Broken Smile

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

White light was all Luke could see. He didn’t like it one bit and he wished that he had stayed asleep, his hearing wasn’t that good either; all he could hear was delayed echoes of people’s footsteps and speech but he ignored them best he could until he heard the word ‘kid’ be repeated about a dozen times. He looked around, he blurred double vision wasn’t friendly to his burning aching headache; it also wasn’t nice to wake up to see not one but two Han Solo’s. Han’s face was a sight of worry and delightfulness, “Kid can you hear me?” He asked putting his hand on Luke’s shoulder.

“Yes.” Luke muttered, even his own voice had a delayed echo, “Where am I?” He questioned.

“We’re back on Sullust; all the remaining rebels have been allowed to seek a home here for the time being.” Han told him, “Luke you nearly died, I mean nearly died---died.” Han told him with true sorrow in his heart.

“I didn’t though.” Luke replied with a smirk on his face, he noticed that Han didn’t smile back, “How long has it been?”

“Back of Endor, you started having a seizure; it wouldn’t stop whatever we tried. When it did, you heart had stopped and we thought that was it, but a medical team response was fast when they knew Luke Skywalker was in need of aid.” Han started, “That was two months ago.” He said looking into the eyes of his second closest friend following Chewbacca; Leia wasn’t a friend as such, more of a partner.

“Two months?” Luke said in shock, “How’s Leia?” He questioned.

“She has hardly left your side, through the fever dreams; the screaming in your sleep – you did that a lot. When she did leave your side, Lando, Chewie or I had to stay here just in case you died; she didn’t want you to ever die alone and we were here if you woke up.” Han explained.

“Okay.” Luke said leaning back into his pillow.

“It was luckily Leia is related to you, every time you were about to die or your heart was going to fast or slow---” Han started but Luke cut him off.

“She knew.” Luke stated.

Suddenly the door was slid off its hinges and Leia burst in; her hair was down and she was wearing a white nightgown, she rubbed sleep from her eyes, “Speaking of the devil.” Han chuckled; he received a slap from his half asleep girlfriend.

Leia jumped into her brother arms tucking her face into his shoulder, “I’ll leave you two alone.” Han Solo stated, he got up kissing Leia’s cheek and fist bumping Luke on the way out.

“You’re awake, awake!” She chuckled.

“Leia, I love you and everything but I’ve only just woken up and there’s two of you.” Luke said with his head in a spin, she pulled herself from around him and sat down where Han had been sat, “You okay? You seem different.” Luke tried to sit up but his head regretted the choice.

“We can talk when you stop accidently hurting yourself,” Leia ordered, “Stay lying down.” She pushed his shoulder down gently; he kept his eyes one hers.

“I think the force isn’t with me today, must be a little bunged up.” Luke giggled, his sister was a mix of different emotions, Luke could read; happiness, anxiousness, sadness, depression and gladness just by the broken smile she was wearing on her face. “What’s different about you?” He questioned.

“Listen.” Leia said grabbing his hand, “I was scared, so scared that I was going to lose my brother and Han was going to lose his honourable brother. Chewbacca was going to lose his best friend. C-3PO and R2-D2 were going to lose their favourite owner; the rebels were going to lose their leader.” A tear dropped from her eye, “They meant nothing, do you know what I was most afraid of?” She asked him.

“You losing you’re Jedi teacher.” Luke said jokingly, Leia slapped him arm gently, “Sorry.” He muttered.

“No Luke, I was afraid my child would grow up without an Uncle.” Leia told him; at first Luke didn’t react as all speech was on a delay for him but when he released what had been said he sat up to quickly and received an instant head rush. “Luke.” Leia said half seriously, half jokey, “Lie back down.” She told him, “Yes I’m pregnant.”

“Oh my, when did this happen? When did you find out?” Luke asked happily.

“A week ago, you’re last recorded cardiac arrest; I was in a mess because I thought I was going to lose you. Since I knew I could use the force it had been helping me in many ways; I was in the room with you and Han after they saved you. I noticed something weird, four heartbeats; yours, Hans, mine and then it hit me.” She chuckled.

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