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Make You Believe


❝I'll make you believe again.❞ ━━━ make you believe.. book one | coming soon. ( oc x stiles stilinski ) ( extended summary inside )

Fantasy / Other
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Ellie Hughes was a popular, rich, girl with a smile so bring the stars above were jealous and eyes so deadly not even the most venomous of bugs could compare. Ever since her first day at kindergarten the girl has always been at the top of the pyramid, taking the hearts of girls and boys alike.

Stiles Stilinski was somewhat of a social pariah, his spastic movements and unbeatable intelligence crowned him one of Beacon Hills losers. Despite his loveable personality and sweet freckled face the boy was at the very bottom of the pyramid.

Which is exactly why it made zero sense to everybody when the two became a couple, even going as far as to dating for three years. So many rooted for them, the underdogs hoping that maybe if Stiles could score a girl like Ellie then they could too. And so many were disgusted by them-- Lydia Martin, Ellie’s ultimate arch-nemesis, never failed to throw in a snide comment about the two.

It came to no surprise, literally not one person was surprised, when Ellie and Stiles broke up. The two ending on bad terms and the once star-crossed lovers soon became bitter enemies.

However when Stiles’ best friend gets bitten by a werewolf. Things start getting out of control in the hometown his father is sworn to protect, and by association Stiles feels like he needs to protect, the spastic boy starts to realize he might need a little more help than just Google. And who better to ask than a world renowned Cryptozoologist’s daughter? So much to the young blonde’s dismay her and Stiles Stilinski’s worlds collide once again.


I do not own Teen Wolf or any of the original characters associated with it. However, I do own any unrecognizable characters, plot lines, and dialogue. I am very protective over my work and I will not hesitate to take legal action if I see anyone plagiarise it. As of right now, Wattpad is the only place I post my work. If you see it anywhere else please message me immediately.

( on going. )
( slow updates. )
started: o6.o8.2o
finished: oo.oo.oo

hello everyone! this is my first time posting on inkitt, I've originally posted all my works on Wattpad (and all my books are still there!) however I've wanted to branch out.

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