Broken Smile


Luke Skywalker looked at his sister with hope present in his eyes; the war was finally over and he was free from all the strings that had been attached to him over the last four years. He may have lost people on the way; including his Aunt and Uncle, Obi Wan, Yoda and lastly his Father – he had gained so much in return. Han Solo was and would always be a over protective big brother to him; Chewbacca would always be this fussball that loved everyone he saw, he had automatically connected to Luke like a big furry teddy bear like he had done with Han and Leia. R2-D2 and C-3PO might not be human but they would always be his most faithful robots who always stood by his side through thick and thin.

Then there was his twin sister, Leia Organa (one day Leia Solo) had always been there since the day Luke flew away from his boring planet he had called a home for the first nineteen years of his life. They both automatically forgot they ever kissed each other but Han Solo would probably mention it when he was angry with one of them or just wanted to see them both turn red; it wasn’t their fault though, they had been kept a secret from each other and how to find it out for themselves. Leia was Luke’s rock, the person he’d always go to in a crisis, physical or emotional/

Now she was having a baby, a bouncing baby boy; Han and Leia were going to have their hands full and even though Luke was still in compulsory bed rest, he made sure he was there for them for the small minor things. “I’m going to be a Father.” Han pushing the doors open to Luke’s room; the recovering man sat up in his bed and turned the light on, “Oh you were asleep.” Han said sitting down.

“It is 6:00am, has it finally dawned on you then? Leia was waiting for the moment you actually released, so two weeks and two days, earlier then we predicted.” Luke said pushing down on his palms, he leant into the wall behind him, “You look like a panicked Wookie.” He joked.

“It’s your double vision kid.” Han replied rubbing his hands together and placing them on his face.

“They fixed that.” Luke told him, he watched as Han buried his face in his palms and into his dark brown locks, “You okay?” He asked.

“No.” Han replied.

“You’ll be a good Father Han.” Luke reinsured him, “Come on you and Leia are made for each other.”

“So you’re not going to get all over protective over your sister?” Han asked looking up at his friend.

“Oh that will come eventually, I’m preparing a speech.” Luke told him, “It’s fine. I trust you...” He smirked, “But if you hurt her, I would like to remind you I have lightsaber.” He said more seriously than his other comments.

“Okay, I won’t hurt Leia.” Han Solo said waving his hands, “Now I actually came here for a reason but I forgot.” He placed his head in his hands, “You two don’t have a Father, he wasn’t trustworthy anyway; Leia lost her family sadly. You are all she has left, all the blood in the universe; I am really the third wheel of this trio.” Han muttered.

“I believe that’s me.” Luke said holding his hand up.

“Luke, I need to ask you something.” Han Solo said standing up from his chair and brushing down his clothes.

“What?” Luke asked completely unaware of what was going to happen next.

“Can I marry Leia?” Han asked, his question was followed by silence from both of them. Luke looked at him bemused, the question wasn’t a joke; he said it with such love and passion like a man purely in love. Luke had to think about everything all at once.

“Yes.” It wasn’t a lie but it came out a little shaken as Luke was still unsure, he soon had Han wrapped around him, “Okay this is weird.” Luke chuckled

“Right you are kid.” Han said backing off, “Thank you.”

“How long is it going to take you two to realise I’ve been standing here the entire time?” Leia was hovering in the door frame, her mouth slight agape, “Firstly thank you for finally being scared about being a Dad, I’ve been waiting for that.” She said to the frozen figure of Han Solo, Luke snapped his eyes up at his sister and smiled. “Secondly, none one of us is the third wheel as you didn’t count R2-D2, C-3Po, Lando and Chewbacca in our little A team.” She said stepping into the room, “Lastly- yes.” She smiled.

“Yes, what?” Han questioned, Luke rolled his eyes and pushed the man forward towards Leia who caught his shoulder; she placed her lips on his.

“Yes, I’ll marry you.” She said leaning into her forehead.

“I’m so happy for you but please get a room.” Luke told them.

“Okay, okay.” Leia chuckled, “I think it was so sweet that you asked Luke first.” She smiled.

“Yes, you have my permission now leave me to rest. What’s the point of being on bed rest if I don’t rest?” Luke asked, it was true over the last week and a half Luke hardly slept as both Leia and Luke constantly burst in with worries about the baby; he’d probably get them bursting in and worrying about the wedding down – great.

“Kid, you’re starting to sound like me.” Han Solo smiled.

“That’s because you are always here, talking my ear off.” Luke told him, Leia chuckled at her future husband, “You too.” Luke smiled.

“Sorry Luke, we’ll leave you alone now.” Leia smiled taking Han’s hand, “To apologise for all are interruptions, the last two weeks we could not decide on a name for the child that we both like---” Leia stopped when Luke stopped her.

“There is only one name you can name him, if it is a boy. Who is the one man who united us three? Without him, I would still be on my home planet probably killed along with my Aunt and Uncle. Han would have probably have been killed by one of Jabba’s men.” Luke told them, “It’s staring you right in the face.” He exclaimed.

“Ben.” Leia smiled, “Ben Solo.” She giggled, “That’s perfect.”

“It really is.” Han smiled nervously.

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