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She/he is gone


Cherished ur love one

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She/he is gone

You can shed tears that she/he is gone
Or u can smile Because she/he has lived
U can close ur eyes and pray that she / he will come back
Or u can open ur eyes and see all that she/he has left
Ur heart can be empty because u can't see her/ him
Or u can be full of the love that u shared

U can turn back on tomorrow and live yesterday
Or u can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday

U can remember her/him and only that she/he is gone
Or u can cherish her/his memory and let it live on

I would like to say something to the redears .if u like someone,someday then please don't be late to say I LIKE U to that person whom u like . if u delay to say I like u then I think u will regret by seeing that person going far away from u ..馃槙
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