Killer bunny


Tae was just walking from his job. It was night time 9:30 he has a part time job

Tae then felt a bit on his head then he pass out.

He woke up tied to A bed.

"W-who are you?"

"I'm the killer bunny. Well you can call me junguk I'm jeon junguk."

" I- what do you want from me!? Anything I'll do it!"

Jungkook smarked thinking about what tae could do for him but he wasn't that easy.

"You're my mate when I went today at your job I saw you and smelled you your a fox right?"

" Y-yes?"

" I'm a bunny I'm the leader but soon you will be mine and be my backup mate.."

" No!! I hate you!"

Tae yelled making the younger slap him

"Shut it! You do as I say plus your heat is coming in 2 weeks.."

" Pfft yeah 2 weeks to get out of here!"

Tae sAid rolling his eyes.

" I'm going to let you go food will be ready soon don't try to even think about leaving!"

" Okay sir."

After tae look at the place some man came to tell him the food was ready.

??"tae your food is ready junguk wanted me to tell you that."

The smiling man said.

" Ok thanks um what's your name?"

"Park jimin."

" Oh well thanks jiminie!"

" Your the first to say all of that!"

"What you mean?"

" They call me for food and don't say thank you and they call me sir."

" Welp sorry I have to go bye jiminie!"

" Bye tata!"

Tae walk in the room to see junguk eating

"Ok I'm here!"

"What took you so long?"

" I was talking to jiminie!"

Tae said as he sat down.

" Jiminie?"

"Park jimin!"

"Oh him? Really?"

" Hmh"

" I see you made a friend here already eh?"

Tae nodded and started to eat.

After they ate junguk lead him to his bedroom.

"I think I want to be your mate kook..."

" Really!?"

" Hmh I think I love you!"

Junguk then got on top and kiss the elder.

"But I don't want sex yeet."

"Ok ok fine."

They both fell asleep

*A week later". The younger and elder has gotten closer

Junguk was wroking and tae felt heat it hurt him so much he wanted junguk

All tae did was cry for jk

Then he got his phone and text jk

Babyboo: junguk can I come over?

Cutebunny: sure!

30 mins later tae came

"Hey tae!"

Tae then jump on junguk and started to kiss him

"Hm tae mhmh we can't be doing this-"

"He then smelled taes heat and got hard.

Junguk pulled taehyung out of the room and went out side to his car driving off.

Tae had more heat as time went by

They get to the house and close the door and went to their shared bedroom

Junguk takes all of taes stuff off.


If you guys want smut let me know I'm new to this stuff pls no hate

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