“Jimin-ah.. don’t worry.” Min Yoongi said gently patting on Park Jimin’s shoulder. “Maybe your fiance is busy with her work.”

“Maybe...” Jimin murmurs blankly glancing on his phone’s screen.

How much he tried to call, she didn’t even pick up once thinking there must be something important to say..

Yeona was preparing for upcoming events, the new clothing line was designed by her. There were lots of work indeed.

But how to explain this to Jimin’s heart who was worried about her all day, all night?

“Hyung.. did you confirmed about this Verso event?” Jimin asked while Yoongi nodded. “I couldn’t attain that event so you go and help her with every thing she needs..” he informed Yoongi while walking from the corridor, his eyes focused on one email.

“Our Yeona can do it. Jimin-ah.. I can conclude that to you.” A gummy smile formed on Yoongi’s lips.

Jimin raked his hairs back and said, “Inform me if any changes happens, I’m looking forward to it.”


“Where are you taking me..?” I hurriedly asked when he pushed me inside his car, buckling my seat belt. “Jungkook..!” I yelled in frustration yet he ignored me.

Jungkook was calmly focussed on driving like nothing happened while I intently glared at him.

What he was thinking.. that I will give up on my choice..?

No way! Jimin is my fiance and will be...

Folding my arms around my chest, I diverted my gaze, “If you have nothing to say.. just drop me at my atelier.” I said sternly.

“Yeona.. are you for real?” Jungkook chuckles out of nowhere. When my eyes meet his.. he was glancing at me cheerfully, “Don’t you remember last night..” He smirked.

“There is nothing between you and me, okay!” I exclaimed, rolling my eyes away.

No.. he is such a jerk!

Don’t fall for his tricks!!!

“Is that so..” He murmurs while I gave a curt nod, agreeing on it. “It’s not going fair when you’re cheating in front of your real boyfriend.” He wiggle his brows.

I kept silence before whispering in low voice, “We broke up, six months ago...” I said made him sighed.

“Baby that..”

I didn’t looked up in his eyes but down at his lips moving on his fingers that were clenching on the steering wheel, tightly. “Feelings change, they can’t last anymore...”

“If that was your feelings for me; you’re lying baby...” his lips tugging up in an confident smile.

“Huh.. you dreamt so..?” I forced a smile and soon smirked making his smile faint in next moment. “If you finished bickering about it.. just drop me at my atelier. It won’t be that hard for you.” I said in a mocking way.

Jungkook didn’t felt that coming so he simply says, “It’s been long baby.. we hadn’t visited our place. How about I show you this time?”

“Don’t be silly Jungkook. I can’t waste any second; I have to prepare.. the magazine, the shoot, there design and many more!”

“You can go for a date, shopping, roaming around with that cousin of mine but you don’t have any time for me. What’s so silly, baby..?” Jungkook crunches his nose, his intense stares showed me as if he was on the edge to losing his mind.

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