“Yeona.. you go freshen up. I’ll talk to Jimin-shi...” Jungkook said firmly sending me near the washroom’s door. I was dumbstruck.

What he will do..? What he is going to talk with Jimin?!

I couldn’t help to think cause I was already late. I didn’t wasted any second, quickly showered and changed my dress ready to leave for work.

“Jin hyung went to handle some company matters and he told you to have a good morning breakfast that I made before you go to work.” Taehyung said pulling the chair backwards for me to sit.

“Yes.. Oppa.” I smiled troubled, halting on my steps.

I was wondering why this mischievous oppa was so polite to me, did he just lost his mind?

“Your light breakfast is ready princess...” Taehyung quickly served while I obediently took the seat and not so late Jungkook joined me willingly.

“You?” I confusedly glanced at Jungkook’s face when he grabbed an empty glass just to filling it.

I blinked my eyes surprisingly when he didn’t replied. He seem to ignore me.

“Oh.. Jungkookie came to meet you.” Taehyung grinned and shifted his glance from me to him. “Where is Hoseok Hyung? Didn’t he was hungry to have breakfast?”

“Hyung had some pending work to do so I didn’t insisted him to stay any longer.” Jungkook said passing the mango juice with a sardonic smile. “Have it. We have a long day...”

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