“J-Jungkook.. stop.”

I was resisting when he pulled me away from everybody, moving to his room, slamming the door. My breath hitched suddenly when he pinned my hands on the cold wall with no way out.

He kisses amorously down on my jaw line, his fingers softly traces my neck, pulling me closer by waist.

“T..This is wrong.” I breathed heavily as I turned my face. I shut my eyes as soon as he pushed me further towards his bed, cupping my cheeks warmly to claim my lips again.

I tried to resist, to stop him but he grabbed my wrist swiftly throwing on his bed. I was in shock, he looked deviously.

My heart skips a beat when he pressed his leg between my thighs, his lips capturing mine.

“You can’t move on easily.” He said in between rough kisses, I was trapped in his room, between his arms.

“Ju.. Jungkook--”

A moan escaped from my mouth as his hands slipped through my hairs getting a firm hold, his lips smashing against mine not letting me finish what I wanted to say.

Jungkook kisses my neck as he whispers in a sensual way, “I’ll make that sure...” his hand slipped downwards, unzipping my dress. I throwed my head backwards in pleasure when he kisses down on my collar bone.

My mind blanked away, I couldn’t think what to do.. I was so lost to this familiar feelings. Let him love me like he want.

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