I stepped slowly and steadily inside my house, hoping not to wake anybody.

“Yeona?” A deep voice calls me, I shivered as cold sweat forming on my forehead.

I got caught so easily in the dark night.

He looked at me in confusion, I halts abruptly turning my face.

“Oh Oppa.. You’re awake!” I smiled troubled.

“You’re late.” Taehyung sternly says crossing his arms around his chest, his eyes intently on me. “Where were you? Party ended two hours before. Tell me, where do you roam at late night?”

“I was with Jimin Oppa, a date... he just came to drop me home, see..” I said pointing at the window, watching Jimin’s car drove off from my sight.

“Fine... but what about your phone?! Why is it switched off? Jin hyung don’t know you got missing or he would’ve called police force to find our princess you know that.. You made me scared to death!” Taehyung exclaimed while I froze. I didn’t meant to make him worry.

“Oh.. t..that..” I removed my phone from my hand bag, “sorry Oppa.. I didn’t knew it’s battery died.” I pursued my lips, “I could’ve called you from Jimin’s phone to inform you.” My eyes where looking down at the black screen.

What I’ve done..? Why I’m so affected?

“Yeona, don’t be sad. I.. I was worried about you...” Taehyung caress my hairs, “next time don’t forget to tell me when you’re late, hmm.”

I nodded lightly.

“Now smile...” Taehyung said pulling my chin up, “Jin hyung will beat me up if he found out I made our princess cry.” He whined.

I didn’t said anything but force a smile.

“You know my princess got chubby cheeks here!” He said excitedly pulling my cheeks with a boxy smile forming on in his lips. He chuckles when I looked annoyed at him, he was ready to run away.

“Yah... Oppa that hurts! How many times I’ve told you not to pull my cheeks?!” I exclaimed running to smash him.

“Than catch me if you can!” He stick out his tongue.

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