Killer bunny


After junguk and tae were done doing the dirty junguk got in the shower along with tae.

"Tae? Did you really want this.. or was it just you're heat?"

" I really wanted you.."

" I don't want you doing this with me if your just going to regret it.."

" I won't I love you!"

Tae smiled and kiss him.

" Tae you know your going to have more heat right?"

" Hmh yes I'm sorry for making you stop when you were wroking,"

" No baby it's okay!! I'm glad you did I wouldn't want my baby to get hurt's"

Jungkook said after he got out the shower along with tae.

"I'm going to go with jiminie he said me and him will be talking."

" Talking?"

" Yep!"

" Talking about what?"

" I don't know stuff!"

" Ok ok. Get ready so you can I'll make us some food!"

" Ok!"

After tae got ready he went downstairs and saw jimin on his phone.



"Where are we going?"

" We're going to my room sounds good?"

"Just about right jiminie!"

Tae and jimin went to jimins room they both sat on his bed.

"So tata... "


"Are you and jungkook dating?"

" Y-yes why?"

" That's cool never knew a bunny and a fox could be a thing.."

" Same I'm why does kookie kill?"

" Tata ssi he doesn't do it for fun he does it cuz of bad people that try to hurt our people~"

" so he doesn't kill for f-fun?"

" No he doesn't you will know more tomorrow she good night go to sleep I'll call junguk to come in here after 30 mins ok?"

" Ok"

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