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Sweet Revenge


Gerda Capello has the fame the popularity, everything she ever wanted. She's rude and always keeps everything to herself. She's not an introvert and also not an extrovert. Emerson Castell is a girl who loves running. She's a girl who comes from a very poor background. She's only living with her mother. She has a best friend who loves her a lot. Everything changed when she got to Mystic High. She got new friends and also new enemies... So guys follow me in this amazing adventure of love betray and friendship... This is my first story and I hope you guys would love it... Please guys kindly press the heart and star buttons and also comment... 💖💖💖 Bye!!!

Other / Fantasy
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Sweet Revenge


Noelle has done everything to be happy, all she ever wanted was to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life with her family but that was also taken away from her. The guy who she has always loved turns out to be her greatest enemy.

That guy was the same person who killed her sister who made her family lived in pain, who killed her sister, who made her family lived in pain and anguish. It was the same guy who made her life a living hell. She wanted to forget about all this and still be with him but after he also took her family away from her the only reason she's still living. She was afraid to keep on living and the only option left for her was to also die even if Gerald Kleinder was still alive and doing well she has to die..

So guys will Noelle really die and forget about what Gerald did to her. Anyways let's ride into this amazing adventure..

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