Daddy Jafar


He put his hands around my titties and whispered in my ear" daddy's little girl has her nipple hard for me"

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Daddy Jafar

He put his hands around my titties and whispered in my ear" daddy's little girl has her nipple hard for me" with a sudden pinch of my nipple. He looked me in the eye lowered his head to my left boob and sucked hard , I couldn't help but moan, the sight of him sucking and caressing my breast, it felt so good I put my head back and closed my eyes.

I felt his hands travel lower and I knew where he was going,my daddy wanted my kitty and who am I to denie my Jafar of what's his?

" fuck little one your pussy is so wet for me its dripping.i wonder how my kitten taste" when he said that with a devilish tone to his voice I knew I was going too get treated after all I was a good and daddy Jafar always says if I'm good girl I get rewarded.

He moves my hands above my head and told me not to move them then placed his hand around my throat and with his other hand slid a long finger in my slick wet pussy.

"Daddy..." I said as my eyes rolled back when I felt him move his finger and sucked my on clit with his mouth.

"Fuck Baba your treating your naughty Jasmine so good" I grabbed his head and pushed him down on my pussy while both of his hands were pinching my nipples.

He stopped right away lightly but firmly slapping me on my cheek, then slapped my pussy aggressively hard.

I gasped "didn't I tell you to leave your hands there and not move them?"I raised my head to see him snarling angrily in my face.

With both of us breathing heavy, I knew that with his mood swings this could end badly so I batted my lashes and said " I'm sorry daddy I didn't mean to"while caressing my titties and moaning I knew he would love that and honestly him spanking me made my pussy even more wet and that didn't go unnoticed by him.

He smirks then flips me over so I'm on my hands and knees in front of him looking up at him by bending my neck around.he shoves my head down in the bed even though he knows I like it rough he doesn't hurt me, he spanks my ass repeatedly with his right hand while his left is on my head.

"Ahhhhhh" I screamed "daddy...mmmm yes!" Sticking my ass out for him to spank harder.

He spanked me again hitting my pussy feeling juice drip everywhere,I giggled looking at him he smirks at me spanking me one last time before getting ready to get his cock in line with me, I rubbed back and forth on his dick soaking it with my juices and with no warning he slams himself in me with his hand gripping my throat telling me to take all of him.

" daddy your naughty little kitty is gonna cum all over my daddy cock. Ugh, ahh daddy daddy DADDYYYYY!" I screamed as he pounded me

"Good girl I love when I feel my naughty one cum on daddy, lay on your sweet back,ass and pussy towards me and let me see my girls"he said gazing at my tits, I mean I knew I loved them but I think he might be in love with them.

"Spread your legs for me little one and keep your eyes closed." He says it serious towards the end of the sentence.

He leaves me and comes back ties my wrists lightly above my head then runs his fingers down my body teasing me,pinching my nipples and biting my body piece by piece, some hard and some soft.i feel something being tugged on my left nipple then my right I want to look but I know better. It's a cool feeling on my skin then I feel his long thick tongue on my pussy licking as much of my juice as he can at the same time he tugged on the nipple clamps.

"Fuck, your tongue is so good daddy" I whispered yelled

I hear footsteps in the background but I don't pay attention not until my Jafar is done.he kisses me clot as if to say good girl and gets up I open my eyes and see a women in a very see thru one piece with a video camera but she's not babas type she's mine.tall long blonde hair, blue eyes, curvy and probably a size 38 D. She made me feel insecure because I had become so tiny but my daddy J never took his eyes off me.never

My Jafar took both my legs and pulled me towards him and watched me as I watched the blonde to make sure she doesn't look at what's mine and that's him, but she doesn't she keeps her eyes on me.daddy pats my kitty with his cock and I squirm moaning as the clams tighten around my nipples, he slams into me a flash goes off, my eyes open to a camera man as well.i look at my daddy who's staying in my pussy cause the feeling is too good " mmmm daddy knows what I love a sex tape and photos to go along with it" I say with a devilish smirk to match his

I lay back resting on my elbows then make eye contact with him then the video camera and say in a seductive tone loud enough for them to hear " show them how to properly fuck a naughty girl daddy!"

Looking back at him he looks shocked and caught of guard but not surprised."yes little one"

He pounds into me so deep,left hand tugging my nipple clamps and the right caressing them I'm so lost in to pleasure that I almost didn't hear the " yes Jasmine your titties look so fucking good bouncing for your daddy" too caught up in the moment I took the clamps off knowing my daddy wouldn't be happy but he let me and looked at her holding my titties close together for her and the camera.

"Fuck I love having my titties bounce for my daddy Jafar when he's pounding my naught pussy! Daddy daddy da-"he cut me off by choking me looking me in the eyes and I knew what he wanted

Making sure to expose my tits fully to his in my whine little girl voice " daddy like being bared deep in this pussy while another girl looks at my titties huh?jafar loves pounding his princess!Daddy little girl has been so good daddy I wanna taste that cock while she watches baba?" Always asking permission I got a smirk in return and he said as I got to my knees and took him in my hand" that pussy is in my fucking face so she can see how hard to breath by biting your tittie, fuck I bet you can't wait to scream when you cum all over on daddy J's cock like the naught slut you are Jasmine?

Making eye contact with him so he knows I remember my place "yes master."and lick the tip of his sweet cock mixed with my juice as his hand caressed the side of my face.

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