Broken Smile

Unexpected surprise

One week ago

“He won’t die Leia, Luke’s a strong—well he’s Luke.” Han Solo said leaning back into his chair next to Leia, he watched Luke’s body as he in took a deep breath, “Better be okay.” He muttered under his breath.

“I can hear your heart beat again.” Leia stated.

“The force works in mysterious ways.” Han replied, he looked up at Leia, “You’re probably just tired out.” He said rubbing his fingers through her hair.

“Are you saying you still don’t believe in the force?” Leia questioned.

“I believe in it more but not fully yet.” Han Solo replied, he watched as his girlfriend rolled her eyes at him.

“One...two.” Leia’s eyes went from herself then to Luke, “Three...” Her eyes trailed to Han, “Where’s four?” She muttered to herself.

“Pardon?” Han Solo asked.

“Four.” She looked at Han with a bemused look on her face.

“Four what?” Han asked also very confused.

“How many people in this room?” Leia asked him.

“Three.” Han told her, he placed a hand on her shoulder and pointing at the three people in the room like she was insane.

“I count four.” Leia said confused.

“Leia...four what?” Han questioned her.

“Four heart beats---oh.” Leia stopped midsentence, she looked sadly at Luke but turned to Han with a slightly broken smile present on her face.

Oh, what?” Han Solo asked.

“Oh.” Leia said a little more excited this time; Luke would want her to be excited.

“What!?” Han Solo asked, he watched as Leia placed a hand on her lower stomach, “Four heart beats---oh.” His oh was a little more scared then Leia’s, “No.” He said tilting his head to the side, “No!” He said happier then the last time, he placed both his hand on her stomach, “We’re—we’re---” He stopped in pure shock.

Leia grabbed his hands and held them close, “We’re having a baby..... boy.” She told him.

“It’s a boy!” Han Solo exclaimed.

“I think so.” Leia placed her lips on his and Han slowly kissed back. “We’re having a baby.” She muttered to him. “Oh Han, I love you.”

“I know.” Han Solo replied.

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