I was shivering so badly, it was snowing, snowy path formed on the streets at midnight moonlight shines so brightly while cold breeze sends chills down my spine.

“Jagiya.. I’m sorry. I couldn’t dance with you today cause something urgent came...” Jimin was feeling guilty about what he had done.

I stopped at my steps and glanced at him as he came suddenly in front of me.

“I won’t do that again, you’ll be always my priority. First you than anything else, Jagiya...” Jimin said as we walked together outside from the whole party, taking me away from peoples and.. him.

But I couldn’t forget the time I spend with Jungkook. I couldn’t able to stop him, how stupid I was to bring more trouble to us.

"Jagiya...” I didn’t said anything made Jimin impatient.

I rubbed my palms to warm myself a little, I forgot my gloves and even my warm coat didn’t had a pocket made it difficult. I shivered.

“I’ll be going...” I mumbled more like a whisper as deep in my heart I felt guilty for all the lies I made up, for betraying innocent ones.

“Please, Jagi.” Jimin stops me by holding my cold hands. A sighed escaped from my lips as snow falls continuously, it will be a cold freezing night. “I’ll drop you home.” Jimin said with a smile.

Why it makes me feel sad, whenever I lie to him?

Why he is so good..? Why he treats me so well that I can’t hate him and why I melt at his every word.

Jimin will leave me if he knew the truth of my past. He will not forgive me even if I didn’t wanted to betray him but I did.

Jimin looked worriedly at me as he got me in his car while I obediently did. He was feeling bad because he didn’t paid attention to me, his own fiancee while I was still in shock.

Why did Jungkook got that far to tease me?!

“Jagiya.. I’m really sorry.” Jimin’s hands holds my hand while driving me home, his thumb continously caressing on my hand. “Talk to me.. I feel empty without you.”

I stared at him as he spare me a glance for a second while driving.

“What will you do? I’m still mad at you..” I felt hurt by saying that but I can’t do anything. He left me alone with Jungkook, how can he even trust him.

“Anything for you jagi..” A playful smile formed on his lips as he took me opposite route from my house.


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