A cold sweat runs through my skin in fear. I swiftly switched off my phone before Jimin could see Jungkook’s calls and messages.

I miss you so much

Baby? Please answer my calls


I rubbed my palm against each other, it’s so cold as we both stroll around the seashore, the sea was so enchanting in the moon light.

Moon will disappear one day...

I mumbled softly to Jungkook while his fingers softly intertwined with mine.

But even when the moon looks like it’s’s actually never changing it’s shape. Don’t ever forget that there is a black shadow hiding a beauty.

I rubbed my palm again thinking of that night and this... it was so different.

Do I really going to marry Jimin?

What if Jungkook never changed, just like this waning moon?

“Put it in my pants pocket.” Jimin softly says as he holds my hands.

“Huh? What..?!” I snapped out as he comes closer in front of me, his face glows in the moon light but still why do I see Jungkook instead of Jimin?

“Jagiya, why so cold..? Come here I’ll warm you.”

“I’m freezing to cold because of you!” I exclaimed as I turn around.

Jimin instantly hugged me from back made me froze. He whispers sends a tingling sensation on my ears. “Don’t be so hot that I can’t even handle Jagiya..”

“W-What?” I was so anxious, I carefully pulled myself away. “Stop kidding me..” I chuckled nervously.

What should I feel..?

My feelings were messed up.

With a sudden pull, my back rest on his chest, his arms encircled around my waist.

“Warm me then.” He whispers, my eyes closes as his breath tickling down my neck.

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