In morning as sun rises.. it was the beginning of something new, a fresh start to be exact and I was so happy to have two Oppa in my life who always take care of me.

“Yeona...” Kim Taehyung calls me from the kitchen.

“Oppa, I’m coming.” I headed towards them, “I’m hungry.” I said to Jin Oppa who was making breakfast to children like me and Taehyung.

Mom and Dad were at Kim Enterprise means at work. Jin always takes care of our health. He likes to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for us.

Jin never let us eat outside food, he says it’s unhealthy.

“Done...!” Jin said as he placed our breakfast on dining table.

“Hyung, its smell so good!” Taehyung Oppa comes and sits on the chair, “I bet it will be tasty, Hyung.”

“Jin Oppa... it’s delicious.” I moaned in satisfaction as the pancake touches my taste buds.

“Thanks, Yeona.” Jin smiled, “Well... I wonder do you like to take cooking classes from me?” He asked me.

“No Oppa... I don’t need to cook. You will always cook for me delicious food.” I said smiling to Jin Oppa and took my glass of water.

“But, what about Jimin?” As he mentioned Jimin I almost choke on the water.

And I begin to cough while Taehyung patted at the back of me to calm myself down.

“Hyung... she don’t need, they have cooks.” Taehyung said.

“I mean what you will do if he want to eat your hand made food.” Jin chuckled.

“Oppa, I already told him. I don’t cook.” I said straight away, this conversation was not needed at all.

“I also think Yeona should take cooking classes.”

Taehyung begins to laugh.

“Oppa...” I whined and soon the atmosphere got lighter and happier.

It’s not that I don’t want to learn cooking... it’s just I’m busy in designing my next exclusive dresses.

I’m a designer, my family background is great as Kim but then also I want to do my self-job.

In a month, there will be show held by famous Vogue Enterprise were I will be showing my designs.

“Bye Oppa...” I headed towards my car and drove off to my office.

I was walking towards my office when my phone begins to ring, I got a call and it was Jimin.

I accepted the call, “Yeoboseyo...”

“Jagiya.. what are you doing now?” I smiled as I hear his voice.

“I’m at office.” I said as I was heading towards my cabin. “When you are coming back?”

“I will be coming tomorrow.” He said happily.

“I will come to pick you at airport.”

“No need I will come directly to you, Jagi.”

“Okay.. Okay, Oppa.” I giggled.

“Uhm.. Jagi, I will call you later, I have to attend a client, okay?”

“Bye Oppa.”

Call ended.

I enter in my cabin and the same scene repeats again.

A guy was sitting on the chair while I move towards my table and I saw him. Again!

“What are you doing here? Can’t you wait!“I said angrily as he always comes in my office forcefully.

“I was waiting...”

Jungkook smirks.

I sit on my chair thinking how I have to face him. “So... what you want?” I said while seeing through my files.

“Are you sure? You can give me.” He leans in, putting his hands on table, his face comes more closer.

“Only business stuffs.” I closed my files with force.

“I thought, you could have said yes.” He said in disappoint.

“Why don’t you choose another designer? I don’t want to work with you.” I rolled my eyes away.

“I like your work.” Jungkook said as he intently glance at me. “I like you... Why don’t you be my fiancé? We will be best couple.”

Here we go again.

Why don’t you go? Find someone else. I’m happy with Jimin Oppa.

But he never listens to me.

“Jungkook... I don’t love you anymore. Go find someone else. I have Jimin Oppa.”

Jungkook got up from his seat, furiously.

Damn! Now I’m gone...

“You are lying... I can see through your eyes. Why...? Why you don’t want us to be together? You never had feelings for Jimin.”

I had fear to be caught while Jungkook was coming closer... and closer...

“I-I... have feelings... f-for J-Jimin.” I was so scared because of this closeness.

He puts his hands on the chair’s handle and spins the chair to his side. His face comes till my eye level.

“Yeona... don’t you love me? I don’t want you to marry Jimin Hyung.” He cupped my cheeks, “Is there anything you are hiding, tell me. We will solve it together.” His fingers softly caressed my cheek.

My heart was beating rapidly, he makes my heart beat faster but this is wrong.

I-I can’t...

Why you are making harder to move on?

Let me go.

Please, leave me!

I don’t want to reveal anything. It’s only going to hurt both of us in the end.

“Yeona... tell me.” He said made me snapped out.


I removed his hands from my cheeks.

“I will never leave you.”

With that he pulls me up and catches my waist. It’s was so sudden I couldn’t process what happened.

“L-leave me...” I try to push him by keeping my hands on his chest but he tighten his grip on my waist, pulls me closer to his chest.

I close my eyes tightly at the feeling.

“Don’t you love me? Prove me.”

I open my eyes when he pulls my head closer... our lips meet.

I couldn’t pull away... his soft lips where kissing me deeply and I missed these feelings, my tears pour down.

I didn’t kiss him back.

It’s wrong, I-I.. can’t.

I was crying silently thinking that I can’t have you and it was so painful.

My heart was aching so much.

He pulls back when he noticed I was sobbing.

“Why are you crying?”

Jungkook wipes my tears but new tears falls eventually.

“I hate you...” I said while crying my heart.

I don’t mean it...

“Why...? You don’t hate me.” He was a bit taken back, “Say something, let me know...” he holds my hands.

I was so hurt, I know it’s hard for you to approach me daily... And daily you came to tell me that leave Jimin and hold your hand again.

It’s not easy, Jungkook...

It’s not...

I know you want me by your side... but I can’t. I’m sorry for hurting you.

I’m sorry..

I’m sorry...

“I’m your sister-in-law...!” I said it loud enough for him to hear me.


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