We discussed about the upcoming business celebration. I have to attend this celebration as I’m Jimin’s Fianceé.

Jungkook will be ‘CEO of the year 2019’ so we are going to have a Royal celebration on this account.

June and Jimin were talking and we were in the living room.

“U-Unnie...” June shuttered in her words maybe she is nervous.

“June... no need for formalities. You can call me Yeona.” I assured her as she breath in... breath out to calm her racing heart.

“Jimin oppa, you scared me. How can you..?!” June exclaimed.

My eyes moves towards Jimin oppa as she mentioned.

“She is my Fianceé. You should call Unnie... you’re not college girls anymore.” Jimin said.

“I’m college girl oppa~” June whined.

“I’m not old Jimin oppa... I was a queenka of my college.” I smirked as he know, I was the most popular girl in the whole college.

Every boy in the college gave me love proposal but I rejected all of them... even many of them cried... and left heart broken.

Poor hearts~

“I’m thirsty, let’s get some drinks... air is getting hotter~”

Jimin wipes his fake sweat over his forehead... he started to fanning himself as he got up from the couch.

“Stop acting, Oppa... let’s have milkshake.” June says.

We were laughing as he always does ACT to get something... If he was not a businessman than he would probably an Actor.


I was standing in the kitchen with June dumbfounded. How can I make... milkshake?

It’s was a first big question arising in my mind.

“Yeona Unnie, don’t worry. I will make it.” June said as she open the fridge and took some milk and arrange the flavours we are going to put.

“I will help you... Maybe I can learn something from you.” I smiled.

We were making mango milkshake for Jimin... strawberry for June... while two vanilla for me and Jungkook.

Even we have same likes...

“Can you give this to Jungkook? Because I want to talk with Jimin Oppa... Please...” June handed me Jungkook’s Vanilla milkshake... while I was staring blankly.

I have to... I can’t ignore him.

“Yeona eonni... please...” June made puppy eyes.

“Aish... Fine... Fine, I will go...” I said as I took the tray of vanilla milkshake... my eyes widen as she put mine too.

“You can have it with my oppa.” June giggled while she moved out with her and Jimin’s milkshake... am I have some kind of bad luck or what...?


In front of Jungkook’s bedroom, I knocked on the door.

There was no reply... maybe he slept.

Let’s not disturb him, I don’t want him to be mad at me.

I turned around and about to move back when all of sudden the door opens, he grabbed my arms made me instantly halt.

My heart was beating rapidly, I felt caught in his grip...

“Yeona... come inside.” He took the tray of vanilla milkshake and placed on the coffee table while I was fiddling my fingers nervously.

“I will go now...” My eyes were lowered, I don’t want to look at him.

Not, now... I stepped towards door.

Jungkook closed the door shut made me flinch.

“You can’t. I hope you didn’t brought two glasses only for me.” Jungkook said as my back was facing him.

He came closer... closer till his strong chest touched my back, he tilted his face towards the crook of my neck and I felt his nose brushed against my neck.

I closed my eyes as I sensed him, it was the same touch... same breath... which I was feeling again.

My breath was fastening by seconds while his lips nibbles on my ear.

“I missed you~” Jungkook said in his low, husky voice.

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