“May I have this dance with you?” Jungkook asked me while I couldn’t deny.

Even Jimin nodded as if he was fine with his cousin and me having a dance. I just plastered a fake smile on as I hold his hands.

Jungkook pull me suddenly made me fall on his chest.

“Yeona is too slow.”



They chuckled when Jungkook took me on the dance floor. I turned around and saw Jimin busy with his business call.

“Baby put your lovely smile on when I’m with you.” He grabbed my hands to put around his neck while encircled his hands firmly around my waist.

“Why do you pick me? Don’t be silly.” I rolled my eyes. I felt him pulling me closer made me whisper, yell, “I’m Jimin’s fiance!”

“And I’m your future husband.” Jungkook said sweetly as he spun me around twice before holding me again by waist.

“Don’t cross your line Ju--”

“Honey..” His hands slipped dangerously downwards on my hips made my heart skip a beat.

I glanced at Jimin but he wasn’t there, my eyes again falls on Jungkook as he pressed me closer.

People were too busy with there own talks, dance and barely could notice anything in the dim party lights.

I acted as I don’t care, hope this time he has to be stopped.

“I’m ain’t yours.” I sharply looked at him while he smirked.

“Let’s see..” He winked at me almost sending shivers down my spine.

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