I was sweating, my heart felt anxious when someone was dangerously close.

"Oh my baby.. your honey is here to take you back." He whispers softly in my ears and soon I woke up from my sleep in fear. “Morning baby.. Did you slept well?”

I couldn’t utter a word, I sensed Jungkook face leaned on me a while before. I could still feel the warmth on my face.

“Jungkook-ah.. did our princess got up?” Taehyung yells from the kitchen while spreading the jam on the brown bread.

“She is awake!” Jungkook answered and chuckles at my frozen form. He glanced at me with a cheerful smile. “En. Do you know how much I wished to wake up beside you? How would you know that.. am I expecting more or you’re not trying at all?”

I didn’t answered him but questioned in surprisingly, “What are you doing here? When you came..?” I was in utmost shock, a playful chuckle left from his lips.

“Aren’t you’re going to say good morning honey..”

I opened my mouth to ask something again but hesitated when I heard Hoseok’s loud voice.

“Morning sunshine..! Get up quick, quick, we have some important matter to discuss, Miss Yeona.” Hoseok said in one breath, “You’re taking lots of time. Our boss doesn’t have lazy time, his schedule is packed but still came to discuss the business with you.”

“Hyung you don’t have to say that in front of Yeona.” Jungkook glared at him as soon as he was rambling off limits. “Go check where is Mr Han’s report and has he completed the work I said to do. I want everything clean and perfect.” He said shooing him away.

When they were talking, I took the advantage and slipped away from my blanket to grab my phone.

It was 10:06 in the morning, I woke up late than usual. I quickly changed my home screen wallpaper into Jimin’s selca in case if Jungkook finds out.

“I see.. he is the reason for separating us, right baby? Do you want me to clear up things, I can, anytime.” Jungkook smirked as he leans at my back, his chin was resting on my shoulder.

“You don’t ha--”

My phone rings suddenly interrupting me. It was an incoming call from ‘Jimin oppa’.

“So Oppa? Nice progress...” A shiver ran down my spine seeing his sardonic smile. “Aren’t you’re going to answer? Are you afraid I’ll do something unlike others?” He raised his brows while it was a messed up question to myself.

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