Jimin came from his flight. He quickly took the cars keys as the driver kept the luggage.

“Mr park.” The driver called Jimin when he took the driver seat.

“You can take a holiday.” He said in reply, “Today, I will drive.”

“Have a safe drive.” The driver said while Jimin nodded with a smile.

Jimin drove off the way to Yeona’s Office. He was eagerly waiting to meet Yeona. He halts the car when he saw the Flower Shop.

Jimin knew, what yeona’s likes and dislikes... After all Yeona is his fiancée.

He smells the red roses before telling them wrap up with white ribbons.


I was in my cabin while I felt something suspicious.

Today, Jungkook didn’t came.

I think now he understood.

I can never be his...

“Ma’am, We should also show this designs. This will look great with red one. White one is also have a good combination with this...”

My Secretary was showing me designs on which we have worked hard. This designs has to be selected and we have to present in the show.

“I choose... White. This will be best combination with silver dress. Make it elegant and charming, go for the 56 design.” I said as I was done with all the suggestion.

But, we need a main male model who is going to wear show’s best outfit. I was so stressed about it. Who is going to be show main male model?

Other all models are selected who will be walking on the ramp.

“Ma’am, your fiance came to meet you.” I snapped out as one of my employee says.

“Let him in.” I said and my Secretary moved outside giving us a personal space.

“Jagiya~ I missed you.” Jimin said as he hug me.

“I missed you too, Oppa.” I hug him back.

“Beautiful roses and for my beautiful lady.” He said as he gave me bouquet of flowers.

“So sweet of you, Oppa.”

I pecked on his cheeks.

“So, how is my Jagi doing?” He asked as he took my seat and pull me down on his laps.

“I’m doing fine, Oppa.” I said when his hands encircled around my waist and pulls me closer.

His soft lips lands on my forehead, pecking on it and soon our lips were going to meet... when a phone call interrupts us.

“Sorry, Jagi. I need to take this call.” He said as he saw his mom was calling him.

“It’s okay, Oppa.” I just smiled, maybe I was not ready to be this close.

He took the call in front of me and I was also hearing there conversation.

“Where are you? I’m waiting for you, son...” His mom said made my eyes widen.

He didn’t even meet her mom, he directly came to me.

“Mom, I’m with Yeona. I will come home after few minutes.” Jimin said to his mom while he was caressing my waist, giving me soft and gentle strokes on my skin which makes me breathless.

“Bring Yeona with you. We will have family dinner.” His mom said made me nervous.

Family dinner?

That means Jungkook will be there too.

“I will...” Jimin said as he winked at me.

After the call he kept his phone aside on the table, his both hands were around me, encircled around my waist as he was staring me.

“Why did you said yes?” I asked him as I moved my arms around his neck.

“Don’t you want to come?” He asked.

“I-It’s... not that... I--”

I was nervous.. how I will face Jungkook.

“You don’t have to worry. I will be with you.” He said assuringly.

I smiled as I don’t need to worry if he will be there for me and his mom and dad are so sweet to me, they care for me like a real daughter.


Time skips to dinner time~

“Jimin Oppa, why don’t you go first?” I said as he was waiting for me till evening and I was winding up my work.

“Mom told me to bring my jagiya, how can I leave you?” He said as we moved outside from my cabin together.

“Oh.. Oppa~” I smiled.

We moved in his car swiftly and I put my seat belt so did he...

“Ready?” He asked before he was going to drive off.

“Yes, Oppa.” I said.


We reached his house, it’s was bigger than mine because Jeon and Park Family live together.


Jimin’s mom and Junkook’s mom are real sister, Park Jiyeon and Jeon Nahyun.

We entered inside the house.

“Yeona...!” June said as she came running towards me.

“Oh, June...”

She hugs me excitedly.

June is Jungkook’s little sister who is studying in college now.

“I was waiting for you...” She said.

“I’m also here...” Jimin said as he was standing near us. Me and June laughed as she approached Jimin.

“Oh, Oppa. I missed you too...” June said as she hug Jimin. “Me too...” Jimin said smilingly.

Jungkook came down from stairs, I was seeing him. He was wearing black hoodie & blue jeans and he was looking handsome in that black hoodie to be honest.

“Hyung, welcome back.” Jungkook said as he hug Jimin, he hugged back.

I was staring at Jungkook’s every move, how he came, how he was friendly but he didn’t even spared a glance at me.

After meeting with Jimin’s mom and dad we took our seats. Jimin helped me to sit as he pull out chair for me.

I can feel Jungkook stares at me but I ignored it.

We were having our dinner happily when suddenly, “Jagi, you have sauce near your lips.” He said made me check with my fingers but I couldn’t remove from my face.

Jimin held my wrist and I stopped wiping out.

I was staring in his eyes when he moved his thumb near the corner of my lips, he softly wipes it, feeling thumb over my lips made my heart warmth.

“Done.” He mumbled.

“So lovely...” June said in awe made me realise I was in front his parents.

I was blushing so much that my cheeks surely will be tinted with blush and I felt Jungkook’s burning stares.

Did he got jealous?

Before I thought anything else Jungkook stood up from his seat.

Our all attention was him.

“Where are you going? Complete your food.” June said.

“I’m full.” Junkook said as he moved to his room.

What is happening with him?

He should stop this feelings already... because it will be harder for him.


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