

Draco hoisted a stocking clad leg around his waist before grinding against Harry’s hard cock.

“Dra-ay!” Harry panted as his boyfriend continued to ground their hips together and suck at his neck. “We can’t do this here, darling.”

“Fuck, Harry, you just look so fucking hot.” He kissed Harry one more time before letting his leg go and taking a step back.

“If I knew wearing a Nurse Joy costume would make you horny, I would’ve done it a long time ago.” whispered Harry. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the cool wall. He looked utterly debauched despite their lack of actual sex.

Click. Flash.

Draco would definitely be looking at this later. In his bedroom. Alone (with the company of his hand - imagining that it was Harry’s thin one instead).

“It’s not Nurse Joy. You just look really fucking hot in a dress and stockings.”

14/11/05 intermission 3

His eyelids fluttered shut when he felt Draco’s pale hands carding through his messy hair. The pooling heat that had previously filled his body was being replaced by something else. The transition from pure arousal to comforting warmth was undeniable.

He remembered when these moments were rare, when there was no chance that their passion would peaceably reach this sweet affection. It hadn’t always been like this as every relationship was never so in-sync when they first start off.

He remembered when it felt awkward and off sync. Draco would rush to get his clothes on and stutter out an excuse about having a photo shoot that he had to attend for whatever reason. The model would lie in bed and try to forget the prickle bothering his eyes and the sting of heartache.

Out of the blue month after month of the strangeness had finally been sorted out. Skin would touch skin with a hint of hesitation, but there was no movement to back away. They found each other falling asleep with the other wrapped around them. Delicate touches lulled the other to sleep; Draco was beginning to realize that the wakeful world was better than the dreamland he sometimes slipped into while he was with his Harry.

Harry had truly tamed a dragon.

5/6/06, it’s nice to think that you are always wanted

Harry opened his mouth wide. His eyes were filled with hunger.

Draco eyed him carefully.

The model wiggled his eyebrows seductively.

Draco snorted.

The eyebrow waggling speed doubled.

Draco tossed a piece of chocolate at his boyfriend.

Harry pulled a silly face when it hit him square in the face.

Click. Flash.

“I love you.”


“Happy birthday, Dray.”

31/12/07, we found a way to make it stay

Harry let out a breath and slowly relaxed into Draco. He smiled softly when he felt Draco rub his lower back.

“Mm, thank you.” murmured Harry. He pressed a kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek. When he pulled back, he saw Draco looking at him with an odd expression. “What?”

“I just really love you.” The photographer frowned slightly as if loving Harry was a confusing thought.

“I really love you too.”

Click. Flash.

It was a wonky picture of Harry smiling sleepily.

31/10/07 intermission 4

Green and grey exchanged words silently.

The model was caught in the photographer’s arms. More silent words were exchanged except through hugs this time.

The model’s knees buckled and his heart began to stutter painfully. The anniversary of death was never easy on him. The photographer held him up with his strong arms.

“Harry.” The silence was broken - it had a domino effect on the trembling man. The tears began to flow freely and his shoulders shook furiously. “Let me take care of you.”


“Do you trust me?” Draco promised himself that he would not be disappointed if Harry couldn’t trust him. It was understandable if he couldn’t, reasoned Draco.

Green eyes caught his greys again. The pain pulsed through the jeweled eyes.

Draco tugged him closer and whispered sweet nothings into his ear.

19/02/08, i fell in love again with defiance

“Marry me?”

Harry stopped mid catwalk. “W-what?”

“Let’s get married.”

The model stared at the photographer.

Click. Flash.

“What the fuck? Draco.”

“You weren’t saying anything.”

“No.” Harry sent him a bewitching smile.

Click. Flash.

“You look beautiful.”

19/1/09, of defiance

“Good morning, husband.” whispered Draco with a playful tone.

“Shut up, Dray.”

“Ouch. That hurt.” Oh, how Harry hated that stupid smirk on his blond husband’s stupid face.

“It’s too early for this.”

“It’s twelve o’clock.”


“Don’t you have a photo shoot at two?”

“Ah, fuck.”

“If you want.” Draco winked.


“You are the best husband in the world.”

“I know.” Harry leaned in for a kiss.

Click. Flash.

It was the first picture Draco had taken of them together.

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